League of Legends: Season 14 Changes & Updates Explained

League of Legends: Season 14 Changes and Updates Explained


With the New Year, comes the New League of Legends Season with it’s many Changes and Updates! In this post we will do our best to cover most of them. As usual League of Legends unveiled another fresh Season that is bringing Changes on all fronts. This year, League entered it’s Season 14 with a heightened focus on streamlining the item system, implementing new Void spawns that infest the map and various new Changes that will ease the gameplay and communication with Teammates inside a Game.

Considering all these Updates are out at once, along with the New Ranked Split, it can be quite difficult to catch and follow up on all of them. If you wanted to find all of the Changes in one post, then you came to the right place.

League of Legends Season 14 Cinematic (Video)

League Season 14: Map Changes

The current League of Legends season brings about significant map changes aimed at creating a fair environment for both teams. Notable adjustments are evident right from the laning phase, with the relocation of bushes further away from the lanes.

Additionally, the top and bottom lanes now boast identical entrances to the jungle, ensuring equal opportunities for both Junglers to make impactful ganks throughout the game. To add strategic depth, a small singular bush is positioned at the river’s end in both top and bottom lanes, providing an incentive for both teams to engage in battles for vision control in the river. These changes collectively contribute to a more balanced and competitive gameplay experience.

Note: The walls that separate the Baron and Dragon pits have also been reworked, so each team has an equal amount of obstruction depending on which side you spawn on. Now, each side of the jungle has a thin wall that can be used to create chokepoints during team fights.

Voidgrubs and The Rift Herald – League of Legends Changes

In addition to the map Changes, the Jungle in the current League of Legends season has undergone a revamp, introducing a new camp known as the Void Grubs. These creatures appear five minutes into the game, spawning in the Baron Pit. Junglers must engage in combat to secure a new buff that benefits their team.

It’s crucial to note that Void Grubs have a limited availability since they reside in the Baron Pit for a short duration. Junglers need to ensure they secure these creatures before the Rift Herald spawns at the 14-minute mark, after which no more Void Grubs can be claimed.

Slaying a Void Grub grants the “Touch Of The Void” buff, empowering you to deal damage over time to structures like Turrets or Inhibitors. This buff can stack up to six times by defeating multiple Void Grubs, significantly increasing your damage output to structures.

Moreover, the Rift Herald undergoes a visual transformation, embracing its connection to the void. Once you defeat the Rift Herald and summon her to attack a turret, a new feature allows you to enter and control her movements. By charging alongside the Rift Herald, you can amplify the damage dealt when colliding with the turret of your choice.

A New Baron Nashor Arises 

One of the League of Legends Changes coming with Season 14, concern the already well-known figure and it’s of course Baron Nashor. In the current League of Legends Season, Baron Nashor, a staple in the game, has undergone a significant rework in terms of the mechanics involved in defeating this formidable Boss. While the powerful buff granted by Baron Nashor remains unchanged, the entire process of confronting and slaying this boss has been revamped.

Here are the key changes:

  1. Randomly Selected Baron Pits:
    • When Baron Nashor spawns at the 20-minute mark, one of three different Baron Pits is randomly selected.
    • The chosen pit influences the Baron’s attack patterns and the terrain that spawns around the Baron Pit.
  2. Altered Terrain:
    • The terrain of the Baron Pit itself can be shifted, making the fight for this objective more challenging.
  3. New Attack Patterns:
    • Baron Nashor now features new attack patterns, including pulling champions further into the pit, exposing them to additional damage.

These changes to Baron Nashor’s mechanics add an element of unpredictability and complexity to the encounter, requiring teams to adapt their strategies based on the randomly selected pit and Baron’s altered attack patterns.

League of Legends Changes – Void Buffs

Following the defeat of Baron Nashor in the current League of Legends season, the red and blue buffs located around the map undergo changes due to the residual energy from the void this is another important thing to note when we talk about League of Legends Changes. This transformation not only alters the physical appearance of the creatures but also modifies how their buffs are distributed.

Key points regarding the Void-infected buffs:

  1. Physical Changes:
    • The appearance of the red and blue buffs is transformed by the residual void energy.
  2. Altered Buff Distribution:
    • When a team slays either of the Void-infected buffs, the rewards are evenly spread among all five members of the team.
    • This means that all team members can benefit from both red and blue buffs simultaneously during critical late-game fights.

This change introduces a strategic element, as teams can now coordinate to secure and distribute these powerful buffs more effectively, potentially influencing the outcome of late-game engagements.

