Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League: Changes and Updates

path of Exile 3.23 Affliction


In this article, we’ll delve into the significant and exciting changes coming to Path of Exile with the latest Affliction League. We’ll explore the new league mechanics, the introduction of fresh Ascendancy classes, the emergence of new types of gems, and much more. Join us to uncover how these alterations will impact your favorite builds and shape a brand-new endgame meta.

Greetings, fellow Exiles! Prepare for an in-depth exploration of the Path of Exile Affliction League and the transformative elements it brings to our cherished game. Patch 3.23 heralds an enthralling chapter in the ongoing narrative of Wraeclast, delivering a distinctive and immersive experience that seamlessly intertwines the game’s rich lore with innovative gameplay elements.

The PoE 3.23 League introduces novel mechanics where players confront enemies transformed by various types of Wisps. Each Wisp type enhances enemy strength, but defeating them yields more rewarding outcomes. Furthermore, the update unveils three new Ascendancy classes, each accompanied by its unique passive skill tree, allowing for personalized customization. The introduction of Transfigured Gems promises to revolutionize and broaden the approaches Exiles take towards crafting builds. Let’s delve into the intricacies of these features and more.

Features of the Affliction Challenge League

The Path of Exile 3.23 Update introduces the captivating and mysterious Affliction Challenge League, unfolding in the once-vibrant Viridian Wildwood, now shrouded in a dark curse that has turned it into a realm of shadows and perils.

Within the Wildwood, exiles find guidance from Sacred Wisps, ethereal beacons that illuminate the path through the encroaching darkness. These wisps serve as guides, revealing concealed pathways and secrets, enabling exiles to traverse the afflicted forest and unravel its enigmas. At the heart of the league’s challenge lies the confrontation with the pervasive darkness and the malevolent force driving it.

The league’s mechanics involve navigating the Wildwood by following a trail of Sacred Wisps. As exiles progress along the trail, they collect these wisps, eventually encountering enemies, bosses, and hidden activities concealed in the shadows. However, the trail of Wisps is finite, prompting a return to Wraeclast when it concludes.

Once collected, Wisps disperse across the map, infusing nearby monsters and even bosses. While enhancing the enemies’ abilities, the Wisps also escalate the rewards reaped from defeating them. There are distinct types of Wisps, and a single monster or boss can harbor multiple types simultaneously, leading to cumulative effects on empowerment and rewards. The league introduces three types of wisps:

  • Primal (Blue) – provides a bonus to item rarity of rewards.
  • Wild (Purple) – provides a bonus to the amount of items that drop.
  • Vivid (Yellow) – makes enemies drop currency items.

If a monster gets all three types, they’ll drop more items of a higher rarity and a lot of currency!

Azmeri Wanderers

At the heart of this narrative in the Viridian Wildwood are three distinct NPCs, each weaving their own tale and bringing a unique set of skills and knowledge to your exploration:

  • The Primal Huntress– Embark on a questline led by the Primal Huntress and gain access to a set of skills tailored to your journey.
  • The Breaker of Oaths – Traverse the Wildwood guided by the Breaker of Oaths, unlocking a questline and a range of skills specific to your encounters.
  • The Warden of Eaves – Follow the narrative of the Warden of Eaves, engaging in a questline that unveils their story and imparts skills relevant to your exploration.

Each NPC offers a unique questline and imparts valuable skills. Moreover, these characters play a pivotal role in introducing three new Ascendancy classes to Path of Exile. Upon selecting your preferred Azmeri master and completing quests for them, you unlock up to 8 points for these new classes, enriching your character’s progression in the league.

Explore the stories and skills these NPCs bring to the Viridian Wildwood, as their quests and abilities become integral to your journey in the Affliction Challenge League.

Ascendancy Classes and Abilities in PoE Affliction League

New Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction league ascendancy

Warden of the Maji

A powerful Class that takes advantage of it’s knowledge of the wilds. The special abilities of this Class are:

  • Weapon Tinctures (coatings) – that grant various powerful effects. They are equipped into flask slots and can be toggled on and off at will. Also, some of them can provide passive bonuses for adjacent flasks.
  • Barskin – a reservation skill that increases armor over time. Whenever you take damage, the armor is reduced, but you gain increased Evasion instead.

