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Throne and Liberty


Hello everyone! The year of 2024 is looking pretty good when it comes to gaming. For all of us nerds and Players around the globe, it’s definitely one of those years in which anything is possible. Aside from the many announcements and releases of various MMO’s, ARPG’s and games in other genre’s, one of the more ‘hyped’ up games is definitely gonna be Throne and Liberty.

Originally envisioned as part of the Lineage series, Throne and Liberty has evolved into a standalone game that seeks to redefine the MMORPG genre. Set in the richly detailed realm of Solisium, the game offers players an open world filled with evolving environments, diverse character customization, and a story-driven experience that invites exploration and adventure.

Even though it’s official release was back in December 7th, 2023, those who were not from South Korea didn’t have much fun, or had to go to extreme lengths in order to procure this phenomenal game and try it out. However, this all changes in 2024!

Before we go into what we can expect and when we can expect this game to come out, we’d like to inform you that this post will be more about ‘wrapping’ up what we know about the game so far, but if you wish to read about things more in depth, you should read our other post, or feel free to look through our InstantCarry blog page for many other Updates and Information!

Now to start things off, let us look at the trailer and move on to what you can expect from Throne and Liberty!

Throne and Liberty Official Release Date Trailer

Now that we’ve seen the release dates from the trailer, we’ll talk a bit about the game, and turn towards exactly when you can expect it to come out!

What is Throne and Liberty? 

Throne and Liberty (also known as TL) is the newest addition in the MMORPG genre. It is developed by the company NCSOFT which is stationed in South Korea, and it partnered up with Amazon Games for its world-wide release. The game itself reminds of a mix of Final Fantasy and Elden Ring, but it also holds a dose of Guild Wars in it. It has stunning visualization, amazing fights, Character movement, Creature design as well as a huge World that is to be explored.

It takes place in the fantasy world of Solisium, where the harsh landscape, mountains, hills and various rocky deserts are going to prove challenging and will take some adapting to. However, there are various other plains and fields, as well as Dungeons for you to explore.

What’s important to note is that this game has been in development since 2011. It was initially supposed to be the sequel to the Lineage game and be a part of it’s series – it’s title was supposed to be Lineage Eternal. Although, as we already mentioned due to various delays and NCSOFT not knowing whether or not it wants to go with this or make a whole new project, after years of testing and debating, we ended up getting “Project TL” at the start of 2017.

Since 2017, it was announced that the game will get a new Game Director and that it will shift from the old engine that was used for Guild Wars to Unreal Engine 4, and that’s when the Project TL officially started.

Throne and Liberty BETA TESTING Release Date

The BETA for TL is set to be available from July 18th – July 23rd, 2024. You will be able to sign up for the BETA by vising the official TL site. You will be able to get a taste of the game and it will also be a chance for them to check the servers as well as gain feedback from the Players and community.

Throne and Liberty Release Date CONFIRMED

Throne and Liberty is scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 17, 2024. This upcoming MMORPG from NCSoft promises to blend the best of traditional MMO elements with modern innovations, creating a dynamic and immersive experience in the fantasy world of Solisium.

Key Features of Throne and Liberty

Open World and Dynamic Environment

In Throne and Liberty, players are introduced to a vast open world that constantly evolves. The game features a dynamic environmental system where weather changes and seasons come and go, directly impacting gameplay. Rain might turn roads into muddy obstacles, snow could slow your travel, and seasonal changes might affect which creatures you encounter or which resources are available. The real-time day-night cycle further adds to the immersion, influencing visibility and the behavior of NPCs and enemies. As night falls, different creatures may emerge, and quests might take on new dimensions depending on the time of day.

Character Customization and Classes

Throne and Liberty offers deep character customization, allowing players to craft their avatars with detailed appearance options, choosing from various races and backgrounds that influence their abilities and starting conditions. The game’s class system is highly flexible, using Sigils that let players switch between different classes at will. This means you can adapt your character’s role based on the needs of your party or your personal preference. Each class has its unique playstyle, whether it’s melee combat, ranged attacks, magic, or hybrid roles. This flexibility ensures that every player can find a role that suits their gameplay style and can adapt to different situations as needed.

Combat and PvP

The combat system in Throne and Liberty is a blend of traditional MMORPG mechanics and action-oriented elements. Players engage in fluid, real-time battles that require both strategic thinking and quick reflexes. The game features designated PvP zones where players can engage in battles against each other. These areas offer special rewards and incentives, making them high-risk but high-reward zones. Additionally, there are epic encounters with world bosses and raid content that require coordinated group efforts, providing significant challenges and substantial rewards.

