Throne and Liberty Coaching

Here you can order a Throne and Liberty Coaching service. Learn about the game from the best and improve your skills. Improve your general PvP or PvE knowledge, master your class and reach your goals.

Throne and Liberty Coaching Services

Throne and Liberty Coaching Services are designed to help you master PvP and PvE aspects of the game by learning from the best Players in the world. Considering the game is new, it is imperative to get into it well informed, and armed with knowledge of all Classes (Weapons) that exist. Like in most games PvP is one of the aspects where you can show how good you are compared to others, but Throne and Liberty takes that to another level considering there is even Guild PvP Events, there are Boss Events in which you get flagged for PvP and you must know how to survive against others if you wish to take credit and many more.

All of this can be learned and you can obtain all the necessary knowledge with our Throne and Liberty Coaching Services! Our TL Coaching services will help you improve your skills, gain insight and have fun at the same time. It is in our interest to provide you with an affordable service that will help you better understand the game rather than have someone else do everything for you!

InstantCarry is an organization formed from professionals that have been in this industry for more than 10 years. In that time we’ve acquired various contacts and we work with the best Professionals in the World when it comes to MMO and RPG games. The Pro Players that we work with will guide you through everything you need and focus on helping you learn your Class.

Which Coaching services does InstantCarry Offer?

Here on InstantCarry we offer two types of Throne and Liberty Coaching Services. Also, these type of services are usually Hourly based, unless otherwise specified or unless there are bundle offers!

They are:

  1. PvE Coaching Services
  2. PvP Coaching Services

Naturally the difference is in the aspect of the game you want to focus on while talking to the Coach. PvE will focus on things that can help you out in Dungeons, Raids, Contract, Mobs and while you’re in the outworld as well as how to tackle endgame Bosses. While PvP will focus more on the Player vs Player aspect and how you can survive, overcome others and work versus other Classes as well as how you can utilize your Class to the best of it’s ability and learn how to Class-dance.

Buy Throne and Liberty Coaching Services

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available online. As Throne and Liberty Players look to enhance their gameplay and optimize their Characters, they’re faced with a deluge of guides, videos, and articles from countless content creators. However, not all of this content is created equal. New players, and even seasoned veterans, can struggle to distinguish between valuable insights and misleading advice.

That’s where our TL Coaching service comes in. We offer an exclusive opportunity for players to receive personalized coaching from some of the game’s Raiders and Dungeon players. Instead of sifting through the endless stream of online content, players can gain direct access to insights from experts who have proven themselves on the game’s biggest stages.

Why should I get a Coaching Service?

Are you searching for a space to learn valuable tricks or enhance your overall performance in dungeons and raids or PvP? Even if you’re an experienced TL Player, navigating through many Weapons, numerous Dungeons, Raids, and complex Boss mechanics can be difficult. This is the perfect platform to increase your performance in various aspects of the game.

The intricacy of PvE content has significantly increased in recent years. A character’s good performance is no longer a privilege but a necessity for success and inclusion in various groups. Nowadays, Players are less tolerant of mistakes, low DPS/HPS, and are often reluctant to explain everything to newer players.

While there are millions of Guides available on the Internet, our Throne and Liberty Coaching stands out for a couple of reasons:

  • Nothing beats a real one-on-one session with an experienced player.
  • Guides typically cover general information about specific classes/mechanics but may lack special details.
  • Our PvE coach is prepared to assist you with something specific, whether it’s gear optimization, a particular dungeon route, or any other aspect you’re focused on improving.

Why should I choose InstantCarry for TL Coaching Services?

There are many reasons why you should choose InstantCarry over other providers and we will do our best to cover the most important ones, but it’s ultimately your decision. If after reading all these points you still have questions, know that our Livechat and Discord Support are active 24/7 and we are here to answer all of them!

