Season of Discovery Phase 3: Class Changes and Rune Tuning (April 16th 2024)

SoD Phase 3


Hello everyone and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post! This time around we’ll cover a bit of what is coming next in SoD Phase 3 in terms of Class Changes and Rune Tuning for April 16th 2024.

It’s great to hear that Season of Discovery is continuing to evolve with new class changes and updates. As players dive deeper into the Sunken Temple Raid, the developers need to address any issues and ensure that all classes are balanced and enjoyable to play.

With the upcoming changes scheduled for April 16, 2024, players can expect improvements to runes and abilities that may have been underperforming or experiencing issues. These changes aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience and bring more balance to the game.

As the Sunken Temple Raid gains momentum, additional hotfixes and class adjustments will likely be made to address any emerging issues or feedback from players. Keeping an eye on these changes will help you stay informed about the state of their favorite classes and how they may be impacted by the ongoing updates.

Overall, these updates represent a commitment from the developers to continually refine and improve Season of Discovery and it’s Phase 3, ensuring that you have a rewarding and enjoyable experience as you journey through Azeroth.

Below you will find the current official changes coming to Classes and their Runes for the 16th of April.





  • The Internal Cooldown for Overcharged has been increased to 3 seconds



  • Victory Rush heal increased to 30% of the Warrior’s health (was 10%).


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If further changes are implemented for Classes and Runes in the coming reset on the 16th of April we will update this post.