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Season of Discovery Raid Boost Services

Many new and exciting features are going to be added in this iteration of WoW Season of Discovery. Every new season of SoD will brings a new & reworked raid instance. Currently we have, Blackfathom Deeps (season 1 of SoD) and we will get Gnomergan Raid in upcoming season 2 of SoD. InstantCarry is going to offer Season of Discovery Raid & Dungeon Boosting Services for every dungeon & raid that exists in the game. We will follow it throughout every season of SoD and update it with a new services. Furthermore, with upcoming season 2 launching in february level 40 can be obtained  and unlocked.
Brand new Rune System in Season of Discovery will allow you to try new crazy specializations in the game; those that we haven’t had thus far, for example:

  • Tank Rogue, Tank Shaman, Tank Warlock
  • Mage Healer
  • Retribution Paladin DPS 

and many more different class combos that you can try out!

Additionally, with new specs and potential combinations, we will be getting brand-new gear. But that’s not all – Season of Discovery also brings 10-man raids into the spotlight. Blackfathom Deeps, formerly a dungeon, has been completely revamped and is now a raid in Season of Discovery. This raid will serve as the primary source for top-tier gear in Season 1 of SoD. Additionally, as new seasons unfold, we can expect the following raids to become available:

  • Blackfathom Deeps (Season 1 of SoD)
  • Gnomergan – 10 man raid (releasing in Season 2 of SoD, 8-th february 2024)
  • Karazhan Crypts (Potentially Season 3 of SoD)

And many more exciting additions are on the horizon!

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Raids Boost and Carry Services – Update – Gnomeregan Raid Boost.

With Phase 1 coming to a close, and Phase 2 coming out on February 8th, 2024. We see the monotonous Blackfathom Deeps out the door. And with the Level Cap being raised to Level 40, the next Raid that we’re welcoming will be the redo of the Gnomeregan Dungeon as a 10-man Raid instance. If you need help with fully clearing the Gnomergan raid or you need a specific items/rune, then feel free to check out our Season of Discovery Gnomeregan Raid Boost!

With upcoming Gnomeregan Raid, we will get a lot of changes and also some brand new stuff. First of all Gnomeregan will become 10-man raid instance, just as we thought.
Instance is still located in Dun Morogh and its intended for level 40 players. It comes with a 6 bosses that did go through some overhaul and a few abilities changed.
Furthermore, Blizzard added a lot of new items into the Gnomeregan Raid. We will also have opportunity to collect brand new tier sets, we will list them below:

You can check all new items and changes that we’re getting in Season 2 of SoD in this article: Gnomeregan Raid Boost – Item Changes, New Loot, New Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

With a recent policy changes and with a fact that GDKP runs are prohibited going forward in Season of Discovery, InstantCarry will offer Gnomeregan Raid Boosts.
You can check our services by accessing the following page: WoW Season of Discovery Gnomeregan Raid Boost

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our Livechat or Discord Support if you have any Questions – we’re up 24/7!

Is getting a SoD Raid Boost Cheating?

Not at all. Cheating software enables players to gain unfair advantages. Activities like that are fundamentally unrelated to the core principle of our SoD boosting services. When you buy a Season of Discovery Raid Boost or Carry, you’re getting a top-notch team of players who know the game inside out, and they have practiced on PTR many times. We connect you with these awesome players, and our management team makes sure they do their job with skill and professionalism. On top of all that, we’re super strict about keeping cheaters and hackers out of our team with a zero-bots policy in place!

Why Should I buy WoW SoD Raid Boost?

Like in many online games, there’s often a ‘need’ for grinding. It can be repetitive or just something you don’t enjoy. Our daily lives can be busy, especially if you work long hours or have a family. Maybe you’d rather not do the same SoD raid over and over just to get the gear you want. That’s where our WoW SoD Raid Boosting and Carry Services come in. Why spend your precious gaming time doing the same thing repeatedly when you can have our booster do it for you? This way, you can use your gaming time for activities you actually love, without any stress or distractions.

Who do you work with to complete any Season of Discovery Raid Boosts?

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to 100% guarantee the following:

  1. We maintain a roster of professional SoD Boosters.
  2. All our WoW SoD Boosters poses an extensive experience in SoD Dungeons, Raids. They all have played and practiced on PTR.
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In the rare event of any issues with your WoW SoD service, we’re committed to swiftly resolving them.
Your happiness and satisfaction are our utmost priority.
That’s why we’re unafraid to offer complimentary services, issue refunds or compensations, and take action against any booster who falls short of our standards.

When Will My SoD Raid Boost Start?

Typically, each Season of Discovery order comes with an already established and calculated ETA, which stands for Estimated Time of Arrival. These ETAs are calculated based on the average speed of completing your selected service. Keep in mind that, we usually outperform these given ETAs.

Lastly, if a problem during your boost arises and somehow the ETA time has elapsed without completion, you’re 100% eligible to get a refund or appropriate compensation for whats remaining undone. InstantCarry management team is here to support you every step of the way.

Most Popular WoW Season of Discovery Boosts or Carry Services?

We offer WoW Season of Discovery Boosts for every in-game activity. Our SoD Boosts and Carry Services are incredibly flexible, allowing us to create personalized packages for any SoD Boosting Service not listed on InstantCarry web page.

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