Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors


Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors is the newest addition to the Path of Exile game. It launches on the 18th of August on PC & 23rd of August on Console. You can find the countdown on the link here.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play ARPG which was released back in October 2013. It has been quite popular and has a plethora of build and theorycrafting potential for each of the Classes that are available.

During ExileCon 2023 there were a lot of announcements by GGG regarding the new Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors league and expansions as well as a sneak peak into Path of Exile 2. In this post we will be focusing on the changes that we know are coming with the new league. Without further ado, lets dive right into it!

Official Trailer

Trial of the Ancestors

The Trial of the Ancestors is a league mechanic found in Ancestor league. You will battle Chieftains for a chance to earn valuable rewards for your Character. In this Season you will meet Hinekora. One of the few Karui Gods that you haven’t actually killed yet. It allows you to enter a tournament in the afterlife – Trial of the Ancestors.

What does the Trial of the Ancestors introduce?

There are many new things that this Season is bringing out with it. Those are:

  • The Trial of the Ancestors challenge league
  • 16 New Atlas keystones
  • Reworks of the Guardian and Chieftain Ascendancy Classes
  • 14 New Support Gems
  • The Return of the fan-favorite past league, The Forbidden Sanctum
  • Many new Items for Players to obtain as well as 14 New UNIQUE Items


Auto-BattlerThe Trial of the Ancestors game mode is inspired by the Auto-Battler genre. However, unlike a normal Auto-Battler game where you get to watch your units get cleaned up or clean up the opponent, in this case you get to be one of those units on the field.

When you start a match you’ll see the configuration of the enemy team and you will be able to place your Warriors on the battlefield.

To enter the league mechanic you will have to collect Silver Coins as you play. You will assemble a team of 3 Warriors and compete against 10 other tribes in a double elimination match. After each match is over, you will be able to pick which Team you want to fight next. If you lose two times, your Tournament run is over!

Which Warrior types can we choose from in the Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors league?

Strategy is very important if you want to win matches. Warriors have various strengths and you should place them wisely on the battlefield where they can be most beneficial. This is done so that you can do your utmost to ensure victory.

You will be able to use three different types of Warriors(that we know of so far), those are:

  • The Turtle(Tank) – which is slow, but very tanky. Enemies will have a hard time killing him, but he won’t be able to get anywhere fast. It’s best to use this Warrior somewhere where there’ll be a lot of enemy units, in defense, a choke-point or leading the front-lines.
  • The Tuatara(Balanced) – which is quick, deceptive and well balanced for all positions. The Tuatara looks like an ideal Warrior to slip past enemy defenses. It can take out their Totems before they even know what hit them.
  • Goliath of the Night(Disruptor) – the Goliath can be placed in the center. It’s best for defense in general and to be setup as an interceptor for enemies that are going for your Totems.

Tournament Totems

Trial of the Ancestors Totem

If you get killed in battle, you will get back into it shortly afterward. However if your Totem is destroyed, you die instantly and won’t respawn. To put it plainly, you will have to eliminate the enemy Totems, while making sure that yours is not destroyed. Make sure to utilize the power of each of your Warriors wisely.

Important note: If you are wondering what happens if you die in the Trial of the Ancestors while playing on HARDCORE MODE, there is nothing to worry about. Hinekora will extend her kindness and prevent your character from perishing for real while in the afterlife.

What do I gain from the Trial of the Ancestors? 

Trial of the Ancestors Silver CoinAs we mentioned before, you will find new currency in the form of Silver Coins. By using these coins you will be sent to the Karui Afterlife.
There you will encounter Navali who you may remember from the Prophecy League. Each of these Coins provides you with a match in the Trial of the Ancestors tournament.


At the end of each match, you will gain Favor and other great rewards. As mentioned before, there are 10 Tribes and you will gain Favor individually with each of them. You can use Favor to purchase Warriors, Field Items and Equipment for the upcoming matches. Each Tribe has their own specialty and you should mix and match them to make a perfect Team.

Field Items

Trial of the Ancestors Field Items

Field Items are placed on the battlefield and you can activate them during a match to enable their special effect. If you don’t use them – they will be available in the next match. However, all of your Warriors, Field Items and Equipment are wiped entirely between each Trial of the Ancestors tournament. This means that you will have a fresh start and a new experience in each individual one.

