Season of Discovery Phase 4: How to Level Fast from 50 to 60

Leveling Fast Phase 4


Hello everyone and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post. Season of Discovery Phase 4 is officially on our doorstep, and the most important thing to talk about in the start is always the Leveling. In this post we will do our best to cover all the possible methods and hopefully help you decide the road you’ll take in your leveling journey.

Leveling fast is one of the most important things at the start of any expansion, or in this case, a new Phase. SoD introduced us to a different type of Phasing system which includes ‘level caps’. Considering we’re at the point of Phase 4 being released, it means that we will finally reach the maximum level for WoW Classic – Level 60.

Leveling up quickly from 50 to 60 in Season of Discovery Phase 4 can be a fun and efficient process with the right strategy. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get there as fast as possible, covering dungeon leveling, quest leveling for both Horde and Alliance, and additional tips and tricks.

What is the best way to Level Fast in SoD Phase 4? 

There are multiple ways of leveling in Phase 4. However, there are differences depending on your time investment, playstyle and overall enjoyment of the game. The fastest ways to level are:

  • Having a group to run Dungeons (most efficient)
  • Questing (the regular way)
  • Farming mobs in outworld (specific to certain classes)

we will go through each of these and explain how and where to do this depending on your preference.

Dungeon Leveling

Dungeon leveling is the fastest way to level from 50 to 60. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Why Dungeon Leveling?

Dungeon leveling offers consistent experience points (XP), valuable gear, and the chance to complete multiple quests simultaneously. It’s particularly effective when done with a full party of players who can quickly clear mobs and bosses.

Key Dungeons for Leveling


Location: Desolace
Level Range: 45-55

Why Maraudon?

Maraudon is a vast dungeon with multiple wings, offering a high density of mobs and numerous bosses. The layout allows for efficient mob pulls and quick kills, which means you can gather a lot of XP in a relatively short amount of time. Additionally, Maraudon offers several quests that provide significant XP boosts.

Farming Tip: Focus on clearing all wings to maximize XP gains. Keep an eye out for groups forming in chat or use the dungeon finder tool.

Blackrock Depths

Location: Blackrock Mountain
Level Range: 52-58

Why Blackrock Depths?

Blackrock Depths (BRD) is known for its high mob density and numerous quests. The dungeon is massive and can be split into several runs if needed, each packed with mobs that provide excellent XP. BRD also offers valuable loot, including profession materials and gear.

Farming Tip: Prioritize completing quests within BRD to maximize your XP. Clear large areas and aim for efficient group pulls to speed up the process.

Blackrock Spire

Location: Blackrock Mountain
Level Range: 55-60

Why Blackrock Spire?

Both Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS) and Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) are excellent for leveling due to their high mob density and numerous bosses. These dungeons are also home to several quests that yield significant XP and valuable gear.

Farming Tip: Form a solid group and clear the dungeons methodically. Ensure you complete the quests associated with these dungeons for additional XP.


Location: Eastern Plaguelands
Level Range: 56-60

Why Stratholme?

Stratholme is split into two sections: the Scarlet Bastion and the undead side. Both sections are densely packed with mobs and quests. The dungeon is ideal for high-level players looking to push from 56 to 60 efficiently.

Farming Tip: Clear both sections for maximum XP. Coordinate with your group to handle the high mob density and complete quests for additional rewards.


Location: Western Plaguelands
Level Range: 57-60

Why Scholomance?

Scholomance is a high-level dungeon filled with elite mobs and challenging bosses. The dungeon offers a plethora of quests that provide excellent XP and valuable loot. The high mob density and the difficulty of the enemies make it a prime spot for leveling.

Farming Tip: Focus on efficient group pulls and completing all available quests. This will maximize your XP gains and provide valuable gear for the final push to level 60.

Advantages of Dungeon Leveling Over Questing

  • Consistent XP: Dungeons provide steady XP gains through mob kills and quests.
  • Better Gear: Dungeon runs often yield better gear, enhancing your character’s performance.
  • Group Play: Faster leveling due to teamwork and shared objectives.
  • Less Travel Time: More time killing mobs, less time traveling between quests.

Quest Leveling

If you prefer questing, here’s a breakdown for both Horde and Alliance players.

Horde Quest Leveling

  • Un’Goro Crater (50-55): Start your journey in this lush area with plenty of quests and grinding spots.
  • Felwood (50-55): Offers a variety of quests that can be completed alongside Un’Goro Crater.
  • Western Plaguelands (55-58): A zone with rich questlines and many undead mobs to slay.
  • Eastern Plaguelands (58-60): The final push to 60 can be done here with numerous quests and elite mobs for high XP.

