WotLK Heroic+ Dungeon Boost

Be raid-ready with our WotLK Classic Heroic+ Dungeon Boost. Farm Defiler’s Scourgestones from Titan Rune Gamma Dungeons to obtain 245 item level ToC 25 man or 252 item level Ulduar 25 hard mode items and prepare your character for the Icecrown Citadel Raid effortlessly!

Improve your WoW experience by purchasing a WotLk Heroic+ Dungeon Boost from InstantCarry. Select the number of Titan Rune Gamma dungeons you want to complete and get the Defiler’s Scourgestone amount you need to purchase some of the best items in the game.

What is a Titan Rune Gamma Dungeon, and what are the Defiler’s Scourgestones in Heroic+?

Phase 4 of Wotlk Classic introduced the Titan Rune Gamma dungeons, which drop 232 item-level gear. They also offer an opportunity to obtain a fresh currency called Defiler’s Scourgestone. These scourgestones can be used to acquire ToC 25 man normal gear which is 245 item level. It can even be used to obtain 252 item level Ulduar Hard mode gear, furthermore, some of those items remain a viable gear choice even with the Icecrown Citadel release. This means that players now have an excellent option for gearing up their alts or new characters by simply doing the Heroic+ Gamma Dungeons.

After activating Defense Protocol Gamma within a Titan Rune Dungeon usually referred to as Heroic +. Players will receive 1 Defiler’s Scourgestone as a reward per dungeon boss. These Defiler’s Scourgestones can then be later exchanged with the Kolara Dreamsmasher in Dalaran for a range of 239/245 and 252 item level gear!

Why Should I Buy a Heroic+ Dungeon Boost in WotLK?

There is no need to spend time searching for a group or worrying about completing difficult Heroic+ Dungeons in WotLK. Our boosters are here to ensure a swift and efficient process. Obtain your Defiler’s Scourgestones effortlessly and acquire some of the most exceptional loot available in the game. This service is a perfect choice for new players and basically, anyone who quickly wants to gear up their alts!

Which items am I able to purchase with Defiler’s Scourgestones?

With Defiler’s Scourgestones, you will be able to purchase a host of 245 or 252 ilvl items and get yourself well-prepared for Icecrown Citadel Raid.
The whole purpose of a Defiler Scourgestone is to offer you a wide variety of gear options, for example, if you have weak bracers you can farm scourgestones, and then you can exchange them for a better 252 item level piece.

So if you’re looking to purchase WotLK Heroic+ Dungeon Boost or want a specific amount of Defiler Scourgestones, you come to the right place!
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