WoW Conquest Points Boost

Unlock the full potential of your character in PvP by purchasing a WoW Dragonflight Conquest Points Boost from us. Hit the cap faster than ever before and even preorder for future weeks. Our professional team will ensure that you reach the cap by completing the required number of RBG or Arena Wins. Whether you need a one-time boost or a continued service to earn more points, we’ve got you covered for the entire season

Conquest Points are a valuable currency in World of Warcraft that allows players to purchase the most powerful PvP gear and weapons from vendors. However, earning conquest can be a long and arduous process, especially if you’re not an experienced player. That’s where a WoW Conquest Boost comes in, you’ll easily earn any amount of conquest points that you desire and you’ll be able to get the best PvP gear in Dragonflight.

WoW Dragonflight conquest boost includes:

  • Any amount of Conquest Points that you desired farmed by a professional booster
  • You’ll also earn Honor Points which can be used to buy honor gear or upgrade your PvP gear
  • Chance to increase your Honor Level and earn some honor rewards
  • Unlocking rewards from the Great Vault by gaining honor from PvP activities that grant conquest

How does the WoW Conquest Points Boost work?

Conquest boosting services are pretty straightforward. You just need select your region (EU or US), the boosting method (Selfplay or Pilot) and choose the amount of Conquest Points that you are after. Everything else will be sorted by us based on what you’ve chosen.
For piloted conquest boosts a pro player will play on your account. We’ll coordinate the login process and keep you updated on the progress of your service.
If you choose the selfplay option for your conquest carries, you’ll be playing on your own account. However, don’t worry – we’ll put you in contact with a professional player who will play alongside you and help you earn conquest points.

What’s changed related to Conquest Points in Dragonflight?

The main change to conquest is the way gear bought with conquest works in PvP. In the 4th season of Dragonflight all the conquest gear scales to 528 ilvl in PvP without the need for any upgrades. In fact, you can purchase the entire gear set, including rings, trinkets, and weapons, from the vendor Calderax. This makes it easy to quickly gear up for PvP without having to get gear from raids and dungeons like in previous expansions. Moreover, Calderax can be found in Valdrakken, so you can easily visit him and purchase the gear you need whenever you have enough conquest points.

With the patch 10.1 Trophies of Conquest were added to the game. These items can be used when crafting gear, to turn it into PvP Gear. This means that the crafted gear will scale to 528 ilvl in PvP. There are three types of Trophies of Conquest:

1. Lesser Trophy of Conquest – It costs 525 Conquest and is usable when crafting Neck, Back, Wrist, or Finger slot items.
2. Trophy of Conquest – It costs 700 Conquest and is usable when crafting Shoulders, Hands, Waist, or Feet slot items.
3. Greater Trophy of Conquest – It costs 875 Conquest and is usable when crafting Head, Chest, or Legs slot items.

How much conquest do I need to get the full Conquest gear set?

At the moment, you must earn between 10625 and 11075 Conquest to obtain PvP gear for every gear slot. To see the cost of each piece of gear, refer to the table below:

Conquest Gear Pieces Conquest Cost
One-Hand Weapon 900 Conquest
Off Hand Piece 450 Conquest
Two-Hand Weapon 1800 Conquest
Helm 875 Conquest
Chest 875 Conquest
Legs 875 Conquest
Hands 700 Conquest
Feet 700 Conquest
Shoulders 700 Conquest
Belt 700 Conquest
Bracers 525 Conquest
Rings 525 Conquest
Neck 525 Conquest
Cloak 525 Conquest
Trinkets 525 – 700 Conquest