Diablo IV: Story Summary from Release to the First Expansion, Vessel of Hatred

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Hello everyone! From time to time, we like to look back and see what was, is and what is yet to come. For those of you who enjoy a good read and wish to quickly stay up to date with the lore and storyline of Diablo IV, then this post is right for you!

In this InstantCarry blog post we will cover the storyline of Diablo IV since it’s release up until the release of Vessel of Hatred which is to be the first expansion of the game.

Without further ado, lets get into it!

Prologue: Rebirth of Lilith

Diablo IV opens with the return of Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto and the Mother of Sanctuary. After being summoned through a dark ritual, she begins to exert her influence across the world, seeking to unleash her vision of Sanctuary. Her resurgence brings chaos, and her cultists spread terror, aiming to reshape Sanctuary in her dark image.

Act I: Descent into Darkness

Location: Fractured Peaks

  • Key Figures:
    • Lilith: Awakens and starts her dark crusade.
    • Lorath Nahr: A Horadrim scholar seeking to understand Lilith’s motives.
    • Neyrelle: A young woman determined to uncover the mysteries of Lilith’s return.

Summary: The heroes arrive in Fractured Peaks, a bleak region suffering from Lilith’s corruption. They encounter Lorath and Neyrelle, who guide them in uncovering Lilith’s motives and her past. The search leads to ancient artifacts and clues revealing that Lilith aims to control a demonic power hidden in the peaks. The Act concludes with a confrontation with one of Lilith’s lieutenants, revealing a larger, more sinister plan.

Act II: Seeds of Corruption

Location: Scosglen

  • Key Figures:
    • Inarius: Lilith’s former lover, now a bitter adversary seeking redemption.
    • Neyrelle: Continues her quest, now entwined with ancient powers.

Summary: In Scosglen, a land torn by conflict, the heroes uncover Lilith’s plans to corrupt nature itself, transforming forests into twisted, hellish landscapes. They also learn about Inarius’s complex relationship with Lilith and his desperate attempts to stop her. The heroes must navigate conflicts between corrupted druids and remaining defenders of nature. The Act ends with a battle against a powerful demon and the revelation of Lilith’s ambition to use the Worldstone’s fragments to bend Sanctuary to her will.

Act III: Cities of Blood

Location: Kehjistan

  • Key Figures:
    • Lorath Nahr: Guides the heroes through the ancient city ruins.
    • Neyrelle: Gains deeper insights into the Horadrim and Lilith’s true plans.

Summary: The ancient cities of Kehjistan are under siege from Lilith’s forces. The heroes delve into ruins, uncovering ancient texts and battling hordes of demons. Neyrelle uncovers secrets about her lineage tied to the Horadrim, and Lorath helps interpret ancient prophecies. The climax involves a siege against Lilith’s fortress in Kehjistan, where the heroes discover her plan to use the demonic essence to create an army of super-demons.

Act IV: Fortress of Pain

Location: Dry Steppes

  • Key Figures:
    • Inarius: His role becomes more prominent as his plans and betrayal are revealed.
    • Neyrelle: Faces a personal crisis as her connection to Lilith and the Horadrim deepens.

Summary: In the arid Dry Steppes, the heroes confront Lilith’s main stronghold. They uncover the full scale of her invasion plans, involving the use of infernal devices to summon armies from Hell. Inarius attempts to confront Lilith directly, leading to a dramatic clash. The heroes battle through Lilith’s minions and ultimately face Lilith herself. The confrontation ends with Lilith’s temporary defeat, but at a great cost, setting the stage for future conflicts.

Epilogue: Echoes of Hatred

Summary: After Lilith’s defeat, peace is tenuous as remnants of her cult and demonic forces remain active. Neyrelle takes on a critical role within the Horadrim, while Lorath begins to rebuild the order. Inarius’s fate remains uncertain, but his influence and actions have left lasting scars on the world.

Vessel of Hatred: Expansion Prelude

Summary: The expansion, Vessel of Hatred, picks up with the rise of Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish, who aims to exploit the chaos left by Lilith. The heroes must confront new threats and delve into Andariel’s machinations to prevent her from spreading torment across Sanctuary. Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, also emerges from the shadows, with ambitions to use Sanctuary’s instability to regain his dominance. The new storyline focuses on deeper explorations into Hell’s influence and the continuing struggle for the soul of Sanctuary.

Key Themes and Developments:

  • Rise of Andariel: The world faces the resurgence of another Prime Evil.
  • Mephisto’s Manipulations: Sanctuary becomes a battleground for his schemes.
  • Neyrelle’s Journey: Continues her growth, facing new personal and cosmic challenges.
  • Legacy of the Horadrim: The order’s fight against the growing demonic influence expands, facing internal and external conflicts.

Gameplay Enhancements in Vessel of Hatred

  1. New Regions: Explore uncharted territories influenced by Hell’s corruption.
  2. New Powers and Skills: Unleash new abilities aligned with the themes of Anguish and Hatred.
  3. Expanded Story: Engage in rich lore and expanded character arcs, delving deeper into the world of Diablo IV.
  4. Endgame Content: New challenges and systems to test veteran players’ skills and strategies.


From the dark resurgence of Lilith to the looming threat of Andariel and Mephisto in the upcoming Vessel of Hatred expansion, Diablo IV weaves a rich tapestry of conflict, power struggles, and the eternal battle between the forces of Hell and the defenders of Sanctuary. The story evolves through deep character developments, complex alliances, and ever-increasing stakes, ensuring players are continually engaged in the epic saga of Diablo IV.

That should sum-up all that we know so far regarding the Diablo IV Story. Thank you for taking the time to read our posts and we’ll keep them coming!

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