Cataclysm Classic Pre-Patch: Changes & Everything you Need to Know!

Cataclysm Classic Pre-Patch


Hello everyone and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post! In this post we will cover everything that changed, was added and the updates that were done to World of Warcraft in the Cataclysm Classic Pre-Patch.

Recently Blizzard started their insane amount of content releases, announcements and things are getting quite out of hand at this point. We see Season of Discovery with its 3 month Phase system, Plunderstorm, Pandaria Remix, Classic Era, Hardcore as well as the last Dragonflight Season and War Within on our doorstep, we simply cannot decide on what to do, or which game to play. On top of all this WotLK is nearing it’s end.

With Wrath of the Lich King coming to a close on WoW Classic, we see the Cataclysm Pre-Patch arrive and paving the way for Cataclysm as the next expansion. This was the natural progression of things, and as before – Deathwing came to destroy Azeroth. The introduction of new Races, Class combinations as well as a ton of QoL improvements and Quest changes, we see a variety of changes to Azeroth herself as well as tons of other cool stuff.

With this being said, we will set the mood for Cataclysm Classic with a video and then get right into the post and see exactly what changed for WoW and what we can expect moving forward!

Cataclysm Classic Official Trailer (Video)

Cataclysm Classic Pre-Patch Release Date

The Cataclysm Classic Pre-Patch released on April 30th, 2024. With this release the Game drastically changed. Deathwing came back from his defeat at Blackwing Lair and is unleashing his wrath upon Azeroth. The World itself is shaking and almost all of the Zones are transfigured in some way.

However, that is not all that was done, there are many other things that are being implemented and changed!

Cataclysm Classic Official Release Date

After the release of the Pre-Patch, we will have a 20 day ‘grace’ period to adapt to the new settings and catch glimpses of what Cataclysm actually is. This means that the official release of Cataclysm Classic is set for the 20th of May 2024.

What is the Story of the Cataclysm expansion? 

Cataclysm Classic is the third major expansion of World of Warcraft Classic, and it introduces us to a gripping tale centered around the dragons of Azeroth, particularly focusing on the corrupted aspect of the Black Dragonflight, Deathwing. The expansion’s main narrative revolves around the ominous Hour of Twilight prophecy, foretelling the total victory of the Old Gods, which Deathwing sought to bring about. His return from an ancient slumber marked the beginning of cataclysmic events that threatened all life on Azeroth.

Having fallen into madness under the influence of the Old Gods millennia ago, Deathwing had betrayed his fellow Dragon Aspects and was torn apart by the misuse of the powerful Dragon Soul artifact. Over time, his followers pieced him back together with elementium metal plates until he was restored to his full power. His emergence caused widespread devastation, triggering earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis of unprecedented scale, reshaping the very landscape of Azeroth.

Deathwing’s fury threatened countless lives, prompting a united effort by shamans from both the Horde and Alliance to heal the planet’s wounds. Thrall, the revered Warchief of the Horde and a formidable shaman, stepped down from his leadership role to focus on this crucial task, entrusting the Horde the hotheaded Garrosh Hellscream. Despite Thrall’s hopes that Garrosh would mature in his new role, the orc’s reign would be marred by conflict and tyranny, ultimately leading to dire consequences for both his enemies and his own people.

Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch Changes

There are many changes that are coming to the game with the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch release. We will list them here and then talk more about them individually later on.

  • Zone and Town Changes
  • New Races
  • New Class/Race combinations
  • Deathwing & New Achievement
  • Leveling Changes
  • New Talent System Changes
  • Ability and Spell Changes
  • Improved Leveling Experience
  • Quest Updates and Upgrades
  • Dungeon Updates and Maps
  • Justice Points
  • Rare Creatures in the Outworld
  • New flightpoints
  • Honor Changes
  • Reputation gain Updates
  • Transmogrification 
  • Relics 
  • Hunter Class Changes
  • Tracking Updates

Cataclysm Classic Zone and Town Changes

With the coming of the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch, we will see many zones reshaped as well as towns being improved or destroyed. The zones that are being changed are:

  • Stonetalong Mountains
  • Ashenvale
  • Stranglethorn Vale
  • Badlands
  • Loch Modan
  • Thousand Needles

and many others that are in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. The above Zones are the ones that were re-shaped the most. On top of that we shall see Stormwind & Orgrimmar being changed drastically.

