New World Artifact Boost

New World expansion Rise of the Angry Earth introduces a new rarity of gear, Artifact. Buying a New World Artifact Boost is the best and fastest way to get the most powerful items in the game.

In every MMORPG, gear is everything. And when you’re aiming to be on top, you will want to have at least one of these artifacts in your possession. This is where our New World Artifact Boost Service comes into the play. New World Artifacts aren’t just any items; they are a whole tier above the legendary items, imagine exotic items but on steroids. They’re the game-changers, the pieces of equipment that will carry you to the top of the end-game.

So, far we’ve gathered a solid amount of information about them. Everything posted below is already officially confirmed:

  • 1.’ Vengeance’ Life Staff: Special perk/ability, and that is ‘damage done is increased, healing is reduced’, making it a great choice for dungeons where your team needs to burn the boss quickly.
    2.’ Plague’ Blunderbuss: Special perk/ability is that this item is adding burn damage.
    3. ‘The Abyss’ 2H Axe: Special perk/ability is that this item converts the intellect from weapon to 100% void damage, making it super strong.
    4. ‘Scorpion String’ Spear: Has a special ability – mortal combat like, to pull the enemies to your position. It will be interested to see its performance in PVP combat.
    5. ‘The Wall’ Shield: Every tank’s dream, improving stamina and elemental resistances has additional damage reduction on top, only downside is that you cannot dodge attacks while you have this shield equipped.

As we discover more about these artifacts, we’ll keep you updated. But for now, if these caught your eye, our New World Artifact Boost service is here to help.
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