Warlock of the Mists 

A perfect Class for anyone that wishes to harness the mystical and forbidden powers that are associated to the ancient Azmeri rituals. The special abilities of this Class are:

  • Blood Hunt – A Unique ability which allows the Warlock of the Mists to consume corpses. By doing this you gain increased damage and protection against monsters of the same type as the consumed corpse. This skill introduces strategic elements aside from enhancing your combat effectiveness.
  • Curse Skills – Warlocks of the Mists has access to a trio of new curse skills. These skills expand your ability to weaken and control enemies. You will be able to reach the depths of your Class’s offensive and defensive capabilities, and it will emphasize your role as a master of dark magic and curses.

Wildwood Primalist 

A Class that stands out of it’s unique approach to customization and versatility. It will allow you to tailor your skill tree in innovative ways, and will diverge from the traditional Ascendancy Class structures. The special abilities of this Class are:

Charms with Random Skills – Discover magic items infused with attributes that mirror randomly generated skills sourced from the standard Ascendancy classes. These Charms offer a dual-modifier system, presenting a myriad of skill combinations for unparalleled customization in your character’s arsenal.

Extra Backpack – Embrace the advantage of an additional backpack exclusive to Wildwood Primalists. This compact storage solution expands your inventory space, enhancing the class’s utility during both exploration and combat. Carry more items, be prepared for any encounter, and navigate the Viridian Wildwood with unmatched versatility.

Warcry Enhancements – Master the unique utilization of warcries with this class, triggering a distinctive effect that causes fallen enemies to yield extra items. Beyond the tactical advantage in resource gathering, this ability introduces a strategic layer to combat scenarios. Harness the power of warcries not just for communication but also as a tool for maximizing your gains in the Viridian Wildwood.

Understanding Charms in PoE 3.23 

In the world of Path of Exile 3.23, Charms become crucial items that let you change your skills. As explained in the patch notes, these items have random changes inspired by the usual Ascendancy classes. With Charms, you can customize your skills and create a unique mix of Ascendancy powers that fit your style of play.

Confronting the King in the Mists

The main ‘bad guy\ in the league is the King in the Mists. This mysterious and powerful enemy is the one causing trouble in the forest. Players need to use their strength and smarts to take on this tough opponent and uncover the truth about what’s happening to the Viridian Wildwood.

Affliction Challenges

Dive into an exciting story, accompanied by new challenges in the Path of Exile Affliction League. These challenges encourage players to explore every part of the darkened realm. When you finish these challenges, you get special items and achievements. It’s a chance to enjoy the league even more, with the reward of unique accomplishments and cool treasures.

How to Earn Wildwood Ascendancy Points

When you first connect with the NPC trainers and pick your specialization, you’ll bag your initial 2 Wildwood Ascendancy Points. Following that, by completing 2 quests from each NPC, you can snag an additional 4 points. This sums up to a total of 4 points from NPC quests. The final 2 points are up for grabs by successfully conquering the King in the Mists. Finishing this challenge unlocks the last 2 points for all three Wildwood Ascendancies. Noteworthy is that completing this quest ahead of time, like in Multiexile mode, will still contribute to these points, even if you haven’t reached that quest stage yet.

In contrast to the usual Ascendancy Classes, resetting points in a Wildwood Ascendancy Class is a breeze. It only requires one refund point per passive. Additionally, you won’t need a complete do-over to switch to another Wildwood Ascendancy. To make the switch, just track down the Azmeri Wanderer associated with your desired Wildwood Ascendancy in the Viridian Wildwood.

What’s New in Path of Exile 3.23?

Moving on with our exploration, let’s dive into the Ultimatum Changes in PoE that have been shaped by ongoing community feedback. A standout update in Path of Exile’s 3.23 Affliction League is the integration of the Ultimatum mechanic into the core game. This marks a crucial shift in gameplay dynamics, offering both new and seasoned exiles fresh challenges and rewards.