You will be able to revive your Warriors, heal your entire team and do many other things depending on the items that you use. Your success in the Tournaments will update your overall ranking which in return will help you earn better rewards!

Tournament Rewards

As mentioned before, if you have good results in the tournaments, it will increase your rankings with the associated Tribe. Whenever you win a round, you are granted a unique reward. These rewards are visible when you select which Tribe you want to play against next. The most notable rewards are the Passive Skill Tattoos. These allow you to improve your passive Tree by replacing your basic attribute nodes.

Passive Skill Tattoos

Each of the Tribes has their own unique passive tattoos as well as a UNIQUE item! On top of that there are exclusive Unique Items and passive Skill Tattoos for winning the whole Trial of the Ancestors tournament. For example:


If you thought that the rewards stopped with the Tattoos, you were wrong! Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors also gives us a newly added Item once you’ve fully completed it. These Items are called – Omens.

Omen of RefreshmentOmens sit in your inventory and once the conditions for their use are met, they self-activate. To make it a bit clearer, we will take the Omen of Refreshment as an example, it restores all of your flask charges when you drop to 25% Life.

Aside from the Omen of Refreshment, there is a variety of other Omens many of which we are yet to uncover, lets go through some of the ones that we know of:

  • Omen of Return: Once your character falls in battle, this Omen is consumed and a Portal to town is created.
  • Omen of Fortune: While holding this Omen, your Orb of Chance will make the item become UNIQUE, if possible. The Omen is consumed in the process.
  • Omen of the Soul Devourer: If you have this Omen when you level up, it will be consumed and you will be granted Soul Eater!

Hinekora’s Lock

Hinekora's LockAside from the Silver Coin that is used to get to the Karui Afterlife, we get another currency item! This item is called Hinekora’s Lock and it allows you to see the result of the next currency item used on a craft.

For example, you can see the result of a Divine Orb on an item before actually using it! These currency items may have great potential depending on how well they are implemented and used.

Atlas Passive Keystones(intro)

The Atlas Passive Tree is one of the most important aspects of the game, as it helps you change your endgame experience by allocating the Skill Points in order to customize the League mechanics and increase your rewards. As we previously mentioned, there will be 16 NEW Atlas Passive Keystones in the Trial of the Ancestors Season. Though it may not sound like much, adding that amount of Passive Skill Keystones to the Atlas can change Path of Exile drastically, and open up even more ways to play the game. For now, we are not informed about all of them, but the ones that we know will be implemented in the game, are:

New Atlas Passive Keystones in Trial of the Ancestors PoE league

  • Cassia’s Pride – Blight Monsters in your Maps take 75% less Damage from Players and their Minions. Blight Towers and their Minions in your Maps deal 300% more Damage. By providing these changes to the Blight, it gives you the feeling of an actual Tower Defense game!
  • Destructive Play – The Maven summons 1-3 additional Bosses when Witnessing Map Bosses. Modifiers to the Final Map Boss in each Map also apply to these summoned Bosses. What else to say, we’re getting more difficult Maps.
  • Extreme Archaeology – 200% increased Explosive Radius in your Maps. 100% increased Explosive Placement Range in your Maps. Expedition Monsters in your Maps spawn with an additional 10% of Life missing. The number of Explosives is ONE! Instead  of placing a series of explosives, you now place 1 gigantic explosive. Every chest or monster in radius is effected by every Remnant in that Radius.
  • Lucid Dreams – Vaal side areas in your Maps are no longer Corrupted. This means that you can use currency items to craft their modifiers! They’ve also increased the rewards as well as the effect of negative mods. On top of all that – you will be able to encounter a Unique Vaal side area.
  • Speaker of the Dead – Tormented Spirits in your Maps can Possess Players for 20 seconds. Tormented Spirits in your Maps cannot Possess Monsters. With this you are able to absorb Tormented Spirits. Your stats get boosted, and you can increase monster strength and rewards by touching them, just like a Possessed creature can.

