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WoW Classic Era PvP


If you wish to stay informed with the latest changes for PvP in WoW Classic Era, and the updates that are coming to the game with the new patch – then stay tuned and continue reading our post! We will talk about many things and cover as much ground as possible as well as talk about the differences with the old system and the new system that’s being introduced to the WoW Classic Era PvP Ranking system.

Before we go into it, as always.. lets talk about the history of PvP from WoW Vanilla.

A bit of History regarding the Vanilla PvP Ranking System

Ever since WoW started back in 2004. One of the most prestigious things in the game PvP wise, was getting the notorious Rank 14 title and gear. This was simply because back then, this was the only form of PvP that we were able to do. Similar to how the Arena system works in WoW since TBC, the Ranking system was also setup in such a way that only a small percentage of Players were able to obtain the highest of Ranks at any given time.

This wasn’t a battle between factions, but more of an inside the faction competition sort of thing. The idea was that you get more Honor points than other Players in your faction. The worst thing about all this was that you wouldn’t be able to Rank up, or you wouldn’t keep your rank unless you were playing 12-14 hour EVERY DAY for weeks and months at a time. If you even thought about taking a break for one day, or even worse – a week, you set yourself back by weeks or months in terms of progress. Also, this would mean that you could be demoted in that time and this system simply forced you to keep pushing and playing no matter the cost.

This system was too grindy, unhealthy and it encouraged Players to play for over a dozen hours each day for MONTHS if you wanted to achieve the highest Rank. Gaining the highest Rank obviously has its perks. Such as:

  • Prestige
  • The Highest awarded PvP Titles – the High Warlord(Horde) or Grand Marshal(Alliance)
  • The BEST Weapons and Gear available for PvP

If you obtained Rank 14 and gained the perks mentioned above, you were literally a Legend and had no life, no job and a strong heart.

Rank 14 WoW Classic (Video)

The old system works the same in Classic Era that was released in 2019 as well as the Season of Mastery after that. This simply means that no changes were done and that the grind was as lengthy and tedious as it always was.

What were the biggest problems with the PvP Ranking system in WoW Classic Era & Season of Mastery?

There were a lot of issues, many of which we mentioned already, but to put things in perspective the biggest problems with the PvP Ranking system are:

  • A LOT of pressure to grind Honorable Kills non-stop
  • The Ranking is based on the PERCETAGE of PvP participants, this leads people to engage in “pool boosting”
  • Players start to FIX the bracket
  • The old PvP Honor system has a complex script and takes a long time to run

We will explain each of these points individually.

Honorable Kills pressure for Ranking changes

Since Players are ranked against each other inside their faction. Taking even a smallest break in the form of a day or week, can prove to be deadly in terms of you reaching your desired Rank in the bracket. This is highly discouraging and is simply a bad and outdated system. Blizzard said so themselves. Even though we have the implemented decay, it doesn’t contribute as much as you losing your spot due to other Players. It all comes down to how the Ranking Points are awarded.

What is pool boosting in WoW Classic and how does it affect Ranking?

Pool boosting is a reference to the process of using bots and inflating the number of Players in the system. This increases the number of Players inside each Rank Bracket which in turn allows a larger number of Players to be within each bracket. For example, people used to use bots that just killed each other until they’ve reached the required minimum of kills per week to become a part of the Ranking system. Then they switch to new characters and do it again and again.

Bracket fixing in WoW Classic Ranking system

The lengthy grind has brought Players together. Even though it was faction based and you competed versus other Players, if you were able to make arrangements with other Players that are doing the same thing – you could simply take turns. Generally, doing this is not bad in terms of lowering the amount of Honorable Kills needed to Rank up, as well as reducing the amount of time Players have to invest into farming to reach Rank 14. With this arrangement Players just make an order in which each of them will get the highest Rank and they reduce the effective grind for the Rank significantly.

This wasn’t in the spirit of the old system and it forced Players to be a part of the ‘group’ if they wanted to achieve the highest of Ranks. Also, this leads to conflict between Players on the same faction. Since these groups can basically manipulate the bracket, it leads to other people having no reward for their efforts and continuously be undermined by the Players that are in the ‘group’.