In Path of Exile 3.23, the Ultimatum mechanic is now part of the core game, delivering a distinctive and challenging experience to exiles. Here’s a summary of how Ultimatum works in the 3.23 update:

  • Chance of Encounter: Exiles now have an approximately 8% chance of encountering the Trialmaster and his Trials of Chaos in maps, injecting an element of unpredictability and excitement into the gameplay.
  • Ten-Round Structure: Ultimatum Encounters are standardized to 10 rounds. This structure allows exiles to progressively take on more challenging tasks with each round, putting their skills and strategies to the test.
  • Trialmaster’s Arena: In areas with a level of 81 or higher, exiles have a chance to be teleported to the Trialmaster’s Arena for the 10th and final round, offering a heightened level of challenge and reward.
  • Rebalanced Modifiers: Ultimatum modifiers have been rebalanced, introducing some new modifiers and removing others. This ensures a diverse and fair challenge for exiles. Specific modifiers have now been assigned higher tiers of difficulty.
  • Reward System: Monsters in Ultimatum Encounters no longer drop loot, except for the Trialmaster. However, they still grant experience. This change shifts the focus of rewards to the completion of challenges rather than regular monster drops.
  • New Tainted Catalyst: A fresh reward from the Trialmaster, this item imparts random quality upon a Corrupted Ring, Amulet, or Belt, enhancing the item’s attributes significantly.

These changes bring a substantial transformation to the Ultimatum mechanics, making them a more integral and dynamic part of the Path of Exile gameplay experience in the 3.23 update.

New Unique Items and Divination Cards in PoE Affliction League

In the Path of Exile Affliction, a wealth of new content awaits players in the form of unique Divination Cards and Unique Items, further expanding the game’s extensive collection and offering exiles more avenues to tailor and enrich their gameplay experience.

Divination Cards

  • The update introduces four new Divination Cards, enhancing the already diverse collection accessible to exiles.
  • Two of these cards have been crafted by the community’s supporters, while the other two emerge from the creative contributions of event winners.
  • These fresh cards give exiles specific targets to farm, introducing an additional layer of strategy and reward to the game.
  • Each card comes with its unique drop location and reward, spanning from currency items to rare equipment, catering to various types of exiles.

Unique Items

  • Alongside the array of Divination Cards, the update unveils 16 brand-new Unique Items, including 7 fascinating Replica Uniques.
  • These items bring novel mechanics and build possibilities, empowering exiles to explore new playstyles and strategies.
  • Designed to synergize with diverse builds, these new Uniques can significantly alter gameplay, providing innovative approaches to overcome challenges.
  • Among these items, you can discover potent weapons, armor, and utility items, each with its unique abilities and lore.

The introduction of these fresh Divination Cards and Unique Items not only adds complexity to the game’s rich itemization system but also presents exiles with captivating new objectives and build options.

Transfigured Gems in PoE 3.23

A noteworthy addition to Path of Exile 3.23 comes in the form of the Skill Gem Overhaul, introducing Transfigured Gems. These gems serve as alternative versions of existing skill gems, offering unique functionalities and balance tweaks compared to their standard counterparts. This innovative system marks a significant evolution in the game’s metagame, presenting exiles with a multitude of fresh possibilities and build permutations. Transfigured Gems are crafted to revolutionize the gameplay of existing skills, ushering in a new era of strategic depth and customization for exiles.

Effects on Skill Gems and Labyrinth Rewards

While not a comprehensive Transfigured Gems Guide, let’s explore the profound impact they have on the behavior and utility of skill gems. Here are a few examples:

  1. Frost Bomb of Instability
    • Original Functionality: Cooldown skill for large explosions
    • Transfigured Functionality: Continuously castable with reduced damage; does not apply cold exposure
    • Impact on Gameplay: Shifts from a utility skill to a primary damage dealer
  2. Detonate Dead of Scavenging
    • Original Functionality: Used on corpses for damage
    • Transfigured Functionality: Significantly increased damage; cannot be used on corpses created by Desecrate or Unearth
    • Impact on Gameplay: Offers a trade-off between damage output and usability, influencing build optimization
  3. Raise Zombie of Falling
    • Original Functionality: Raising a zombie from a corpse
    • Transfigured Functionality: Zombies are summoned from mid-air, falling to their death and dealing AoE damage
    • Impact on Gameplay: Transforms the skill into a physical damage version of Firestorm, scaling with minion damage
  4. Blight of Contagion
    • Original Functionality: Spreads a debuff that deals chaos damage over time
    • Transfigured Functionality: Spread by Contagion, complementing Essence Drain builds
    • Impact on Gameplay: Alters the skill’s application method, integrating it into Essence Drain builds

The above illustrates how regular gems can now function completely differently, providing numerous new options for building, which is excellent for the game’s meta.

