WoW Classic Era Profession Boost

Our WoW Classic Era Profession Boost is the best and fastest way to reach 300 Skill for any classic profession.

In the Classic Era of WoW, every player has a choice of nine Primary professions to choose. Please keep in mind that only two primary professions can be chosen at the same time.
Important to mention is that they can be swapped around as you like. Unfortunately, the time required to re-level it again would not be worth, so choose wisely!

Primary Profession that we will have available in WoW Classic Era are:

  • Alchemy;

Secondary professions such as Cooking and Fishing are also quite beneficial to have, especially if you want to obtain quick gold earnings from the auction house.
Food is mandatory for any raid encounter, and everyone will need to have them at all times, which means it will sell on the AH!
Additionally, you would really want to have First Aid maxed out, it is super important for anyone that want to do any open world content or, play PvP

Each profession has its own unique benefits, so players can select the ones that best align with their character’s interests and needs. Additionally, coordinating with friends to complement each other’s chosen professions can be an effective strategy for maximum efficiency, especially in WoW Hardcore Era.

Below, we will post a comprehensive list detailing the exclusive benefits of boosting the primary professions in World of Warcraft Classic Era. These are unique benefits that can only be obtained if a player has or maintains a certain primary professional skill. To be included on this list, there must be both tangible benefit and exclusivity. Both items and effects can qualify.

Here are the profession-specific benefits in WoW Classic Era & Hardcore:


  • 265 Smoking Heart of the Mountain – CBoP (Enchanting 265)


  • REW Phytoblade – Use (Herbalism 100)


  • 300 Blood Tiger Harness set bonus 2/2 – Effect (Leatherworking 300)
  • 300 Primal Batskin set bonus 3/3 – Effect (Leatherworking 300)


  • 190 Robe of Power – CBoP (Tailoring 190)
  • 300 Robe of the Archmage – CBoP (Tailoring 300)
  • 300 Truefaith Vestments – CBoP (Tailoring 300)
  • 300 Robe of the Void – CBoP (Tailoring 300)
  • 300 Bloodvine Garb set bonus 3/3 – Effect (Tailoring 300)


  • 100    Silver Skeleton Key – Use (Blacksmithing 100)
  • 150    Golden Skeleton Key – Use (Blacksmithing 150)
  • 200   Truesilver Skeleton Key – Use (Blacksmithing 200)
  • 275    Arcanite Skeleton Key – Use (Blacksmithing 275)
  • ~280 Mithril Insignia – Use (Blacksmithing 210), quest item
  • ~290 Glimmering Mithril Insignia – Use (Blacksmithing 225)
  • 300 The Darksoul set bonus 3/3 – Effect (Blacksmithing 300)

285 Dark Iron Plate – CBoP (Blacksmithing 285 Armor)

ENGINEERING (Goblin and Gnome Specializations):

  • Thorium Grenade – Use (Engineering 260)
    Arcanite Dragonling – Use (Engineering 300)
    Field Repair Bot 74A – Use (Engineering 300)
    Gnomish Shrink Ray – Use (Engineering 205)
    Gnomish Net-O-Matic Projector – Use (Engineering 210)
    Gnomish Rocket Boots – Use (Engineering 225)
    Gnomish Mind Control Cap – Use (Engineering 215)
    Goblin Sapper Charge – Use (Engineering 205)
    Goblin Rocket Helmet – Use (Engineering 235)
    Goblin Jumper Cables XL – Use (Engineering 265)
    Gnomish Goggles – CBoP + Use (Engineering 210)
    Gnomish Battle Chicken – CBoP + Use (Engineering 230)
    CBoP Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan – CBoP + Use (Engineering 260 Gnomish)
    World Enlarger – Use (Engineering 250 Gnomish)

Important to notice, there are GNOMISH and GOBLIN engineering specialization (you can only have one active at the time), which involve crafting items and gadgets exclusive to these specialization branches. These have requirements ranging from Engineering 205 to Engineering 260.

As you can see, professions are extremely important to have in WoW Classic Era. Only problem is that you need to comit extensive amunt of time in order to max them out. And do that two times.

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