  • Adaptability – depending on what you want to focus on, our Support will put you in touch with a Coach that specializes in what you want. Some People only focus on M+ rating, some just want to learn, while others simply need someone to help them move through Dungeons more efficiently. Whatever you want, it can be done and arranged with the Support as well as the Coaches so that you get what you paid for!
  • Flexibility – in this day and time, life has become quite hectic for a lot of us. This means that at any point our schedules and plans may change, you will need someone that is able to provide you with the flexibility of being able to move and arrange the TL Coaching hours at the times when it’s most convenient FOR YOU – and we can provide this with utmost certainty!
  • Professionalism – most other providers will tell you they can put you in touch with Pro Players, but you may end up with some Players you’ve never heard about, or they have nothing to back up their claims of being actual Pro’s. We will provide you with the best of the best Players that have been in this line of work for many years and can adapt and approach you in a way that will help YOU understand how things work, rather than sticking to one method and approach of teaching. We are all different after all, so it takes a real Pro to determine our flaws and help us from an angle that will allow us to actually get better in the time spent.
  • Management – the People that manage Throne and Liberty Coaching on InstantCarry are Veterans that have been playing MMO games for a very long time and during those years also reached the pinnacle in every aspect of any game. This way you will be able to get advice from the best Players and well as get Support from the People that actually know what they are talking about and are staying in touch with the game and all it’s developments and changes throughout the years.
  • 24/7 Support – last but not least, you will be able to contact us at any point, regardless of where you are from and what time it is. Our Support works day and night to make sure that you receive the quality of Support and services that you deserve. Whenever you have any question, issue or concern, you may freely contact our team!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Throne and Liberty have a Class system?

Throne and Liberty is a game that unlike others has a unique Class design, which basically doesn’t give you a Class to choose from, but ‘become’ a Class along the way depending on which Weapons you are using. This means that you can become another Class on the fly as long as you are willing to swap out your Weapons.

You can read more about this in our blog post!

What is the ETA for Throne and Liberty Coaching services? 

The ETA generally stands for “Estimated Time of Accomplishment”. However, when it comes to Throne and Liberty Coaching or Coaching in general, this does not affect it as much. There is a variety of things that may influence the ETA.

For example: If you want to move the hours to another Character and changing your Class(Weapons) in the process which will require us to find another Coach for you.

Naturally, these type of things may influence the ETA, but this is done only in the case where you are the one wanting to delay it. All of our services are done within the ETA’s described on the site!

Can I purchase multiple Hours at once?

Of course! You may purchase as many hours as you’d like, but we tend to advise not purchasing more than 1-2 Hours first if you’ve never tried our services so you can test them out. We also offer discounts for first purchases, so make sure that you contact our Support!

What happens after I purchase a TL Coaching Service?

There are a couple of steps that are pretty straightforward! However, it highly depends on the type of service that you wish to get, so make sure to consult us first if you wish to know more detail. Below is the ‘short’ version of what happens!

  1. Firstly make sure that you read everything that is written inside of the service description to make sure that you’re aware of how things work. If you need help with this you may always contact our LiveChat or Discord Support.
  2. Make sure that you select the extra options that you’d want to add. Or if you wish to make a custom order, you can always Request a Service!
  3. You should contact our Discord Support to make sure that we have an available Professional that can take your service, but we usually have many of them on stand-by. Adding us on Discord is also one of the more important things due to staying in touch and providing the details.
  4. Once that is done, you should finalize the Payment to confirm your order.
  5. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be put in touch with the Professional Player that will focus on what you wanted – depending on what you needed help with. We do this by making a Discord conference so you can schedule with them directly. After that, all you have to do is show up on the arranged time!

Important Note: If for whatever reason you’re having an issue, make sure to contact our Discord Support. We are available 24/7 and we will always get back to you and solve the problem or provide you with any information that you’re interested in!

Is Coaching done with voice? 

Yes, it is mandatory for all of our Coaching services to be done with voice. However, if you do not want it done with voice, then you can state so and we won’t use it. We advise going with it, since it will provide you with the best possible experience for these services!

When will Throne and Liberty release globally?

It depends on Amazon Games, but from what was said – 2024 looks like the year it will go out globally.

Is Throne and Liberty free to play?

Yes, Throne and Liberty is Free to Play and anyone can try it out.

Do you offer services for any other Games?

Yes, we definitely do and you can feel free to check out our site or contact our Livechat Support if you have any Questions about any Game!

Why should I Trust InstantCarry?

We’ve been involved in the gaming industry from the beginning, working hard to make our Throne and Liberty Coaching top-notch. You may ask what is our main goal? It’s simple, Make sure our customers are happy. Additionally, you can check our Trustpilot page and see what customers think of us – Trustpilot InstantCarry.

With us, you can always expect:

  • 24/7 Discord support and live chat at your disposal even before you buy
  • A bunch of pro boosters ready to assist
  • InstantCarry plays by the rules that the game dictates
  • No cheats allowed & Zero Bots Policy