WoW Profession Boost

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Professions have always been an essential part of World of Warcraft. With the changes made to professions in Dragonflight, you are able to craft some of the best gear in the game. You can also create various consumables, pets, toys and dragonriding mount cosmetic items. In addition, having a leveled-up profession is a lucrative way to earn gold in the game. However, leveling up professions in WoW can be time-consuming and tedious or costly. You either need to level up a complementary gathering profession that goes with your crafting one or spend a lot of gold to buy the necessary materials. Fortunately, our WoW profession boost is here to help you avoid all of that. We know the best ways to level up your Dragonflight professions quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you level up a profession of your choice in no time.

What types of profession are there in WoW Dragonflight?

There are two types of professions in World of Warcraft: primary and secondary professions.

Primary Professions

A character in World of Warcraft can have a maximum of two primary professions, but it’s not mandatory to learn any. In case you want to change a primary profession, you can unlearn it to make space for a new one. However, this means you will lose all the knowledge and experience you gained in that profession. If you decide to learn the profession again in the future, you will have to start from scratch. Primary professions can be split into two groups: crafting and gathering.
Check out the table bellow for more information about specific primary professions.

Profession Type Description
Herbalism Gathering Harvest herbs found throughout the world and from the bodies of some creatures.
Mining Gathering Mine ore, stones, and gems from veins or deposits. Also teaches you the Smelting ability, which allows the use of a forge to smelt the ore into bars of metal.
Skinning Gathering Allows skinning of certain creatures for their hides, leather, and scales.
Alchemy Crafting Use herbs and other reagents to create potions, flasks and elixirs. These consumables can be used
to restore health and mana, enhance attributes, or provide any number of other useful effects.
Blacksmithing Crafting Use ore and other goods to craft various profession equipment, weapons, shields, mail and plate armor.
Enchanting Crafting Gain the ability to disenchant weapons and armor into enchanting materials. Use those materials to
imbue your gear with magical properties and enhancements.
Engineering Crafting Engineer a wide range of mechanical devices – including trinkets, guns, goggles, explosives and
mechanical pets. Creates many utility items, such as portable mailboxes and repair bots.
Inscription Crafting Learn the Milling ability, which turns herbs into pigments, which are used for various inks. Craft glyphs, staves, and trinkets, as well as many dragonriding mount cosmetic items.
Jewelcrafting Crafting Learn the Prospecting ability, which is used to process raw ore in order to find gems. Cut and polish
those gems so they can be socketed into armor and weapons to augment their attributes.
Leatherworking Crafting Use leather, scales and hides to craft drums, armor kits, leather and mail armor.
Tailoring Crafting Use various types of cloth to craft capes, bags, magical threads and cloth armor.

Secondary Professions

Unlike primary professions, you are not limited to two secondary professions, you can learn them all. Secondary professions offer a variety of benefits, resources, and activities. For details about the secondary professions, check out the table bellow.

Profession Description
Archaeology Dig up and reconstruct valuable artifacts, earn various toys, pets and mounts.
Cooking Use different types of fish and meat to cook various food. This food can restore health and mana as well as provide temporary stat buffs.
Fishing Allows you to catch fish from various bodies of water. In some zones you can even fish up rare mounts.