How to get Fyr’alath the Dream Render – Step by Step Guide

How to get Fyr'alath the Dream Render


Read our WoW Dragonflight: How to get Fyr’alath the Dream Render – Step by Step Guide. Learn about how to obtain, wield and use the latest Legendary item in World of Warcraft. If you’re interested in how to get it, then stick around and read through our Guide! In this post we will explain the whole Quest-chain as well as what is Fyr’alath and how to craft it. Also, we will talk about which Classes can wield it and which are the effects of this Legendary Weapon.

What will this post cover?

In this post we will cover a variety of things regarding Fyr’alath the Dreamrender. We will divide it into sections so it’s easier for you to track and skip depending on your progress and interest.

The Guide will cover:

  • What is Fyr’alath the Dream Render
  • Fyr’alath Weapon Model
  • Which Classes can wield Fyr’alath
  • Fyr’alath the Dream Render Weapon Effects
  • How to obtain Fyr’alath the Dream Render
  • Fyr’alath the Dream Render Questline

Without further ado, lets jump into it!

What is Fyr’alath the Dream Render?

Fyr’alath the Dream Render is a Legendary Two-Hand Axe that became available with the Patch 10.2 of Dragonflight and with the release of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid. This mighty weapon is wielded by Fyrakk the Blazing and is one of the latest additions to the Legendary items category in World of Warcraft.

What are Legendary Items?

Since the beginning of WoW, there were many Legendary items that came before Fyr’alath the Dream Render. Legendaries are the most powerful items that are implemented in-game for any given expansion. We’ve had various Legendaries in WoW until Dragonflight and Fyr’alath came. The idea behind them was that they were the ultimate prize. Something that would show off your dominance over others in a given patch or expansion.

They are also viewed as the most prestigious rewards you can obtain and they represent your dedication towards months of farming, collecting and gathering of the needed materials and finishing Quest-chains. Most importantly they represent the efforts of you and your guild coming together to defeat the most notorious Bosses and overcome all the obstacles which are put in your path towards obtaining an item that will glorify your character for all time!

To be quite realistic, after all being said, Legendary items are something that you have to work hard for, and they require a lot of time, patience and luck to obtain. However, once you’ve reached the point of actually owning one, there is no feeling that can compare to that achievement.

Fyr'alath the Dream Render Weapon ModelFyr’alath the Dream Render Weapon Model

When it comes to the cosmetics and the appearance of Fyr’alath, it resembles Shadowmourne, but instead of being encased in shadow and frost, it is engulfed in shadowflame. Obviously there are some differences, but the model in itself is quite similar to Shadowmourne.

The model is fitting and is well designed to fit Fyrakk the Blazing as the Final Boss of Amirdrassil.

On the off-chance that you’re interested in obtaining Shadowmourne on Wotlk Classic – feel free to check out our Guide. If not, we will continue down the path of obtaining Fyr’alath the Dream Render!

Which Classes can wield Fyr’alath the Dream Render?

Fyr’alath is a Legendary Weapon based on Strength. Naturally, when we talk about strength, and when we take into account that it’s a Two-Hand Axe, the only Classes capable of wielding it are:

  • Warriors
  • Paladins
  • Death Knights

aside from having a similar model as Shadowmourne, Fyr’alath can also be grasped only by the above mentioned Classes, which is another similarity when comparing the two.

Fyr’alath Weapon Effects

This massive Two-Hand Legendary Weapon comes with two effects. Those are:

  • Rage of Fyr’alath (On-Use Effect) – Unleash the Rage of Fyr’alath to charge towards your target and swing repeatedly, dealing Shadowflame damage over 3 seconds to all who would stand in your way. (Instant, 25-yard range, 2-minute cooldown)
  • Fyr’alath the Dream Render (Passive Effect) – Your attacks apply Mark of Fyr’alath, dealing Shadowflame damage over 15 seconds. Upon activation, Fyr’alath draws in the flames from all marks to increase its damage by 10%.

Now since we’ve covered the basis, lets talk about how to get Fyr’alath!

How to obtain Fyr’alath the Dream Render?

