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The return of World of Warcraft – Classic’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion is here, offering players a nostalgic trip back in time. Players can look forward to experiencing Naxxramas, Trial of the Crusader, and the popular raids Ulduar and The Icecrown Citadel. Additionally, the popular achievement’s system is also making a comeback.

For those who want to fully experience the expansion, our Wotlk Power Leveling Boost with customizable options is available. We can help players quickly reach level 80 and unlock the Death Knight class, as well as provide gearing services, reputation, gold and other farming options.

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New zones that we’re getting are the following, (this can be followed in order by the current level)

  • Borean Tundra / Howling Fjord. – level 70/71
    Dragonblight. – level 72/74
    Grizzly Hills. –  level 72/74
    Zul’Drak. – level 73/75
    Sholazar. – level 76/78
    Storm Peaks / Icecrown. – level 78-80
  • The leveling process is usually followed up in that order (questing-wise), unless some dungeons are thrown in the mix to maximize the downtime (if there’s any).
    Leveling journey takes around 20–30 hours during release, though greatly diminishes as there is less competition later on in the expansion.

Purchasing a WotLK Power Leveling Boost from InstantCarry means hiring an experienced player to guide your character to the maximum level of 80 in the World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King expansion. This will allow you to fully experience the nostalgia of Northrend and all the content it has to offer, especially with its dungeons, raids and pvp arena.

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To Conclude: 

In Classic World of Warcraft, hitting level 80 in WotLK is a big deal. But, the journey from 1 to 80 can be slow and kind of boring. With our WotLK Power Leveling Boost, you can skip the slow part and dive into the awesome adventures waiting in Northrend. Don’t let leveling hold you back—let us help you reach level 80 quickly and easily!
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