Plunderstorm Reputation Boost

Enjoy the newest game mode in World of Warcraft, Plunderstorm. Get a Plunderstorm reputation boost and skip the lengthy and tedious grind. Quickly level up your Keg Leg’s Crew Renown and earn many rewards, such as transmog sets and weapons, mounts and pets.

WoW Plunderstorm Reputation Boost

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Plunderstorm isn’t just a fleeting event; it’s evolving into a core element of the game. Should Blizzard’s plans materialize, new systems will be introduced to keep the excitement alive, even beyond reaching the highest renown levels. With this evolving landscape in mind, let’s delve deeper into what Plunderstorm brings to the World of Warcraft universe.

What is Plunderstorm in World Of Warcraft:

The Plunderstorm event in World of Warcraft is a pirate-themed, battle royale experience where 60 players compete in the Arathi Highlands. The goal is to outlast the others and survive the storm, claiming victory and rewards. This limited-time event, part of the Dragonflight Patch 10.2.6 update, requires only an active WoW subscription to participate, with no specific level requirement since you won’t be using your own character. Players can choose to play solo or in duos, creating a unique, ready-to-play character specifically for this event. Throughout the game, players find and use lootable spells, abilities, and upgrades from treasure chests and defeated enemies. These abilities are automatically added to the player’s action bar, including offensive skills and utilities like speed boosts and crowd control.

The event offers a range of rewards, including cosmetics, pets, titles, and mounts, which players earn through progression. Notably, victories are not required to claim these rewards, making the event accessible and rewarding for all participants. The Plunderstorm event stands out by offering a fresh and engaging PvP experience within WoW, encouraging strategy, quick thinking, and adaptability.

Why Should I buy Plunderstorm Reputation Boost? 

Plunderstorm is a limited-time event that will last for a 6 weeks. It offers a lot of interesting rewards, listed below:

  • Level 1 renown – Deadly Dagger Transmog
  • Level 2 renown – Swabbie Gloves Transmog + Swabbie Title
  • Level 3 renown – Surefooted Boots Transmog
  • Level 4 renown – Quilted Breaches Transmog
  • Level 5 renown – Calcified Claymore Transmog
  • Level 6 renown – Spun Cotton Shirt (Transmog) and Happy (Pet)
  • Level 7 renown – Skulker Cloak Transmog
  • Level 8 renown – Copper Canon Transmog
  • Level 9 renown – Warm Woolen Cap Transmog
  • Level 10 renown – Silver TideStallion Mount + Swashbuckler Title
  • Level 11 renown – Bubbles Pet + Pinchy Pet for WotLK Classic
  • Level 12 renown – Swindlers Cutouts Transmog
  • Level 13 renown Blacksteel Saber Transmog
  • Level 14 renown Silent Leathers Transmog
  • Level 15 renown Handwoven Trousers Transmog
  • Level 16 renown Swarthy Warning Sign + Marvelous Multi-Shot Transmog
  • Level 17 renown Fine Crimson Doublet Transmog
  • Level 18 renown Bloody Iron Cleaver Transmog
  • Level 19 renown Weatherproven Drape Transmog
  • Level 20 renown Royal Seafeather Mount + Buccaneer Title
  • Level 21 renown Storm Captain Hat
  • Level 22 renown Plunderlord Gilded Sigil Transmog
  • Level 23 renown Plunderlord Cuffs Transmog
  • Level 24 renown Plundered Bag of Tender 250 + Tiny Plumed Tricorne Pepe outfit
  • Level 25 renown Plunderlord Golden Chinch Transmog
  • Level 26 renown Plunderlord Pilferers
  • Level 27 renown Plunderlord Neck Severer
  • Level 28 renown Plunderlord Muckscraper
  • Level 29 renown Plunderlord Fancy Trousers
  • Level 30 renown Glamrok Pet + First Mate Title
  • Level 31 renown Plunderlord Fine Rapier
  • Level 32 renown Plunderlord Hand Canon
  • Level 33 renown Plunderlord Chest of Tender 500
  • Level 34 renown Plunderlord Waistcoat
  • Level 35 renown Plunderlord Drapery
  • Level 36 renown Plunderlord Silver Cutlass
  • Level 37 renown Plunderlord Tassled Spaulders
  • Level 38 renown Plunderlord Tricorne of Admiralty + Plunderlord Monocle
  • Level 39 renown Polly Roger Mount + Title
  • Level 40 renown Plunderlord Tabard + Plunderlord Title

As you can see in this extensive list posted above, there’s a lot to go through. And if our calculations are correct and in order to get all the renown rewards players would need to play at least 3-4h per day.
Which we can all agree not everyone has the necessary time to do it, especially if you’re a bit late to the party and need to catch up with a renown.
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Who Will be doing my WoW Plunderstorm Reputation Boost? 

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