Diablo 4 Gauntlet Boost

Here you can order a boost for the newest Diablo 4 challenge, the Gauntlet. Getting this boost is a quick and reliable way to earn new rewards and get a place on the leaderboard.

Diablo 4 Gauntlet Boosts & Carry Services

Season 3 of Diablo 4 introduces the Gauntlet, a new challenge where players aim for high scores and top leaderboard spots.
The Gauntlet resets weekly, offering fresh chances to rank among the top 1000 players worldwide and earn the Seal of the Worthy.

The Gauntlet is a weekly rotating endgame dungeon with a unique scoring and leaderboard system.
Important to note that Leaderboards will have separated rankings for classes and also Hardcore and Softcore.
Leaderboard system will be closely tied to the Gauntlet and it will going to feature top 1000 runs every week.
Besides Seal of the Worthy, there are more seals that players can obtain. But for now we don’t have information what rankings will be required.
Basically you will earn a Seal based on your performance inside of the gauntlet for every new week.

Lastly we will have Hall of the Ancients system in Diablo 4
In short, best 10 runs that players had in each week, will be moved and saved inside Halls of the Ancients forever.
We suppose that those runs can be viewed again on mouse click whenever you want.
This mechanic alone will make Diablo 4 super competitive. And that’s something everyone wanted in game from the start!

The official launch date for the Gauntlet and its leaderboards is February 27, 2024

Diablo 4 Gauntlet Boost services can help players achieve better scores, offering Diablo 4 Gauntlet Boosts for both solo and team play.
These services improve your chances of earning unique rewards, including the Seal of the Worthy that enhance your profile with exclusive portrait frames.

Diablo 4 Gauntlet Boost will include:

The Diablo 4 Gauntlet Boost offers a choice of Gauntlet Seals, including extra service options for top 1000 and various game types, such as solo and party challenges. (Hardcore & Softcore)
You will also get all the loot and currency dropped during the service.

Platforms that we support for Diablo 4 Gauntlet Boosts:

Our Diablo 4 Gauntlet Boost service is available across all platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
Please ensure to review the service requirements before heading to checkout page.

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When will my Diablo 4 Boost going to start?

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