How to Find Transfigured Gems in PoE 3.23?

The Eternal Labyrinth’s Divine Font has undergone a significant transformation into a versatile gem crafting tool, introducing numerous ways to enhance both your skill and support gems. Here’s a breakdown of the enhanced features:

  • Transforming Gems: The Divine Font now allows you to transform a standard skill gem into one of three unique Transfigured variants.
  • Gem Enhancement Options: Beyond gem transformation, the Divine Font provides various other options to enhance your gems.
  • Quality Boost: Increase a gem’s quality for improved performance.
  • Experience Boost: Boost a gem’s experience level to unlock its full potential.
  • Treasure Keys: Trade in a gem for one or more Treasure Keys, which are essential for unlocking Izaro’s Chests.
  • Support Gem Exchange: The Divine Font facilitates the exchange of regular Support Gems for exceptional versions like Empower or Enlighten.

This revamped Divine Font in the Eternal Labyrinth offers you a comprehensive gem crafting experience, providing multiple avenues to refine and customize their skill and support gems.

PoE 3.23 Affliction League Viridian Wildwood

Skill Gem Changes in Path of Exile 3.23

In the latest 3.23 update of Path of Exile, a multitude of skill gems has undergone significant changes, reflecting the game’s commitment to providing a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Some noteworthy alterations include:

  1. Absolution: Quality now increases Minions’ Cooldown Recovery Rate instead of their Damage.
  2. Alchemist’s Mark: Quality enhances the Effect of Mark rather than its Area of Effect.
  3. Ambush: Quality now boosts Exerted Attacks’ Critical Strike Chance.
  4. Ancestral Cry: Increased Cooldown Recovery Rate is now enhanced by Quality.
  5. Ancestral Protector: Quality now adds to Melee Strike Range instead of increasing Totem Damage.
  6. Ancestral Warchief: Quality now increases Activation range instead of Totem Damage.
  7. Animate Guardian: Changes in Minion Life and Damage, with inherent increases in base Life and added Physical Damage.
  8. Animate Weapon: Quality now increases the Maximum number of Animated Weapons.
  9. Arc: Base Critical Strike Chance increased, with more Damage for each remaining Chain, and Quality enhancing the Chain count.
  10. Arcane Cloak: Quality now boosts Buff Effect instead of Skill Effect Duration.
  1. Armageddon Brand: Quality now increases Damage.

This update also sees a buff to the quality stats on most damage-dealing skills, making them notably more potent and intriguing. This improvement in quality stats is poised to influence exiles’ choices in skill gem selection and usage, potentially leading to the discovery of new and effective skill combinations. The update represents one of the most substantial metagame shifts in Path of Exile’s history, promising a fresh and exciting experience for both new and veteran exiles. With these changes, the game continues to evolve, offering a rich and diverse array of tactical options for exiles to explore and master.

Atlas Updates in Path of Exile 3.23

In the Path of Exile’s 3.23 update, significant changes have been made to the Atlas in the Affliction League, specifically in its map composition.

Maps Added Back to the Atlas: Ghetto, Canyon, Jungle Valley, Dry Sea, Conservatory, Dig, Spider Lair, Park, Fields, Sepulchre, Arid Lake, Burial Chambers, Overgrown Ruin, Core, Laboratory, Plaza, Waste Pool, Bramble Valley, Relic Chambers, Ancient City, Foundry, Gardens, Crimson Township, Desert, Crystal Ore, Grotto, Ramparts, Crater, Arachnid Tomb, and Silo.

