Dragonflight Leveling Boost

Make the most out of your gaming time and skip the boring grind – Get a WoW Dragonflight Leveling Boost and reach level 70 today with our quick and efficient service. Just select your starting and desired level, and let us take care of the rest. We offer both self-play and piloted options, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

How does the Dragonflight Leveling Boost work?

We offer reliable and efficient ways to level up your character in Dragonflight, our WoW DF Leveling Boost is available in both selfplay and pilot.


With our selfplay WoW leveling boosts, you can enjoy the service while playing yourself without the need to share your account. We’ll arrange a pair of boosters who will quickly level up your character to 70, allowing you to access end-game content as soon as possible.


If you would rather skip the process completely and get a character leveled up to 70 while you are doing something else, our piloted Dragonflight level boost is designed just for you. We will assign your WoW level boost to an experienced player who will level up your character by hand and make sure it’s done quickly and efficiently. This way you’ll be able to jump into the fun content right away without having to waste hours on leveling.

What do you get by purchasing a Dragonflight Leveling Boost in WoW?

  1. Your character will reach level 70 and earn the appropriate achievement
  2. Gold, gear and resources earned during the process will be yours to keep
  3. Leveling 100% done by hand

How does Leveling process work in WoW Dragonflight?

When it comes to the Dragonflight Leveling process and your Boost, depending on whether it’s your first character or an alt, there are two options available.

For your first Dragonflight character, you need to follow a linear progression path through the zones and complete the campaign, which goes in the following order:

  1. The Waking Shores – From level 58 to level 64;
  2. Ohn’ahran Plains – From level 62 to level 66;
  3. Azure Span – From level 64 to level 68;
  4. Thaldraszus – From level 66 to level 70.

However, completing the main campaign alone won’t provide enough experience to get your character to level 70. To level up quickly, it’s important to also complete side quests in each zone, but not all of them are equally efficient. By getting a Dragonflight Leveling Boost, our professional boosters, who have already mastered the leveling routes, will help you reach level 70 as fast as possible.

Once you’ve leveled up your first character and completed the campaign, you can use the new ‘Dragon Isles Adventuring’ system to level up your alts in Dragonflight. This system is similar to Shadowlands’ ‘Threads of Fate’, allowing you to pick and choose your preferred zone. With this system, you’ll have access to World Quests right away, which provide extra experience and gear.

By choosing the zones that you prefer, you can level up your alts more efficiently and in a way that suits your play style. Side quests are also important with this method, and choosing which ones to complete and which ones to skip will greatly increase the speed at which your character levels up. Regardless, leveling up alts can be a boring and repetitive process.
Getting a Dragonflight Leveling Boost is the best way to avoid the whole process altogether and to get any character to level 70 fast and easy.