About Us

Our Story

Thirteen years ago, World of Warcraft brought us together. We’ve been friends ever since. The game taught us to set goals and achieve them, to work in a team, and think tactically. We all played the game at the top level and know it inside out.

We decided to use that experience and knowledge to bring top-quality services to the market and have been working closely with the top brands in the boosting business for over 8 years. We take pride in delivering the best service possible and promise to keep your satisfaction our highest priority.

While it was hard for us to focus on our own game experience past that point, if we needed something we would buy services ourselves and experience firsthand how important customer experience is.

When it comes to service quality, while we do work with some of the most talented and skilled people in the industry, we also have put a lot of our focus on the customer support experience so that you can enjoy all aspects of purchasing a service as we know how important it is to feel safe and confident in this market.

Together we built a place where online video game players can get various services aimed at improving their in-game progress. We are sharing our gaming knowledge, experience, and advances to help players from all over the world with obtaining the hardest in-game achievements, titles, and ratings or skipping the boring grinds and jumping right into content that they find fun. We want to help you achieve your gaming goals!

Our Opportunity

Nowadays, gamers from all over the world can play together. Millions of people join the gaming community every year, and they spend a lot of time playing their favorite video games together. For many of us, it has become a true lifestyle, and we can’t imagine a day without logging into our favorite game. To enjoy high-end content, you will have to go through dozens of difficulties: hours of grinding, time-consuming leveling, daily questing, gearing up, and searching for skilled teammates.

Most people cannot invest the entire day into gaming, as gaming could take a lot of their time from their real-life obligations as well as other hobbies, however, they still want to stay competitive in-game and enjoy when they are able to play rather than feeling left behind. We are here to help these players!

How Does it Work?

Customers choose their desired service on the site and request what they need. They then discuss their order with a manager via Skype, Discord, or Live chat before confirming it. After that, the professional gamer will get in touch with them to begin their chosen service. The process is simple and that’s the key to our success.

Our Philosophy

We believe that three key factors come first in any online service. These are trust, comfort, and price. Our customers trust us because we value account safety and personal data privacy, while customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Each service has a variety of options, to make the price reasonable and more affordable to every customer. We believe that qualified boosting services can bring the gaming experience to the next level!

Our Future Goals

The online games market keeps growing every year. We are planning to expand our services and bring them to the new games. We also want to make our website more comfortable for new users by adding more payment methods, such as WebMoney and Cryptocurrency. Finally, we must also improve the quality of our services. They must be super-fast, easy to use, and stay up to date with ever-changing customer needs.