Ever felt the chills while watching the Wrathgate in-game cinematic? Listening to music in Grizzly Hills, or the excitement when you finally obtain the legendary Shadowmourne? The Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) Classic has brought back all those goosebumps-worthy moments again, and it’s an epic nostalgia trip.

Why you would get a WotLK Classic Boosting Service?

Simple answer, why grind and spend countless hours of your free time when you can get an affordable WotlLK Boosting Service from InstantCarry? We get it; you’ve got the knowledge and passion about the game, but maybe not the countless hours to invest into it. Maybe it’s your second or third character, and you just want to jump straight to end-game content. That’s where our WotLK Boosting Services come into play. Whether you’re aiming to obtain the Gladiator Title, Shadowmourne legendary weapon, or just want to blaze through the Leveling in WotLK Classic, Instant-Carry got you covered!

With our WotLK Classic Boosting Services, you’re not just getting a boost; you’re ensuring that every moment you spend in the world of WotLK Classic is the absolute best it can be. No more endless grinding, no more waiting for that raid slot, and definitely no more missing out on the BiS loot because your gear or item level wasn’t up to the mark.

How does it the Wrath of the Lich King Boosting services work? Can I still play WotLK Classic or any other games?

Once you’ve made a WotLK Classic Boost purchase and your order/service is placed, we need to get in touch on Discord or Live Chat. We’ll provide all essential details on how the process of your service unfolds, especially if you opt for an account-sharing service.

For Selfplay services, we’ll introduce you to your designated player/booster/coach via a Discord group chat. This way, you can directly coordinate your session with them.

If you go with account sharing, rest assured we’ll keep you informed all the time (about the progress of your order, etc.). Once we assign your service, we’ll sync up login time with your booster and inform you in advance when he plans to log in. This ensures you never get locked out of your account. Unless you request an express order or prioritize speed, the booster will play for a longer time. However, everything will be coordinated through the discord.

And don’t worry, even when we’re online, you’re free to enjoy other games. Your gaming experience remains uninterrupted.

Why should I choose InstantCarry for my WotLK Classic Service Boost?

With years of experience under our belt, InstantCarry has managed to fine-tune our approach to meet the unique demands of our customers and players.
Especially when it comes to WotLK Classic Services & Boosts. Therefore, at InstantCarry you can expect to receive the:

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