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Are you eager to explore the latest season in Diablo 4, known as Season of the Construct? This season introduces exciting features such as a new Dungeon, a powerful Companion, quality of life improvements, Weekly Leaderboards, and more. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Season of the Construct, including its duration, storyline, the Seneschal Companion, magical Governing and Tuning Stones, Vaults, and the thrilling Gauntlet with Weekly Leaderboards.

Season of the Construct Start Date:

Season of the Construct is scheduled to begin on January 23rd, 2024, at 10:00 AM PST. Mark your calendars, as this season promises an action-packed adventure filled with rewards and challenges.

Season of the Construct Questline

With each new season, a fresh storyline awaits you. In Season of the Construct, you’ll journey into the hidden Vaults beneath the sands of Kehjistan.
Your mission is to thwart the demon Malphas from corrupting the ancient Loom, a powerful technology.
Your base of operations will be Gatehall, a bustling town beneath Kehjistan, where you’ll confront the formidable Constructs.

To join the Season of the Construct, create a new character on the Seasonal Realm and ensure you’ve completed the main campaign. If you’ve already finished the prologue, you can skip the main campaign and jump straight into the action!

Obtain the Seneschal Companion:

One of the highlights of season of the construct is the introduction of the Seneschal Companion. This new ally of ours can fight alongside you in battle or provide support, it’s your choice.
Enhance and improve the chosen skills of your Seneschal companion by using magical Governing and Tuning Stones, which can be found in Vaults or scattered throughout Sanctuary.

Governing & Tuning Stones

Governing Stones determine the attacks your Seneschal can perform, while Tuning Stones enhance these attacks, allowing for greater build flexibility.
You can equip up to 2 Governing Stones and 6 Tuning Stones at once, with one Governing Stone per attack and three Tuning Stones to boost each attack.

Obtaining these Stones is an adventure in itself. Here’s how:

  1. Complete Vaults to earn random Tuning Stones.
  2. Search for Wardwoven Chests to discover additional Tuning Stones.
  3. Defeat enemy Constructs to collect Shattered Stones, which can be crafted into Governing and Tuning Stones by skilled Jewelers.

Gather duplicates of Stones you already possess and merge them to level up and enhance their power.
With a total of 12 Governing Stones and 27 Tuning Stones of varying rarities, there’s a world of possibilities to explore!

Vaults Dungeon in Diablo 4 Season of the Construct:

Prepare for new set of challenges within the Vaults, a special type of dungeons that will contain traps that you need to pass through.
Inside, you’ll encounter the formidable Constructs, mechanical beings in different elemental forms that will put your skills to the test.

Upon entering a Vault by using the required Pearls of Warding, you’ll receive Zoltun’s Warding, a blessing that grants you access to the Vault’s treasures.
Be cautious, as this blessing diminishes with each encounter that you face.
If you defeat the Vault Boss with Zoltun’s Warding still intact, you’ll unlock a Wardwoven Chest, increasing your chances of finding new Legendary & Unique items.
Boost your odds by using Pearls of Warding at the Vault entrance to gain extra blessings so you can get even greater rewards.

As you progress to World Tier III, Nightmare Vaults become accessible, functioning similarly to Nightmare Dungeons. Collect Vault Sigils alongside Nightmare Dungeon Sigils or craft them using Pearls of Warding.
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The Gauntlet & Weekly Leaderboards in D4 Season of the Construct:

In the later stages of Season of the Construct, prepare for The Gauntlet, a weekly rotating fixed dungeon that challenges you to compete for the top spot on the leaderboard.
Achieve high scores and earn a place in the Hall of the Ancients!

With all these exciting features, Season of the Construct promises an incredible journey for Diablo 4 players.
Don’t miss out on the action starting on January 23rd, 2024. Prepare your character for a new seasonal journey in Diablo 4.

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