Dragonflight Gear Boost

WoW Dragonflight gear boosts will help you skip farming for gear and you’ll be able to jump straight into end game content like Mythic+, Raids and Arenas. We’ll get your character geared and ready for any type of content in no time.

Our Dragonflight Gear Boost is designed to help you skip the tedious gearing process and get right into the action.

When it comes to gearing up in WoW Dragonflight, there are multiple ways to go about it depending on which content you prefer doing in the game. Getting to a decent item level in the game is a very boring and long process.

We’ve tailored our WoW Gear Boost services in such a way that no matter the type of content you enjoy the most in the game, you will be able to find a service just for you and get geared up quickly.

PvP Gear Boosts (Honor & Conquest)

Honor Gear

To start off your journey in PvP, you will have to spend a lot of time grinding for honor. Honor points can be farmed in various ways, some more rewarding some less. You can compete in Random Battlegrounds, complete World Quests, fight in Arena Skirmishes or even low rated Arenas.

Regardless, they can all become pretty boring after a few hours, especially when your character is low geared. In total you will need over 10.000 honor points to fully gear up with Honor PvP gear.

With our PvP gear boost, you can skip all of those hours of grinding honor. Our boosters will farm up enough honor to get you a full set of honor gear and you’ll be able to jump right into Rated PvP content. Alternatively you can go for our WoW Dragonflight Honor Farming service and there you can order a specific amount of honor that you want to get.

Conquest Gear

In order to be able to push higher ratings in Arenas or RBGs, your character will need a high PvP item level which only Conquest Gear can give. All of the items purchased with Conquest Points have an item level of 528 in PvP, which makes them very strong.

If you need assistance with farming Conquest Gear in Rated PvP, our professional PvP boosters will help you finish your farm much faster.

If you want to play on your own and not share your account, the Selfplay option is for you. It will give you the chance to play with experienced PvP players who will make sure that you earn Conquest fast. And you might even learn a few tricks while playing with them!

If you don’t have the time to play yourself, the Piloted version of the Conquest PvP Gear service is for you. We will get full Conquest Gear for you quickly and you won’t have lift a finger. Alternatively, if you just want a fixed amount of conquest, you can go for our WoW Conquest Points Boost.

PvE Gear Boosts (Raids & Mythic+)

There are a few different ways to gear up for PvE content in WoW. Depending on which items are BiS for your character you should be doing a mix of Raids and Mythic+ dungeons.

Raid Gear

Raid gear has always been some of the best gear in the game and that hasn’t changed in Dragonflight. With our WoW raid gear boost you’ll be able to gear up quickly for any type of raid content. We’re offering the following services:

  1. Full Normal Raid Gear Service – This service is a good starting point for anyone looking to get ready for entry PvE content. You’ll get a mix of 493 and 502 ilvl items.
  2. Full Heroic Raid Gear Boost – This boost is a good choice for anyone looking to jump right into high level PvE content. You’ll get a mix of 506 and 515 ilvl items.
  3. Full Mythic Raid Gear Carry – This carry is for anyone looking to get the best PvE gear in the game. You’ll get a mix of 519 and 528 ilvl items.

Mythic+ Gear

Ever since their introduction in Legion, Mythic+ dungeons have been one of the fastest ways of gearing up. Mythic+ Dungeons are a source of some of the strongest items in the game. The item level of gear scales with key level, up to M+10 which gives 509 gear. Not to mention that you’ll earn 522 ilvl weekly rewards from the Great Vault.

Grinding out M+ dungeons can be a daunting task, especially when you are on a new character. Without good gear and Mythic+ rating, you’ll have a hard time getting into M+ groups. With our mythic+ gear boost, you’ll avoid all of those issues. Our pro teams will carry your character through M+ dungeons and get you your desired item level.