Support Gems(intro)

Support gems are just those things that can change the way many skills are used. The META is changing a lot and 14 New Support Gems are something to look out for. Here are the the seven that we’re aware of so far:

New Support Gems in Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors league

  • Corrupting War Cry Support – Turns Warcry Skills into damage dealing Skills by making them inflict Corrupting Blood on enemies in the Warcry’s radius, or hit by attacks your Warcry exerts.
  • Returning Projectiles Support – Causes projectiles from Supporter Skills to return to you, piercing all targets, but dealing less damage.
  • Fresh Meat Support – Your Minions gain Adrenaline, Critical Strike Chance and Damage for a short duration after being summoned. This buff applies for 4 seconds after you summon a Minion so make sure you keep refreshing them!
  • Flame Wood Support – Causes Totems to shoot mortars at enemies that hit them. Works great with a Taunt Totem!
  • Frigid Bond Support – Supports Link Skills and causes a Cold Mist to come over them. Enemies caught in the beam are dealt Cold Damage over time.
  • Locus Mine Support – Supports Attack Skills usable with Bows and Wands. You throw Mines that shoot your projectiles at your target when detonated.
  • Sacrifice Support – Supports Spells that you cast yourself or that are cast by your Totems. Sacrifices a portion of your Life or your Totem’s Life to gain additional Chaos Damage depending on the amount sacrificed.

Unique Items(intro)

After so many Leagues where we had to craft our best in slot items, it seems that the development team wanted to give us a real refreshment in terms of UNIQUE items. The Trial of the Ancestors tournament sets us on a path of bloodshed and constant conflict against the 10 Karui Tribes. Each of these Tribes reward us with a unique item that embodies their essence. If there is a specific item that you’re after, then you can only obtain it by defeating a specific Tribe that awards it. On top of those 10 items from the Tribes, Hinekora, the Goddess of Death, offers 4 additional Unique items to tournament winners. Some of the items that we’re aware of are:

New Unique Items in the PoE Ancestors league

  • BOUND FATE – A Cloth Belt which has Life, Dexterity, Intelligence and a Unique effect. Every 5 seconds the belt chooses between 6 options, at random. Each of the effects that are chosen have a 5 second uptime. The tricky thing about this Belt is that half of it’s options offer great benefits, while the other half is the opposite. This encourages Players to work around negating the downsides while enhancing the upside. This Belt is very RNG and the effects are inconsistent.
  • ARHONGUI’S TENDING – This is a Unique Coral Amulet and it allows your Life and Mana flasks to apply instantly when you are on Low Life or Mana. This can be good for builds that use a lot of reservations, or simply if you’re not certain in your ability to press the flasks fast enough, you have an automated system in this Unique item.
  • KITAVA’S HUNGER – A Majestic Plate that provides a large bonus to Maximum Life if there are no other Life modifiers on other equipped items. This applies to maximum Life, Life Regeneration and even Life penalties. It’s a significant Life bonus, and it can be worked around by using Prefixes on the rest of your items for other stats other that Maximum Life.

The Forbidden Sanctum is back? 

Yes, you heard it right! The Forbidden Sanctum is back in the Trial of the Ancestors League. Forbidden Tomes are the items that embody the Sanctums and you can trade them. The Forbidden Tome represents a floor of a Sanctum, when a floor is complete – the next floor is generated as a tradable item that keeps all your progress, Resolve, Boons & Afflictions. This provides flexibility since you’ll be able to trade your Sanctum over or Trade it if you think you can’t do it depending on what lies ahead compared to your build.

The Forbidden Sanctum rebalance

Another thing to note is that the entirety of the Sanctum has been re-balanced. Difficulty on later floors, new floors as well as monster variety have been updated. New Boons & Afflictions were added, and those that already existed were re-adjusted. A big change is also the way your Primary Defenses work – they protect your Resolve as well. They are also set to correctly correspond to how the actual Defenses work and transfer that to your Resolve:

  • Energy Shield – gives you Energy Aegis, which basically works the same as the Energy Shield for your Life, only this affects your Resolve.
  • Armor – grants a percentage based Resolve Mitigation from enemy hits and it scales with the amount of armor that you have.
  • Evasion – provides you with a chance to avoid Resolve loss entirely.


