Marks of Honor Boost

Obtain your desired amount of Marks of Honor in WoW Dragonflight with our Marks of Honor Boost. Easily purchase this service to quickly gather marks and buy classic PvP gear sets.

Marks of Honor are a currency that was introduced in Legion and is used to purchase legacy items from PvP vendors. Since this currency is mostly used to acquire old cosmetic items, it’s relevant for anyone looking to complete their transmog collection or anyone looking to get PvP sets and weapons from previous expansions. You can earn Marks of Honor by winning in Solo Shuffle, Arenas, Battlegrounds, Skirmishes and Brawls. However, after the first win of the day in the mentioned PvP activities, the drop rate becomes random. This forces you to grind Marks of Honor for hours and days, just to get your desired cosmetic items. That’s why the best way to farm this currency in WoW is by getting our Marks of Honor Boost. We’ll help you skip the tedious and time-consuming grind and get the amount of marks of your choosing.

Marks of Honor Boost includes:

  • We’ll farm the amount of Marks of Honor that you choose
  • A good amount of Honor and some Conquest Points
  • Some battleground wins obtained during the service
  • 100% done by hand

What are Marks of Honor used for?

Besides the previously mentioned legacy PvP sets and weapons, you can also get Classic PvP mounts, tabards, heirloom armor and weapons. Classic PvP mounts include on Horde: Black War Kodo, Black War Wolf, Red Skeletal Warhorse, Black War Raptor and Swift Warstrider; and on Alliance: Black Battlestrider, Black War Ram, Black War Steed, Black War Tiger and Black War Elekk. They can all be bought at vendors Raider Bork (Horde) in Orgrimmar and Lieutenant Karter (Alliance) in Stormwind. You can also buy class specific Ensembles, that contain all the gear pieces for your class from a previous season, as well as Weapon Arsenals that contain all weapons from a previous season. In Dragonflight you can also buy Elite weapon appearances with mark, if you manage to reach 2400 rating in one of the PvP brackets during the active PvP season.

Marks of Honor prices for different items:

– Individual gear set pieces from previous PvP seasons (1-3 Marks of Honor)
– Individual weapons from previous PvP seasons (2-5 Marks of Honor)
– Tabards (1 Mark of Honor)
– Heirloom trinkets, weapons and armor (4-10 Marks of Honor)
– Class specific Ensemble (12 Marks of Honor)
– Weapon Arsenal (80 Marks of Honor)
– Classic PvP Mount (15 Marks of Honor)
– Elite Weapons (5-10 Marks of Honor)