  • Stormwind – received the brunt of Deathwings rage and is quite demolished, and on top of that it got a Zone that is overflowing with Cultists.
  • Orgrimmar – received a second floor with a new Zeppelin path. It also changed and expanded quite a bit since the Vanilla days.

New Races

With the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch we are seeing two new Races being added to Alliance Horde respectively. These are:

  • The Worgen – which are the cursed Humans of Gilneas – they will be joining the Alliance.
  • The Goblins – cunning craftsmen and usually a Neutral Race since Vanilla – they will be joining the Horde.

New Class and Race Combinations

On top of getting the Worgen and Goblin Races, we will be seeing an overhaul as to which Races can play which Class. To this respect we will be seeing a variety of changes such as:

  • Dwarf being able to become Shamans and Warlocks.
  • Trolls being able to become Druids.

and much more(you can check the screenshot below for a more detailed view).

Cataclysm CLassic Pre Patch Classes and Races combinations

Cataclysm Classic Deathwing and New Achievement

We all know that Cataclysm is brought about by Deathwing. However in the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch we will be able to see Deathwing flying over Azeroth’s Zones and bringing more destruction. If you ever find yourself seeing him in the outworld, you can stand in his way and get burned to death by his fire.

This will grant you the “Stood in the Fire” Achievement.

Leveling Changes in Cataclysm Classic

As with many of the WoW expansions, the Leveling Path changes each time there are major things happening in Azeroth. This is the same for Cataclysm Classic. With the destruction that is brough about by Deathwing there is a plethora of changes coming to Leveling. These are some of the major changes concerning the Leveling process:

  • When on low level, you will start unlocking more beneficial Spells and Abilities in the lower levels. Such as the Cat-form for Druids on level 8.
  • Doing way more Damage to creatures around the world regardless of having heirlooms or not.

New Talent System Changes

When you reach Level 10, you will be able to start spending points in your talent tree. There are a few differences that should be mentioned compared to the previous talent system which was active all the way up to Wrath of the Lich King. These changes are:

  • Once you choose a specializations, you will get a lot of special abilities for that specific talent tree.
  • You will be forced to spend talent points into that same specialization tree all the way until the final talent before you can swap to the other spec and grab some talents there.
  • Additionally, when you are leveling up, you won’t be getting a talent point for each level. The Talent points will be distributed differently in Cataclysm Classic. For example sometimes you will have to get 2 levels before being able to get a talent point.

Ability and Spell Changes

Even before you reach Level 30 on your Character you will have a variety of game changing Abilities and Spell being added to your Character. You won’t have to wait when you are Level 40, 50 or 60 to get these important Abilities and Spells, but most of them will already be at your disposal far earlier in the Leveling Phase.

Improved Leveling Experience in Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch

The Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch will bring about many changes to the Leveling Experience as a whole. For example:

  • Being able to loot the same creature as your group members for Quest-Items.
  • Tons of accelerated content and a smoother experience overall.

Dungeon Updates 

There are many important features that are being added for Dungeons in the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch. Such as:

  • Being able to get all Quests concerning a Dungeon inside the Dungeon itself. Not having to hop around the World to find them is a great QoL improvement.
  • All of the Dungeons will have their own “Dungeon Maps“, that you can open to find your position and not get lost in Dungeons like Gnomeregan.
  • Level Changes to many of the Dungeons. For example: Scholomance will be a Level 40+ Dungeon instead of a Level 60 Dungeon.
  • New Mechanics and New Creatures being added to old Dungeons.

