Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant Guide

Season of the Malignant


Season of the Malignant is the first season in Diablo 4. It launched on July 20th at 10 A.M. PDT, and it brought the new Seasonal Questline, Bosses, Dungeons and the Battle Pass, as well as new items, mechanics and more.

Read through our Season of the Malignant guide that will help you learn about all of the details!

The theme of the Season of the Malignant are the decaying monsters born of the machinations of Lilith. The former priest of the Cathedral of Light, Cormond, is trying to fight the Malignant Monsters alone, but he needs your help. To save the Sanctuary, he will teach you how to capture the Malignant Hearts that created those bloodthirsty monsters. You are able to transform the hearts into build-altering powers to stop the malignancy that has possessed the armies of Hell.


Malignant Hearts

Through the Seasonal Questline we will obtain the Cage of Binding and learn how to capture Malignant Hearts of the partly Corrupted monsters. Once you try to capture the heart from these monsters, they will be reborn as Fully Corrupted. Once you defeat the reborn monster, it will drop one of the four versions of the Malignant Heart that you can place into the Infested sockets which are located inside your jewelry instead of a regular socket.

Bear in mind that you can still insert a regular gem inside these Infested sockets, but since the hearts are so beneficial and are the central figure of this league, it would be unwise not to use them.

This season offers us 32 Malignant Hearts across four different categories, and each of them offers a unique bonus.


Malignant Hearts Categories

The four categories of hearts are:

Vicious Heart (Orange, Offensive power)
Brutal Heart (Blue, Defensive power)
Devious Heart (Pink, Utility power)
Wrathful Heart (Black, Super power)

Whenever you slay a Fully Corrupted monster, you will already know which heart it has based on the above mentioned colors. More often than not – their Name will include the type of Malignant Heart that they hold.

Infested sockets


When we talk about Infested sockets those can only have the Orange, Blue or Pink socket color. They can be found only on jewelry(Ring, Amulet). This is because the Wrathful or Black Hearts can be equipped in ANY of the color sockets.

It is imperative that you choose wisely which jewelry you will pick and invest your gold & rolls into. Make sure that you have the right colored socket in your jewelry for the build that you want to run!

Another thing that is important to note, is that if a Ring or Amulet has no socket, then the jeweler can insert any socket he choses. Once the color of a socket appears on an item, you can’t change it. Even if you get a socket of a certain color appear on a unique piece of jewelry, sadly, you can no longer change it.

It’s also worth to mention that once you insert a Malignant Heart into the Infested socket it can no longer be reclaimed, unlike the regular gems that you can take out and use on another item. The Malignant Hearts can instead only be replaced by another Heart and destroy the one you’ve had in the process. Make sure that you insert them carefully and wait patiently to get a near bis item before inserting any strong Heart.


Varshan the consumed

Progressing through the various activities offered by the game, will inevitably lead you to higher World Tiers. Which leads to monsters dropping stronger Malignant Hearts. Cormond will place his Wagon in a couple of places and major cities like Kyovashad. Once there, you can scrap and salvage the Hearts of low value to make Invokers or roll on different Hearts. Some of the methods even offer a chance for you to find a Wrathful Heart, so make sure to keep an eye out and pick out all of the Malignant Hearts no matter how bad they might be!

When we talk about this Season, we can’t avoid mentioning the new Malignant Tunnels which were implemented. They are probably one of the best ways aside from Nightmare Dungeons to farm and acquire Malignant Hearts. These dungeons are replayable and are filled with Corrupted monsters that you can defeat.

While exploring the Malignant Tunnels, we’ll be able to find various catalysts of Malignant Monsters, and by doing the campaign and unlocking a special Invoker, you will be able to summon and challenge Varshan the Consumed.


 When you use an Invoker on one of these colored Outgrowths, an Elite boss of that color will appear. The colors in the tunnels are not the same and they can be target farmed. The Malignant Tunnels also have an increased chance that other Elites that reside in them will also have the Malignant modifier.
For this sole reason, the tunnels are one of the ideal places for farming the new Malignant Hearts and items in Diablo 4 first season after completing the campaign.


Seasonal Realm

With the announcement of the new Season, Blizzard also implemented a good feature which helps us be ‘Ahead of the Curve’ when we start it. What we’re talking about is the progress that you would partially transfer from the Eternal realm into the Seasonal one.