Alliance Quest Leveling

  • Searing Gorge (50-55): Start your questing in this volcanic zone with many chains that offer good XP.
  • Burning Steppes (50-55): Offers a lot of quests that can be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Western Plaguelands (55-58): Like the Horde, this is a great zone for leveling with plenty of quests.
  • Eastern Plaguelands (58-60): Finish off your leveling journey here with numerous quests and elite areas.

Tips for Quest Leveling

  • Quest Chains: Focus on completing quest chains, as they often offer more XP and better rewards.
  • Flight Paths: Always grab new flight paths to reduce travel time.
  • Rested XP: Make use of inns to get rested XP, which doubles the XP from killing mobs.
  • Grinding Spots: Identify good grinding spots where mobs are plentiful and respawn quickly.

Fast Leveling in SoD Phase 4 via outworld mob farming

As you all know, there’s a lot of grinding spots especially in Western Plaguelands (WPL) on the Farmsteads. These are probably the most efficient way since you won’t be sharing experience with anyone, and will get all the loot as well as the chance at various handy drops and get Argent Dawn rep along the way, which will naturally be the most crucial moving forward.

Things to consider for this method

Even though this might be the most efficient method of farming it is exclusive to only a two Classes, and not for the same time period.

  • Mage – can utilize this method to it’s fullest and will most likely be the first Class to reach 60 due to the fact that it is the king of farming.
  • Hunter – Hunters take the second spot due to their ability to manipulate packs and the environment especially on farmsteads in WPL. This will give them an edge, but they will have to move towards Questing or Dungeon farming in the meantime or after reaching Level 57.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Here are some extra tips to help you level up even faster:

Discoverer’s Delight Buff

The Discoverer’s Delight buff now offers 150% XP for levels 1-50 and 50% for levels 50-60. Always have this buff active to maximize your XP gains.


Take breaks to level up your professions. This can offer valuable gear, potions, and additional XP. Focus on professions like Herbalism and Mining for gathering, or Blacksmithing and Alchemy for crafting.

PvP Class Sets

If you’re into PvP, aim for the Rank 10 class sets. These not only offer great gear but also provide significant XP when completing PvP quests and activities.

Nightmare Incursions

Participate in Nightmare Incursions, which have been updated to daily quest hubs. These offer high XP and valuable rewards.

Daily Quests and Events

Engage in daily quests and world events such as the Black Rock Eruption. These activities provide additional XP and unique rewards.

Group Play

Whenever possible, play with friends or join a guild. Group play can significantly speed up quest completion and dungeon runs, making the leveling process much more efficient.

How to prepare for Fast leveling in SoD Phase 4?

The best way to prepare is to have the following:

  • All the necessary consumables (food, water, various bombs and tools if you’re an Engineer, be repaired etc.)
  • Make sure to place your Character on the spot from which you want to start the Leveling to avoid losing time
  • Avoid logging out in major cities to avoid lag issues and delays
  • Try to have as many Quests ready for turn-in and have a clear route on where and when you’ll hand them in
  • If you haven’t done the Cloth Quests in major cities, make sure to have the cloth ready for turn in and then turn them in as you go from town to town without too much downtime


Q: What is the fastest way to level from 50 to 60 in Season of Discovery Phase 4?

A: Dungeon leveling is the fastest way due to consistent XP, better gear, and group efficiency.

Q: Which dungeons should I focus on for leveling?

A: Focus on Maraudon, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Stratholme, and Scholomance for optimal XP gains.

Q: Is questing still a viable method for leveling?

A: Yes, questing is still viable, especially if you prefer solo play. Follow the outlined zones for Horde and Alliance for efficient quest leveling.

Q: How can I maximize my XP gains outside of dungeons and quests?

A: Utilize the Discoverer’s Delight buff, level up professions, participate in PvP, engage in Nightmare Incursions, and complete daily quests and world events.


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World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase 4 promises to be a great addition to the already popular iteration of the game. This new Phase will give you a chance to delve into the old content, but with various new additions and changes in playstyles for many Classes. Whether you’re a lore enthusiast, a PvPer, or a dungeon explorer, this Phase will have something for everyone.

Naturally the new Blackrock Eruption Event looks to be one of the finer additions to the Phase and will definitely bring many people back to the game to try these out and see what’s new!

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By following this guide and focusing on efficient dungeon runs, completing quests in high-yield areas, and utilizing all available buffs and resources, you’ll be able Level Fast to 60 in Season of Discovery Phase 4 quickly and enjoyably. Good luck on your journey!

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