Note: It is important to purchase Heirloom Items if you wish to Level even faster. However, with these, we come to the big Justice Points change.

Justice Points

If you haven’t purchased Heirloom Items before the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch, then you are in for a bit of a grind. Many of these items will become increasingly more expensive due to all Emblems being turned into Justice Points

Important Note: The maximum amount of Justice Points that you can have is 4.000.

Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch Justice Points Conversion Rate

When you log in after the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch hits, you will see that your Emblems of Triumph and Frost are gone and that you got Justice Points instead. You can see the calculation for these Points on the screenshot below.

Cataclysm Classic Justice Points Conversion

Rare Creatures in Cataclysm Classic

The Rares that we were used to on Azeroth from the Vanilla days have been drastically changed.

  • Downscaled in Levels
  • Different loot drops
  • Grant additional Experience that is sometimes worth more than turning in 1-2 Quests.

New Flightpoints 

Another thing that is added with the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch is the amount of Flight-Masters around the world. As the world itself changes, so did the need for having more flightpoints that can help us move around the world easier and get Quests done faster.

Important Note: Outland and Northrend were unaffected by this change.

The Flight Master’s License

At Level 60, we will get the ability to purchase the Flight Master’s License that will enable you to fly in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Deepholm.

Cataclysm Classic Honor Changes

Honor was capped at 75.000 in WotLK Classic. With the coming of the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch this changed and the cap is now 4.000. Honor points can be used for a variety of things such as:

  • Purchasing Wrathful Gladiator gear
  • Other PvP Items

or you can simply save them and have them in stock for when you reach 85 so you can get some gear-pieces instantly.

Reputation Gain Updates

Instead of having to turn in thousands upon thousands of cloth and other items in the major cities. You will be able to purchase a tabard that will allow you to gain Reputations while going through Dungeons.

Worgen Skin Changes

Unlike the original Cataclysm in Cataclysm Classic we will be able to change the color and skin of the Human and Worgen forms separately. So they won’t affect each other as they used to.

Cataclysm Classic Transmogrification 

With the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch we will also see the addition of the Transmogrifiers in the major cities. This is was one of the biggest attractions and changes in WoW’s history and is definitely something many are looking forward to.

Being able to transmog your items and make them look like some amazing Weapons that you are unable to use anymore is a big game changer for many Players. Some might even say that it helps you do more Damage.

Relics in Cataclysm Classic

Relics are another big change that is coming with Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch. We used to have a variety of ‘ranged’ slot items for many classes, such as:

  • Idol – for Druids
  • Totem – for Shaman
  • Libram – for Paladin

All of these will now be called ‘Relics’ and can be used by any of the Classes.

Hunter Class Changes

There are many changes coming to the Hunter Class specifically in Cataclysm Classic. Those are:

  • No longer having Mana.
  • Instead, similar to the Hunter Pet the Hunter will utilize Focus as its primary resource.
  • Being able to shoot while moving and never having to stop to get those Auto Shots in.

Quality of Life Changes in Cataclysm Classic

There are many QoL changes, but those that we feel are the most important are:

  • Not having to run back to the NPC to give in a Quest, but delivering in through the Quest-log directly, and also getting the follow-up Quest that way.
  • All the major cities will have a Questing Board that can turn you in the right direction depending on your level.
  • Being able to track multiple things. For example: Herbs and Minerals at the same time.
  • Gathering Professions will now grant Experience as well.
  • Underwater Breathing will no longer be an issue for Races, similar to how Undead was.
  • Updated Graphics:
    • Being able to look further
    • Visually see the world better
    • Quest Items and other Objects will be much clearer


With this we will conclude our Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch post. We hope that the read was helpful and that it answered some Questions or that it gave you some insight into what you can expect from Cataclysm Classic moving forward.

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Thank you again for reading and if you don’t have time to read, we advise checking out this Video to stay up to date with the Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch. Good luck and stay safe out there!

Big Changes coming to WoW with Cataclysm Classic Pre Patch (Video)