The change to Relics is similar to those of the Sanctum. This means that they are now tradable and they have been re-balanced to adjust to that change. Unique Relics have been revoked and replaced and the Sanctified Relics have not returned yet as well. To complete a Sanctum run, you have to defeat the Final Boss in both forms. If you didn’t know, the forms of the Final Boss of the Sanctum are Lycia, Unholy Herald and Lycia, Herald of the Scourge.


Last but not least, we will talk about the changes coming the the Chieftain Ascendancy which got a full redesign. Since the old version hasn’t been used or theorycrafted over in many of the recent Leagues, it was about time to change things up and see what can be done to make it more appealing to the Players.
There are a lot of changes so lets get staight into it:

Chieftain Ascendancy Skill Tree changes in Trial of the Ancestors league

  • Tasalio, Cleansing Water – Modifiers to Fire Resistance also apply to Cold and Lightning Resistances at 50% of their value. Unaffected by Ignite.
  • Valako, Storm’s Embrace – Modifiers to maximum Fire Resistance also apply to Maximum Cold and Lightning Resistances.
  • Arohongui, Moon’s Presence Recoup 10% of Damage Taken by your Totems as Life. Totems Regenerate 1 Life per second per 4 of your Life Recovery per second from Regeneration. Totems Taunt Enemies around them for 4 seconds when Summoned.
  • Ngamahu, Flame’s Advance – Non-Unique Jewels cause Increases and Reductions to other Damage Types to be Transformed to apply to Fire Damage.
  • Tawhoa, Forest’s Strength – Trigger Level 20 Tawhoa’s Chosen when you Attack with a Non-Vaal Slam or Strike Skill near an Enemy.
  • Ramako, Sun’s Light – Enemies you Kill have 5% chance to Explode, dealing 500% of their maximum Life as Fire Damage.
  • Tukohama, War’s Herald – Skills from Equipped Body Armor are Supported by Level 30 Ancestral Call. Skill from Equipped Body Armor are Supported by Level 20 Fist of War.
  • Hinekora, Death’s Fury – Nearby Enemies have no Fire Resistance against Damage over Time while you are Stationary.


Guardian Ascendancy

The Guardian Ascendancy of the Templar Class has seen better days. This Ascendancy was once known as the tankiest, but has gotten little to no attention from the Development Team nor the Players in recent Leagues. After this much needed rework, the Class will gain a lot of buffs which will hopefully get it back to it’s glory days compared to the recent low play rates. The changes that were implemented are:

Guardian Ascendancy Skill Tree changes in Trial of the Ancestors league

  • Unwavering FaithAuras from your Skills grant 5% increased Recovery Rate of Life, Mana, and Energy Shield to you and Allies.
  • Radiant Faith – Grants Armor equal to 25% of your Reserved Mana to you and nearby Allies. Grants maximum Energy Shield equal to 10% of your Reserved Mana to you and nearby Allies.
  • Time of NeedEvery 4 seconds, remove Curses and Elemental ailments from you. Every 4 seconds, Regenerate 100% of Life over one second.
  • Radiant CrusadeGrants Level 20 Summon Sentinel of Radiance Skill. 10% of Damage from Hits is taken from your Sentinel of Radiance’s Life before you.
  • Unwavering Crusade25% chance to Trigger Level 20 Summon Elemental Relic when you or a nearby Ally Kill an Enemy.
  • Bastion of HopeIf you’ve Attacked Recently, you and nearby Allies have +25% Chance to Block Attack Damage. If you’ve Cast a Spell Recently, you and nearby Allies have +25% Chance to Block Spell Damage.
  • Harmony of PurposeElemental Damage with Hits dealt by Allies between you and Linked Targets is Lucky. Allies between you and Linked Targets have +5% to all maximum Elemental Resistances. Enemies between you and Linked Targets cannot apply Elemental Ailments.

We do hope that these changes will help the Ascendancy get back on it’s feet, but only time will tell!

For those of you who don’t have time to read through the post, we’ve put aside a good video that will sum-up all the changes that were implemented with the Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors League and expansion. However, we do advise reading through in detail when you have the time, since it will be worth your while.


Thank you for reading and we hope that this guide helps you get on track with the newest Trial of the Ancestors League.

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