Before we start talking about the specifics and everything we know so far, it’s important to note that this Legendary can be obtained on any Raid difficulty. However, killing Fyrakk on higher difficulties has a much higher chance for him to drop the Legendary consumable item which starts the Quest-chain.

As you can already guess, in order to obtain this legendary there are many steps that you have to cover, but first of them is defeating Fyrakk and being lucky enough to get the Legendary consumable item which you may equip on yourself.

Upon doing so, your character will become overwhelmed with shadowflame and you will receive your first Quest.

Fyr’alath the Dream Render Questline

Once you’ve obtained and consumed the Legendary item that drops from Fyrakk, your first quest will send you to seek out somebody that can help you out so that you may learn more about the shadowflame and how to endure them in order to wield the Legendary Weapon. This will trigger the first step:

Step 1: Visit the Azerothian Archives

” The moment you attempted to wield Fyrakk’s axe, Fyr’alath, its flames consumed you. Clearly the weapon’s shadowflame was too intense. Perhaps you should consult an expert on shadowflame and ancient artifacts. Maybe one of the scholars at the Azerothian Archives can deduce a method for handling it safely. “

This Quest will take you to the Azerothian Archives. This place can be found near the floating isles just north of Alge’thar Academy in Thaldraszsus. The Shadowflame specialist to look out for is Eadweard Dalyngrigge.

Step 2: Handling It

After you’ve spoken to Eadweard Dalyngrigge, he will give you a Quest called “Handling It”.

” If you want to wield Fyr’alath safely, you’ll need to modify the weapon’s haft with three components. First, you’ll need a fireproof hide that can handle intense heat. Next, acquire enchanted vellum that can contain the weapon’s volatile magic. Finally, a scribe must apply the proper runes, so you can bind the first two materials to the axe. My journal over there includes a few recommendations of crafters who can help you. You might also know a few! ” 

After receiving this Quest, it is your task to figure out how to obtain these three crucial components in order to manage Fyr’alath the Dream Render properly. The components that you have to get are:

  • Symbiotic Glowspore Grip
  • Rune of Shadowbinding
  • Concentrated Sophic Vellum

Step 3: Handling It: Symbiotic Glowspore Grip

For this part you will have to seek out Erden, who is located in the Ohn’Ahran Plains.

” I know a crafter who could help temper Fyr’alath. Erden of Clan Shikaar is extremely resourceful. He’s performed many experiments with various reagents throughout the Dragon Isles. Hunters are only as good as their weapons. Erden is known for crafting exquisite weaponry with exotic materials. His expertise in various flora and fauna should prove quite informative. “

Erden is a centaur that’s located east of Mountainview Post in the Ohn’ahran Plains. Once you find him, he will task you with collecting 200 Shadowed Dreamleaf that you will obtain by completing objectives in Superbloom events inside the Emerald Dream.

Step 4: Handling It: Shadowed Dreamleaf

” When Fyr’alath’s power is at its limit, you will need a grip that can cool itself. It is like standing your ground when a beast charges you: as the battle heats up, you need a way to stay focused. Various leathers throughout the Dragon Isles have that cooling property, but I know of something better. Foliage that is routinely exposed to shadowflame would be the best choice for binding the components together. Let us gather what you need. ” 

During Superbloom, you will receive the Tattered Dreamleaf item. It is usable on friendly party members helping you in this quest. After completing their Superbloom quests, they will get Restored Dreamleaf, which will empower the holder of Fyr’alath and increasing the rate at which you receive Shadowed Dreamleaves. Avoid using the Tattered Dreamleaf on yourself, as it’s reported to cause in-game issues.

Completing this quest will award you the Prototype Dreamleaf Grip, which you will use later on.

Step 5: Handling It: Concentrated Sophic Vellum

Once the previous step is completed, you will be sent to seek out Shalasar Glimmerdusk in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

” I know of a sage who can help temper Fyr’alath. Shalasar Glimmerdusk is an expert in intellectual matters, often pondering theories for controlling volatile magics. Few understand sophic matters as well as she does. Seek her guidance in managing shadowflame. I suspect her solution may include a sprinkle of Chromatic Dust! “

Once you reach Shalasar Glimmerdusk, she will send you on your next Quest and teach you how to enchant your Weapon. You can find her by the Nelthazan Ruins in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

Step 6: Handling It: Radiant Fleck of Ash

You will be tasked with collecting 20 Radiant Flecks of Ash from powerful pieces of gear throughout the Emerald Dream.