Maps Removed from the Atlas: Waterways, Cold River, Phantasmagoria, Tower, Leyline, Beach, Pit, Sunken City, Pen, Factory, Excavation, Malformation, Courthouse, Geode, Dungeon, Mausoleum, Terrace, Primordial Pool, Lava Lake, Haunted Mansion, Primordial Blocks, Graveyard, Sulphur Vents, Arachnid Tomb, Cells, Alleyways, and Barrows.

The reshuffling of map tiers and locations in the Atlas significantly alters the progression and strategic planning for exiles. This change impacts the journey through the endgame, influencing decisions on map prioritization and Atlas optimization. The Atlas changes affect the map bosses required for Pantheon upgrades and the availability of crafting recipes. Different bosses present new challenges, and essential crafting recipes are now located in other maps on the Atlas.


The Path of Exile 3.23 update has introduced a series of significant changes that collectively reshape the game’s landscape. Key among these updates are:

  • Transfigured Gems: they offer alternative versions of existing skill gems. These new additions encourage innovative skill combinations and build strategies.
  • Skill Gem Changes: The quality stats of most damage-dealing skills have been enhanced, leading to more powerful and interesting gameplay dynamics.
  • Atlas Changes: The addition and removal of maps, along with the reshuffling of map tiers and locations, have revitalized the endgame experience. This reshuffle not only brings new challenges but also affects strategic decisions in Atlas’s progression.
  • Map Bosses and Crafting: Changes in map bosses and the relocation of crafting recipes add further depth to the game, requiring exiles to adapt their strategies to the new Atlas layout.

Collectively, these updates represent one of the most significant shifts in Path of Exile’s history. You are encouraged to dive into this refreshed world, exploring the new possibilities opened up by the changes. The introduction of Transfigured Gems alone promises a wealth of new build opportunities, while the Atlas updates invite exiles to re-engage with the endgame in novel and exciting ways.

If there is anything that you need done in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction league, make sure to check out our services!

As always we will leave you with a Video which covers most of the changes and goes a bit in depth regarding the League start for Path of Exile 3.23: Affliction League.

Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League Launch Guide (Video)

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is PoE Affliction League?

The Affliction League is a recently introduced challenge league in the Path of Exile’s 3.23 update. In this league, players encounter Sacred Wisps guiding them to the Viridian Wildwood. Here, they delve into mysteries and combat a spreading affliction within the forest. This league provides unique mechanics, challenges, and rewards, offering a fresh experience for both new and seasoned players.

Is Ultimatum in PoE 3.23?

Absolutely, Ultimatum has been reintegrated into the core gameplay of Path of Exile in the 3.23 update. This means players can once again engage with the challenges and rewards of the Ultimatum League as part of their regular gameplay experience.

Are There New Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile Affliction League?

The Path of Exile Affliction League doesn’t introduce new Ascendancy classes. However, it brings various updates and changes to the game, including new unique items, Transfigured Gems, and significant alterations to the Atlas. These collectively offer fresh build possibilities and gameplay strategies.

Are There New Uniques in PoE Affliction?

Certainly, the Path of Exile Affliction update introduces a variety of new unique items and divination cards. These additions provide players with additional tools and mechanics to enhance their gameplay, fostering more diverse and creative build strategies.

What Are Transfigured Gems in PoE Affliction League?

Transfigured Gems in the PoE Affliction League are alternative versions of existing skill gems with unique functionalities and balances. They empower players with new ways to experiment with skill combinations and build strategies, significantly impacting the game’s meta and offering fresh gameplay experiences.

How To Find Transfigured Gems?

Transfigured Gems can be obtained by modifying skill and support gems using the Divine Font, a gem crafting device found at the end of the Eternal Labyrinth in Path of Exile. This device allows players to transform their standard skill gems into one of the Transfigured variants, among other gem-crafting options.

What Changed in Atlas in PoE Affliction?

In the PoE Affliction update, the Atlas of Worlds has experienced noteworthy transformations. Numerous maps have been reintroduced to the Atlas, and others have been removed. Furthermore, there’s been a reshuffling of map tiers and locations, reshaping the progression and strategic planning for players in the endgame. These adjustments breathe new life into the Atlas exploration experience, bringing about fresh challenges and strategic considerations.