Dragonflight Character Boost

Take control of your gameplay experience with our build a character boost for WoW Dragonflight 10.0 – Choose your desired item level and pick from a variety of extra options for a more custom tailored experience.

Our Dragonflight Build a Character Boost is built to give you many different options to customize your new character just the way you want it, and the best thing about it is that you don’t lose access to your account while the service is in process.

A new WoW account will be created with your details (name etc.), and when the character is fully completed with all the options you have selected, it will be transferred to your main account. This is the best option if you want to get a new character ready for the content you want to play while still being able to on your main account!

With our Dragonflight Build a Character Boost, you can choose in which way you want to specialize your character depending on the content you enjoy playing the most, PvP or PvE.

PvP Character Boost WoW Dragonflight

PvP Meta shifts happen all the time in Dragonflight, with many hotfixes that come out every few weeks. If you are looking to start a new character for Arena or RBGs, but just don’t have enough time to go through the whole process of leveling up/gearing up once again, our PvP Build a Character service will give you a brand new, leveled up and geared up (according to your selected extra options) ready to play on your main account in the shortest possible time!

With the extra options inside the service, you can customize your character however you like. We can obtain full Honor or Conquest Gear for you, so that you can jump right into Rated Arena or RBGs. You can also choose which professions you want your new character to have and if you want the main storyline completed as well! The choices are yours and your new character will be customized according to your wishes.

PvE Character Boost WoW Dragonflight

When it comes to PvE characters, everyone knows that signing up for groups in LFG in order to gear up is a tedious process and everyone would like to avoid it. The PvE Build a Character service is designed in such a way so that you can choose among many different extra options exactly what kind of gear level you want your new character to be at once it’s delivered to your main account.

If you are more focused on M+, you can choose one of the M+ item level gear and the full tier set option, which will make your character ready for high keys.

If you’d rather raids and want to have a character ready for Mythic Raids, with the extra options for full raid gear you will get a character fully geared up in Raid gear, ready to take on the challenges that the Vault of the Incarnates raid brings!


How does Refund Policy on InstantCarry work?

Refund Policy Overview:

  • Before Service Starts: You’re entitled to a full cash refund if we haven’t begun the service, or you may opt for a credit refund to switch to a different service. This policy respects your consumer rights.
  • After Service Starts: Service is considered underway once we’ve matched you with a pro player and organized your order. From this point:
    • If the estimated time to completion (ETA) doubles, you’re eligible for a cash refund for any incomplete portion of your order.
    • You can still modify your order and receive a credit refund.
  • Compensation for Delays: Should delays occur due to our mistake or our players, we’re committed to offering compensation. This may include partial refunds, future discounts, or website credit.

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When is my WoW Dragonflight Character Boost going to start?

Order Start Time:

  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA): Every order comes with an ETA, representing the average time required to finish a service.
  • Completion Speed: Often, services are completed quicker than the stated ETA, particularly during peak times when more players are online and available to begin your service right away.
  • Refund and Compensation: If the service’s completion time exceeds twice the ETA, you become instantly eligible for either a full refund or compensation for the unfinished portion. InstantCarry is here for you!

What happens right after purchasing?

Placing Your Order:

  • Order Information: At checkout on our website, you’ll be prompted to provide details about your order. Following that, we’ll connect with you on Discord to begin organizing your service.
  • Pro Player Assignment: We’ll match you with a professional player who will carry out your service. Expect regular updates from us as we progress.

Why should I trust InstantCarry for my WoW Dragonflight character boost?

Our Journey Since 2022:

  • Established Reputation: Since our inception in 2022, we’ve focused on enhancing the quality and reliability of our boosting services.
    Our dedication to excellence is evidenced by over a hundred five-star reviews on Trustpilot.
  • What We Offer:
    • Round-the-clock Discord support and live chat for pre-purchase inquiries.
    • A vast network of professional boosters ready to assist you.
    • Full respect for your legal consumer rights.
    • A commitment to providing services without the use of cheats.