The progress that you would transfer is:

  • Altars of Lilith
  • Zone discovery
  • Campaign completion
  • Your mount will be available instantly

Players who have discovered all zones and found all Altars of Lilith on one character will begin with 2/5 renown unlocked in each zone. In addition, you will be awarded with 5 extra Potion Charges and Skill Points.

Another thing to mention is that if you’ve done the regular campaign, you can SKIP IT by saying that you’ve already completed the campaign and want to proceed to the Seasonal realm without having to do it. If you haven’t completed the campaign and you need help, feel free to check out our Leveling and select the Campaign Completion addition.

For all of this to take effect, you must log your character that has the above completed at least ONCE after the Season has started, so that the progress you’ve had on the Eternal realm transfers over to your Seasonal character.

The Malignant Hearts affect how the classes work as well as their tuning. Even if you played a class on the Eternal realm, there is a high possibility that the class has changed. Due to the many nerfs, buffs and changes that were implemented to make the Season revolve around the Seasonal additions. Thanks to this we are able to re-create or even make possible some builds that were otherwise not playable or competitive before the Season 1 came out.


Season Journey

The Season Journey is simply a list of challenges, quests & achievements that a Player can obtain during the course of the Season. Things such as obtaining hearts, gathering ores & plants, overcoming Uber LilithUber Varshan, doing repetitive things such as killing World Bosses, Leveling to 100 and many more!

The Season Journey is divided into Chapters, and as you advance through them, you will be rewarded with:

  • Mastery Titles
  • Legendary Aspects for the Codex of Power
  • Scroll of Amnesia
  • Favor

Obtaining titles is pretty straightforward, they help us feel like we’ve achieved something for our efforts. However, when it comes to the Legendary Aspects, the new Season has also implemented a few Season only aspects of power, some of which are global and some are class specific. These new powers along with the Malignant Hearts can change classes and builds as we know them, when compared to the Eternal realm character builds.

Scroll of Amnesia is one of those things that you can obtain only once per character on the Seasonal Realm. It is a way for us to instantly reset all of our Skills & Paragon skills, helping us change our spec to suit our needs in the endgame without investing millions of Gold.

Favor is the resource that we use to progress through the Battle Pass’ Tiers. As mentioned before, you can earn these from doing various content provided in the Season 1.


Season Blessings

The Battle Pass provides us with a variety of transmogrification sets for each Class, Mounts, Tokens, but most importantly with the Seasonal Blessings. There are a total of 5 Blessings which that you can upgrade 4 times each. Those are:

  • URN OF AGGRESSION that increases the XP gained from killing monsters. This is important to invest into while leveling and will speed up the process significantly.
  • URN OF BARGAINING that gives a boost to the amount of Gold earned from vendor sales. This is good, but not as important as some of the others. At least not until you’ve reached the point where your need for Gold is substantial.
  • URN OF RECLAMATION that gives a boost to the amount of rare materials obtained from salvage. This is pretty important when you start reaching early end-game and want to upgrade your gear.
  • URN OF PROLONGING that increases the duration of all Elixirs. This as well as the URN OF AGGRESSION are the best choices for the Leveling. They provide you with more uptime on your Elixirs. Remember that Elixirs give 5% increased XP gain while they are up.
  • URN OF MALIGNANCE that increases the drop chance for powerful Malignant Hearts. This is quite useful for when you want to get your Wrathful hearts and when you go into end-game.


To upgrade these blessings, you will have to invest Smoldering Ash. You obtain it by gaining Favor and leveling your Battle Pass. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to CLAIM the Ash from your Season Progression bar as well as many other rewards.

Season Progress

The Season of the Malignant Battle Pass started with the launch of Season 1 and it includes 90 Tiers. 27 Free Tiers & 63 Premium Tiers. Progressing through the tiers will earn you the mentioned Smoldering Ashes so that you can upgrade your Seasonal Blessings. All of the above mentioned Blessings are only valid until the end of the current Season 1.

Blizzard also implemented an option to SKIP the tiers you don’t like. This can be done for 200 Platinum and you still fully unlock the Battle Pass & finish the Seasonal Journey. However, only seasonal characters can progress through both the Season Journey and the Battle Pass.


The Premium Battle Pass rewards are mainly for transmogrification purposes. They do not affect the strength of your character in any way. If you decide that upgrading your Battle Pass to Premium is something you want to do you will receive the Awoken Armor Set, Platinum, Mount and Mount Armor as well as other additional items which are purely for cosmetic purposes.

Thank you for reading and we hope that this guide helps you with Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant.

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