Once Human: Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Once Human Release Date


Hello everyone and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post! Today we will be looking into the newest addition to the RPG genre as well as a post-apocalyptic multiplayer open-world survival game that seemingly draws a lot of gamer attention recently – Once Human.

This post will cover the majority of things that you want to know about this game including the Once Human Release Date. We will do our best to keep this post short, so you can cover everything quickly and with minimal time loss!

Once Human, is an ambitious upcoming game developed by NetEase Games, that promises to deliver a rich blend of survival horror and action RPG elements. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world brimming with Lovecraftian horrors, this game has generated significant buzz in the gaming community. Here’s everything you need to know about Once Human.

Once Human Release Date Confirmed

The Once Human Release Date has been confirmed to be on July 9th, 2024. So far there were no indications that this date will change, and the Once Human game has been in development for some time now.

Once Human Release Date Cinematic (Video)

Game Overview


Once Human transports players to a dystopian world where reality has been fractured by cosmic horrors. Following a cataclysmic event known as “The Arrival,” grotesque creatures and environmental anomalies have overrun Earth, reshaping it into a dark, hostile landscape. Humanity’s remnants struggle to survive against otherworldly threats and societal collapse.


Once Human blends survival mechanics with action-packed RPG gameplay:

  • Survival Elements: Players must gather resources, craft tools and weapons, and build shelters to endure the hostile environment.
  • RPG Mechanics: Character development includes skill trees, equipment upgrades, and customizable abilities.
  • Combat: Combines melee and ranged combat against various enemies, including cosmic horrors and rival human factions.

Key Features

1. Open-World Exploration
  • Diverse Biomes: From desolate urban ruins to eerie forests and mutated wastelands.
  • Dynamic Weather and Day-Night Cycle: Weather patterns and time of day affect gameplay and enemy behavior.
  • Hidden Lore: Discover the backstory of the world and the nature of the cosmic horror through exploration and uncovering artifacts.
2. Base Building and Defense
  • Crafting System: Create weapons, armor, and tools from scavenged materials.
  • Base Construction: Build and fortify shelters to protect against enemy attacks and environmental hazards.
  • Defense Mechanics: Set traps, deploy turrets, and reinforce your base against waves of enemies.
3. Multiplayer and Co-op
  • Online Multiplayer: Team up with or compete against other players in a shared world.
  • Co-op Gameplay: Join forces with friends to tackle missions, defend your base, or explore dangerous areas.
4. Engaging Storyline
  • Narrative-Driven Quests: Follow a series of main and side quests to unravel the mysteries of The Arrival and the cosmic forces behind it.
  • Branching Dialogue: Player choices influence character interactions and story outcomes.
5. Challenging Enemies
  • Cosmic Horrors: Face off against grotesque creatures inspired by Lovecraftian horror.
  • Human Opponents: Battle rival factions for control of resources and territory.
  • Boss Fights: Confront massive, multi-stage bosses that require strategy and teamwork to defeat.
6. Pick your Faction

A decent amount of different factions to choose from in order to survive in the wasteland. Groups must be formed, and many different factions will be born from the coldblooded researchers, simple civilians, lunatics, dreamers and lone wolves. The most attention is put on:

  • Mayfly
  • Backfell
  • Rosetta
  • Vulture
  • Guerilla

Development and Technology

Graphics and Engine

Once Human utilizes Unreal Engine 5, offering stunning visuals and highly detailed environments. The engine’s capabilities allow for:

  • Realistic Lighting: Advanced lighting techniques create immersive and atmospheric settings.
  • Detailed Textures: High-resolution textures bring the mutated landscape and cosmic creatures to life.
  • Physics-Based Interactions: Realistic physics affect object interactions, combat, and environmental destruction.

Audio Design

  • Dynamic Soundscapes: Reactive audio elements enhance the game’s eerie atmosphere.
  • Voice Acting: High-quality voice performances bring characters and the story to life.
  • Original Score: A haunting musical score sets the tone for the game’s dark, suspenseful world.

Developer Insights

The development team at NetEase Games emphasizes a commitment to blending horror and survival elements with engaging, action-oriented gameplay. Lead Developer, Alex Wang, shares:

“Our goal with Once Human is to create a world that’s both terrifying and captivating. We want players to feel the weight of survival while uncovering the mysteries of a shattered reality.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platforms will Once Human be available on?

A: The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Q: Will there be a beta test?

A: Yes, a closed beta will be held in June 2024. Sign up through the official Once Human website for a chance to participate.

Q: Does Once Human support cross-play?

A: Yes, cross-play will be supported across all platforms.

Q: Are there microtransactions in the game?

A: The game will feature optional cosmetic microtransactions.

Q: Is Once Human Pay to Win(P2W)?

A: No, the game is strictly cosmetic oriented if you wish to purchase something. It won’t affect the gameplay or give you an edge outside of psychological if you are hyped about how your Character looks in-game.

Q: When is Once Human Release Date?

A: Once Human Release Date is set for 9th of July, 2024 – globally!

Q: Is Once Human Free-to-Play? 

A: Yes, Once Human is completely free, you can download it through Steam.


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Once Human promises to be a great addition to the RPG universe. It is shaping up to be a compelling entry into the survival horror genre, offering a mix of intense combat, deep exploration, and strategic base-building. With its release set for July 9th, 2024, you can soon delve into a world transformed by cosmic horrors and uncover the secrets lurking within.

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