Wotlk Classic Honor Points Boost

                Achieve victory in WotLK Classic PvP and dominate your enemies with our Honor Points farming boosts. Choose the option that works best for you and watch your honor points soar!

Here you can buy WoW WotLK Honor Farming Boost service. We will help you farm any amount of Honor Points necessary to get you ready for any type of PvP content.

Honor farms are done through a combination of Wintergrasp and Battlegrounds, and while doing them the booster may obtain some achievements from such content along the way!
There are titles that can be obtained such as the Justicar and the Battlemaster from those achievements.

Please note that the maximum amount of honor any character can hold at one time is 75000. If you purchase more Honor farming than that, please let us know which items you want the booster to purchase so he can continue farming.

With Honor points you can purchase Furious PvP set & weapons as well as Wrathful offset items such as belt, boots, bracers, neck, rings & trinkets. For any non-human race it’s mandatory to use Medallion of the Alliance/Horde in PvP.
For Wrathful belt & boots there is a 1000 rating requirement which is important to keep in mind, though, Relentless belt & boots do not have a rating requirement while also being lower item level.

In order to increase your weekly arena points cap, you need to obtain the starter PvP gear through our WotLK Honor Farming service, with which you will be able to win more matches and therefore increase your rating yielding more points.
Without a specific amount of resilience, you will feel like your experience will be short-lived as the main reason why resilience is a piece in every PvP item is because it reduces damage taken substantially.