Crafting, Gathering, and Economy

Crafting and gathering play a crucial role in Throne and Liberty. Players can gather resources from the world and use them to craft gear, weapons, and other items essential for their adventures. The crafting system is detailed and allows for specialization in various professions such as blacksmithing, alchemy, and tailoring. The player-driven economy means that crafted items and resources can be traded or sold in the game’s market system, which includes regional auction houses where players can sell their goods. This system encourages player interaction and creates a dynamic economy where supply and demand affect prices and availability.

Guilds and Alliances

Throne and Liberty emphasizes social gameplay through its guild and alliance systems. Players can form or join guilds, which offer various benefits including shared resources, exclusive quests, and the ability to participate in large-scale guild wars for territory control. These guild wars add a strategic layer to the game, as guilds must plan and coordinate their efforts to gain and maintain control over key locations. Alliances between guilds can also be formed, allowing for even larger cooperative and competitive engagements, such as territory battles and world events.

Story and Quests

The game offers a rich narrative experience with a main storyline that guides players through the lore and conflicts of Solisium. In addition to the main quest line, there are numerous side quests and activities that delve into the world’s backstory, offering unique rewards and deeper understanding of the game’s universe. Throne and Liberty also features dynamic world events like invasions, sieges, and natural disasters, which require players to band together to overcome. These events provide additional challenges and opportunities for rewards, enhancing the overall immersion and engagement in the game.

Graphics and Art Style

Visually, Throne and Liberty is a feast for the eyes, powered by NCSoft’s advanced graphics engine. The game boasts highly detailed environments and realistic character models that bring the world of Solisium to life. The art direction blends high fantasy elements with realistic touches, creating a vibrant and immersive world that players will be eager to explore.

New Additions and Unique Elements

Transformation System

A unique feature in Throne and Liberty is the transformation system. Players can transform into various creatures and beings, each offering different abilities that enhance exploration and combat. For example, transforming into a bird might allow you to fly over obstacles, while becoming a fish could let you explore underwater areas. This system adds a layer of strategy, as different transformations are better suited to different tasks and environments, encouraging players to think creatively about how to approach challenges.

Political System

The game incorporates a political system that adds depth to the social and strategic elements of gameplay. Guilds can control territories, influencing the game world and economy by managing resources and setting policies. Players can engage in political maneuvering, including forming alliances, engaging in diplomacy, and even betraying other groups. This system adds a layer of intrigue and strategy, as players must navigate complex relationships and power dynamics to succeed.

AI and NPC Interactions

The AI in Throne and Liberty is designed to be intelligent and reactive. NPCs in the game world respond dynamically to player actions, weather changes, and world events. This means that the game world feels alive and responsive, with NPCs exhibiting realistic behaviors based on the current situation. Enemies adapt to player strategies, making encounters more challenging and requiring players to continually adapt their tactics.

Preparation and Expectations

For new players, Throne and Liberty offers a rich and immersive world to explore. Take your time to discover the various systems and mechanics, and don’t hesitate to join a guild to enhance your gameplay experience. For veterans of the MMORPG genre, the game’s flexible class system and dynamic world will provide ample opportunities to experiment with different playstyles and strategies. Whether you’re engaging in combat, crafting, or exploring the political landscape, Throne and Liberty promises to offer a deep and rewarding experience.

Official Resources and Further Information

To stay up-to-date with the latest news, trailers, and community discussions, visit the official Throne and Liberty website here.


As Throne and Liberty approaches its release on September 17, 2024, anticipation is building for what promises to be a groundbreaking MMORPG experience. With its blend of traditional and modern elements, dynamic world, and engaging gameplay systems, Throne and Liberty invites players to embark on an epic journey through the world of Solisium.

We really hope that this won’t be one of those games that dies quite fast like New World, and we are honestly quite hyped about it and can’t wait to test it ourselves. This game has been one of those that many talked about for several months and it would truly be disappointing to see it have loads of issues on it’s global release. There were too many delays for this game as we said before, and now is definitely the time for it to breach the global scene and win over Players.

This is as much info as we have so far. We hope it was helpful and we hope that some good things coming out of the Throne and Liberty release. We will continue to monitor the development of Throne and Liberty and bring back the most important Updates, News and Information for you.

Thank you for reading and if you need help with anything in Throne & Liberty, feel free to check our Services, or contact us on Livechat or Discord Support. We are up 24/7!

As always we’ll leave you with a video, and this time around it will be a gameplay walkthrough so you can see what to expect!

Thank you again for reading and stay safe!

Throne and Liberty Gameplay Walkthrough (Video)