Dragonflight Renown Boost

Unlock a wide variety of rewards for your character with our Dragonflight Renown Boosts that start the same day you order. Quickly level up your reputation with all the factions and earn Renown. Select your current and desired renown level and choose from the available factions such as Dragonscale Expedition, Iskaara Tuskaar, Maruuk Centaur, Valdrakken Accord and Loamm Niffen.

The Renown reputation system has carried over from Shadowlands to Dragonflight. However, there’s one big change. Now you can level up renown with all reputations at the same time, while previously you could only level up one at a time. There are 4 main factions in Dragonflight: Valdrakken Accord, Iskaara Tuskarr, Maruuk Centaur and the Dragonscale Expedition; with which you can earn renown and unlock many unique rewards. Maxing out renown and earning all the rewards will take weeks of world quests, as well as countless hours spent on farming different activities. This means you’ll have to invest a lot of time on tedious work; however, there’s a way to avoid it all. Our Dragonflight renown boost will help you reach your desired renown level quickly without having to waste your valuable time.

In Patch 10.1, Embers of Neltharion a new Renown reputation was added to the game, the Loamm Niffen. The Loamm Niffen are a race of mole-like people, their home base Loamm is in the new zone the Zaralek Cavern. Earning renown with this faction will give you access to many rewards, such as: pets, mounts, toys and Dragonriding cosmetics.

How can I farm Renown in Dragonflight?

Dragonflight renown reputation farming is done via weekly, daily and world quests, special events and activities, as well as through grinding of specific treasures and mobs. One weekly quest, that you don’t want to miss out on, is Aiding the Accord. It provides you with 500 reputation with all 4 main factions, as well as some reagents, items and gold. Read below about specific reputations and activities associated with them:

Dragonscale Expedition:

  • Complete Dragonscale Expedition world quests (they reset every three and a half days).
  • Plant flags on High Peaks (there are 20 of them and each gives 250 reputation).
  • Complete Archivist Request weekly quests.
  • Gather treasures (Expedition Scout’s Pack, Disturbed Dirt, Magic-Bound Chest) throughout the Dragon Isles, they contain 1-3 Dragon Isles Artifact which can be turned in for 15 reputation each. These can also be farmed indefinitely.

Maruuk Centaur:

  • Complete Maruuk Centaur world quests (they reset every three and a half days).
  • Complete quests for Clan Aylaag every time they move to a new location (they move every 3 days and 3 hours).
  • Kill rare and powerful mobs (once per day).
  • Complete Grand Hunts and earn Centaur Hunting Trophies (each can be turned in for 25 rep). You can farm hunts indefinitely.

Iskaara Tuskarr:

  • Complete Iskaara Tuskarr world quests (they reset every three and a half days).
  • Complete 3 daily quests near Fishing Holes (400 rep per day).
  • Weekly turn in quests for all types of fish (100 rep for 20 of each common fish and 200 rep for 20 Islefin Dorado).
  • Kill normal and super rares in the Azure Span (50 rep from each rare per day).
  • Participate in the Community Feast event, it spawns every 1,5 hours. These are the best source of reputation.

Valdrakken Accord:

  • Complete Valdrakken Accord world quests (they reset every three and a half days).
  • Completing Wrathion and Sabellian daily and weekly quests.
  • Farm Restored Obsidian Key and turn them in for 100 reputation.
  • Kill normal and super rares around the Obsidian Citadel (50 rep from each rare per day).
  • Complete the Siege on Dragonbane Keep event, it spawns every 2 hours.

Loamm Niffen:

  • Complete Loamm Niffen world quests in the Zaralek Cavern.
  • Complete the main story quests and side quests associated with Loamm Niffen.
  • Complete the zone events throughout the Zaralek Cavern (most give 50 reputation).
  • Complete the weekly quest A Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen (this quest will give you 500 reputation).