Note: The Scuttle Crab can also be infected with void energy, turning this green crab into a purple monstrosity. By slaying a Void Scuttle Crab, your team will receive a burst of vision in the river that clears any enemy wards.

League Season 14 – Item Reworks

League Season 14 Item Rework

One of the most important League of Legend Changes that came with Season 14, is that the in-game item system has undergone significant reworking and refinement, drawing considerable attention from hardcore players. The in-game economy involves the passive accumulation of gold, which can then be spent on various items to enhance a character’s stats and provide bonus effects.

Key points about the revamped item system:

  1. Mythic Item System Removal:
    • The most significant change involves the removal of the Mythic Item system.
    • Previously, each champion had different Mythic Items to choose from, influencing build paths and providing specific stats.
    • In Season 14, certain Mythic Items have been nerfed for balance, while others have been entirely replaced with new items.
  2. Freedom in Item Building:
    • The removal of the Mythic Item system means that players no longer need to worry about restricting themselves to specific build paths.
    • Players now have the freedom to build various items together without the limitations imposed by the previous system.
  3. Reworked and Replaced Items:
    • Almost every item in the game has undergone reworking or changes to some extent.
    • Some Mythic Items have been replaced with new items, providing a fresh array of options for players.

This change not only introduces more flexibility in itemization but also encourages diverse and strategic choices, allowing players to adapt their builds based on the evolving dynamics of each match.

Note: Keep in mind that items are constantly changing in League of Legends, since they are buffed or nerfed depending on community feedback and player information. While some items may be powerful currently, they can easily be removed, reworked, or adjusted to change how the game is played. We recommend checking out official patch notes to get the latest information on items.

Infernal Dragon Cinders

League of Legends: Season 14 Infernal Soul Cinders

In every Summoner’s Rift match, Elemental Dragons appear in the dragon pit at five-minute intervals, each bestowing different permanent buffs upon being slain. Slaying two dragons triggers a transformation of the map’s physical appearance.

For the Infernal Drake:

  • If the Infernal Drake dominates the Rift, Infernal Cinders will randomly spawn across the map.
  • Picking up these orbs of fire slightly reduces the cooldowns of your abilities.
  • A fixed number of Cinders spawn during the match, emphasizing the need for a quick collection before the enemy team can secure them.

This dynamic element adds strategic depth to gameplay, as teams compete not only for dragon buffs but also for control over map-altering effects that can influence the course of battles.

Note: If you happen to die while holding onto any Infernal Cinders, they will all burst out of your body and land on the floor. This allows you to steal Infernal Cinders from the enemy team and ensure your damage-dealing teammates can pick up even more Cinders.

League of Legends Changes – Fist Bump Emote

Lol Fist Bump Emote - Season 14

In addition to the ongoing refinement of communication features, Riot has introduced a new emote to enhance team interaction. The Fist Bump emote allows your entire team to participate simultaneously, provided you are in close proximity.

Activating the emote, initiated by pressing ‘U’, summons a floating fist above your character. Another team member can trigger the emote as well, resulting in the two fists colliding. While this emote doesn’t confer any competitive advantages, it adds a playful and communal element to celebrating victories or showcasing team spirit, potentially irking opponents after a successful team fight.


The League of Legends Changes that are being implemented with the coming Season 14 in 2024, are certainly changing the dynamic of the Game. Not only do these Changes and Updates influence how the Game works and it’s technical aspects, but also the physical design of the Map as well as adding a Random aspects and much more opportunities for Teams to gank and prepare. On top of all that, the top and bottom Jungle and the entrance received a rework so that it will be equal even more, making your ‘side’ less important.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When did LoL Season 14 officially start?

League of Legends Season 14 officially started on January 10th, 2024.

What are the most notable League of Legends Changes in Season 14? 

The most notable are definitely:

  1. Baron and Baron Pit changes.
  2. Communication improvements in-game between Teammates.
  3. Physical Changes that were done on the Map. Such as move bushes and opened spaces.
  4. The Void theme that brings about new perks and bonuses.
  5. Infernal Dragon Cinders

Who should be contesting the Void Grub Camp? 

It is the duty of the Junglers to secure them before the Rift Herald spawns.

How are Void Buffs spread among the Team?

Any Team will get the buff once they defeat the Void-Infected. The Rewards are evenly spread among all 5 Members of the Team.

Most important League of Legends Changes for Items?

The most important League of Legend Changes for items are:

  • The Removal of Mythic Items, so players no longer need to worry about restricting themselves to specific build paths.
  • Players now have the freedom to build various items together without the limitations imposed by the previous system.

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