The complexity of the old Ranking system in WoW Classic Era

Honor is updated each week via a script. This script performs various calculations to convert the contribution of each Player to Contribution Points and Rank Players against one another based on:

  • Current Rank
  • Expected Contribution Points
  • Expected Ranking Points
  • Other factors

This script was unchanged since the introduction of Battlegrounds back in 2005. Even though its mostly functional it can have delays based on various conditions and cause the weekly Honor updates to take many hours, or days. This makes the entire system stressful for those who are eagerly waiting to see where they stand depending on previous week’s contributions. Blizzard said they wish to overhaul and replace this script with a more performant and modern solution.

Since we’ve cowered the flaws of the current system, we will talk about the changes that are coming the PvP Ranking system for WoW Classic Era, and how potentially they might improve this grind.

The Changes to the PvP Ranking system in WoW Classic Era

The biggest changes that are coming with the NEW PvP Ranking system for WoW Classic Era are:

  • The elimination of Ranking Points – Since there were a lot of issues as we mentioned previously Ranking Points will be removed. The system is encourages a lot of no-life gameplay and forces Players to think of various ways to cheat and work around it. The new system will introduce Honor Milestones per week that need to be earned in order to progress to the next Rank. This will progressively increase depending on your participation and Rank.
  • The way Honor Points at the time of Honorable or Dishonorable Kills is earned – In the old system, this happened at the end of the day. However, Blizzard made the change that the Honor you gain updates in real time. This means that whenever you get a Honorable or Dishonorable Kill it will be updated on the spot.
  • Updating the individual Player Ranks in a more efficient way – Without the Ranking Points, the changes will be updated instantly after each weekly reset. There will be no delays like before where the script had to calculate all the participants on your realm.
  • The REMOVAL of De-Ranking – Decay is something that will still be in the game. However, it won’t work the same way it used to. With this new system, even with Decay in place, you won’t be able to DOWN-RANK. The Decay will only get you to the starting point of the Rank. This will help you keep your life in moderation without the risk of losing your Rank if you’re away. In the past this would set you off by weeks and even months if you took a days or weeks break from the grind.

Hopefully this new system will help Players reach Rank 14 easier, and help them commit to other things in life while doing so. With that being said, it will still be a grind and if you need help with it, or you don’t have time, check out our Ranking Services.

WoW Classic Era PvP Ranks and Rewards

WoW Classic Era Ranks

Obtaining Rank 14 in WoW Classic Era is one of the hardest things to achieve. It also takes it tool as well as time in order to achieve it, but in the end it will give you the prestige, gear and other rewards that you deserve. Since the PTR Release and the testing of the new system started, it takes around 8 (eight) weeks for Players to achieve the max PvP Rank if you are earning the MAXIMUM amount of Honor each week.  It is a long time, but it’s still something that you can calculate and achieve at your convenience.

Unlike the way things were before, you can at least put your finger on it. The Final version should come somewhere in the near future, but from the looks of it, unless something drastically changes, this will be it.

Honorable mention: The new Classic Era PvP system will not be present in the newest Hardcore servers. Simply because the Hardcore servers do not have PvP at all. They only have the Mak’gora Duels and War-Game Battlegrounds. Feel free to check out our Hardcore Guide or our Hardcore Services if you’re interested in that!

All the WoW Classic PvP Gear appearances(Image)


Blizzard has done their best to keep the Classic dream alive, whether with the WotLK Classic, Classic Era or Season of Mastery Realms. These new changes will hopefully turn out to be good, because honestly at first glance, we don’t see any major issues with it. The prestige might not be as big as it used to be, but if we take into account all the negative things from the old system, this one might prove to be beneficial as well as more balanced.

We hope that you’ve liked our post and that it helped shine the light on some of the changes that we’re aware of so far. We wish you the best of luck in achieving your Rank 14. If you do not have the time and need help with anything on WoW Classic Era, or if you specifically want a Rank boost – then take the time to check out our site and see if there’s something we can do to help you out.
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In the end, we will leave you with a video that covers all the pros and cons of the Rank 14 grind and also has some tips and tricks!

WoW Classic Era PvP Ranking Tips and Tricks(Video)