WoW Honor Points Boost

Our Honor Points farming boost is the perfect way to get fully prepared for Arenas in WoW Dragonflight. Everyone values their free time, so our service will help you bypass the grind, enabling you to easily attain complete PvP gear. We’re here to assist you to fully enjoy PvP without the tedious farming process.

With the launch of the new World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, honor has been restructured. In the 4th Season of Dragonflight, Honor Points can be used to buy starter PvP gear that scales to 515 item level in PvP without needing to upgrade it. Gear bought with honor can still be upgraded, for use outside of PvP, from the baseline 454 ilvl up to 476 ilvl. By purchasing a Dragonflight Honor Points boost, you can bypass the monotonous battleground grind and acquire PvP gear swiftly, allowing you to begin your climb up the arena ladder without delay.

How do you earn Honor in WoW Dragonflight?

Honor in WoW is earned by participating in PvP. Best way to farm honor is by participating in Arena Skirmishes, Solo Shuffle, Random Battlegrounds, Random Epic Battlegrounds and Rated Battlegrounds.

What are the changes related to Honor in Dragonflight?

The main change from Shadowlands is the way Honor gear works in PvP. All the gear bought with honor scales to 515 ilvl in PvP without having to upgrade it. You can buy the whole gear set including rings, trinkets and weapons from the vendor Seltherex found in Valdrakken.

With the patch 10.1 Crests of Honor were added to the game. These items can be used when crafting gear, to turn it into PvP Gear. This means that the crafted gear will scale to 515 ilvl in PvP. There are three types of Crests of Honor:

1. Lesser Crest of Honor – It costs 525 Honor and is usable when crafting Neck, Back, Wrist, or Finger slot items.
2. Crest of Honor – It costs 700 Honor and is usable when crafting Shoulders, Hands, Waist, or Feet slot items.
3. Greater Crest of Honor – It costs 875 Honor and is usable when crafting Head, Chest, or Legs slot items.

Is there a way to farm Honor fast in WoW Dragonflight?

There are no shortcuts to farming honor in WoW. You’ll have to dedicate hours to grinding different PvP activities. This can be quite tedious and unfun, however, all of that can be avoided. Our WoW honor boosts will help you get your desired amount of honor without having to lift a finger. We’ll help you get full Honor gear in not time and you’ll be able to jump right into rated PvP content.

How much honor do I need to get the full Honor gear set?

Currently you need to farm between 10575 and 11025 Honor to get PvP gear for every gear slot. Check out the table bellow to see how much each piece of gear costs:

Honor Gear Pieces Honor Cost
One-Hand Weapon 875 Honor
Off Hand Piece 425 Honor
Two-Hand Weapon 1750 Honor
Helm 875 Honor
Chest 875 Honor
Legs 875 Honor
Hands 700 Honor
Feet 700 Honor
Shoulders 700 Honor
Belt 700 Honor
Bracers 525 Honor
Rings 525 Honor
Neck 525 Honor
Cloak 525 Honor
Trinkets 525 – 700 Honor