” I’ve heard that in the Emerald Dream, a coarse ash with strong properties of shadowflame tends to cling to powerful pieces of equipment. The only way to harvest that powerful dust is by disassembling the equipment. Here, use this rod I’ve enchanted. It should allow you to siphon off the dust you need. “

You will gain 1 Radiant Fleck of Ash per piece of loot obtained within the Emerald Dream. If you are on Renown 7 with the Dream Wardens, you’ll be able to get 20 Fallen Protector Handguards from Moon Priestess Lasara.

Once you complete this quest, you will be awarded with the Prototype Order Vellum, which you will use later on.

Step 7: Handling It: Rune of Shadowbinding

For your next step, you will have to seek out Lydiara Whisperfeather, she is located in the Azure Span.

” Lydiara Whisperfeather is an academic who recognizes the rigidity of the rules that govern our world. She also likes bending them. If there is anyone who can assist in binding Fyr’alath’s power, it’s her. “

Once you get to Lydiara, talk to her by the Azure Archives in the Azure Span. She will give you a new quest, and send you off to collect 50 Taut Tethercoil. She’ll help you with the inscription for the weapon.

Step 8: Handling It: Taut Tethercoil

You will have to collect 50 Taut Tethercoil from powerful enemies through the Emerald Dream.

” I’ve read of a root in the Emerald Dream known for its defensive qualities. It binds its tendrils to powerful foes as a way to protect surrounding flora and fauna. A friendly scribe might be able to help you adapt its properties. If I could just get my hands on some of that root, I’m sure I could dissect its properties and mold it into something capable of harnessing Fyr’alath’s power. Here are my notes. You should be able to find powerful creatures guarding patches of wild tethercoil. Good hunting ” 

The Taut Tethercoil are dropped by Rare Mobs in the Emerald Dream. When you finish with obtaining 50 of these, you will be given the Prototype Binding Rune.

The Final Step: The Echo of Fyrakk – Obtaining Fyr’alath the Dream Render

At this point we’ve gathered all the necessary items to control the shadowflame inside of Fyr’alath. However, we are still not able to wield this amazing Legendary Weapon. The next and FINAL step will be to defeat the Echo of Fyrakk. Before doing this, you will have to use the items that you’ve acquired. Put together the items that you got from each profession:

  • Prototype Dreamleaf Grip (Leatherworking)
  • Prototype Order Vellum (Enchanting)
  • Prototype Binding Rune (Inscription)

Once you’ve combined these three items, you will be sent to the Obsidian Throne to meet with Eadweard, Wrathion and Scalecommander Emberthal. At this point you still won’t be able to wield Fyr’alath and you’ll be sent to Aberrus in order to confront the Echo of Fyrakk. Once you’ve defeated Fyrakk’s Echo you will be able to use Fyr’alath the Dream Render!



When we look at everything considering Fyrakk’s Legendery Two-Hand Axe and the way it’s obtained, it’s looks and effects, we can’t help but feel that it reminds quite a lot to Shadowmourne. At this point it can either be the lack of imagination, or an intentional thing due to WotLK Classic’s ICC Phase being out at the same time so it commemorates the expansion a bit.

What we can’t take away from this Legendary is the fact that it looks amazing, has great effects and is definitely going to leave many Players wanting to reroll in order to use it or obtain it as an appearance. The Legendary itself is powerful, has a decent background story and an interesting Quest-chain that is filled with various things connected to the Emerald Dream that you basically protect with the axe that was meant to destroy it, sweet sweet irony.

To conclude, this Legendary is definitely worth obtaining and is most likely the last one we’ll see in WoW Dragonflight expansion. If you are unable to get this Weapon or you don’t have time, or wish to find someone else to do it for you, then make sure to check our our Fyr’alath Legendary Boost, we also offer a plethora of other services and cover many games if something else interest you – check out our site!

As with all of our posts, we will leave you with a Video that explains everything as well in case you don’t have the time to read through the guide!

How to get Fyr’alath the Dream Render (Video)