WoW Cataclysm Classic: Baradin Hold Guide

Baradin Hold Guide


Hello everyone and welcome to another Guide edition for WoW Cataclysm Classic on our InstantCarry blog. This time around we’ll focus on a Baradin Hold Guide and we’ll hopefully give you some insight into what you can expect and what you should do in this Raid.

Baradin Hold is a raid instance located in Tol Barad, an island off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, accessible by flying or through the Tol Barad portal in major cities. This guide provides essential information on how to access, tackle, and succeed in Baradin Hold’s encounters.


Baradin Hold is a PvP-contested raid instance designed for a 10 or 25-player raid group. It contains three main bosses: Argaloth, Occu’thar, and Alizabal. Each boss drops tier and PvP gear relevant to the Cataclysm expansion, making it a prime target for gearing up.

Entry Requirements

  1. Controlling Tol Barad: Your faction must control Tol Barad to access Baradin Hold. Control is determined through PvP battles that occur every 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  2. Access Portal: Once your faction gains control, use the Tol Barad portal in your capital city to reach the island. The raid entrance is at the center of the island.

Boss Encounter Baradin Hold Guide

Before we go over the encounters, it’s important to mention that these Bosses will become available depending on the actual Phase in WoW Cataclysm Classic. Currently in Phase 1 the only active Boss is – Argaloth.

Argaloth Boss Guide

Argaloth Boss Guide

Argaloth is the first boss players will encounter in Baradin Hold. He is a Pit Lord and acts as a gear check for your raid group.

    • 10-player: 35,040,000
    • 25-player: 115,200,000
  • Meteor Slash: A cone attack inflicting heavy Fire damage, split between players hit. Also applies a debuff increasing Fire damage taken.
  • Fel Firestorm: Summons Fel Flames on random players, dealing Fire damage. Avoid standing in flames.
  • Berserk: Enrages after 5 minutes, drastically increasing his damage.
  • Tanking: Two tanks are needed. Tanks should swap after each Meteor Slash to manage the Fire damage debuff.
  • Positioning: Split the raid into two groups, each behind a tank to evenly distribute Meteor Slash damage.
  • Movement: Stay spread out and avoid Fel Flames. Players targeted by flames should move to minimize damage.
  • Argaloth drops PvE and PvP gear, including tier gloves and legs.

Occu’thar Boss Guide

Occu'thar Boss Guide

Occu’thar is a monstrous, shadowy eyed hound-like Boss and serves as the second boss. The encounter tests the raid’s ability to handle adds and positioning.

    • 10-player: 46,800,000
    • 25-player: 140,400,000
  • Gaze of Occu’thar: Deals moderate Shadow damage to all players.
  • Focused Fire: Launches a line of shadow fire at a random player. Players hit take heavy damage.
  • Searing Shadows: A frontal cone attack dealing massive Shadow damage and applying a Shadow damage vulnerability debuff.
  • Eyes of Occu’thar: Summons Eyes of Occu’thar that fixate on players and explode on death.
  • Tanking: Two tanks needed. Tanks should swap after each Searing Shadows to manage the debuff.
  • Positioning: Spread out to minimize damage from Focused Fire.
  • Adds: Quickly kill Eyes of Occu’thar. Players should focus on avoiding explosions and controlling the adds.
  • Occu’thar drops PvE and PvP gear, including tier gloves and legs.

Alizabal Boss Guide

Alizabal Boss Guide

Alizabal is the final boss in Baradin Hold. She is a bloodthirsty demoness that challenges the raid’s mobility and damage distribution.

    • 10-player: 53,040,000
    • 25-player: 158,400,000
  • Skewer: Inflicts massive Physical damage to the tank, increases damage taken, and applies a bleed.
  • Seething Hate: Targets a random player and inflicts massive damage to players within 6 yards.
  • Blade Dance: Alizabal becomes immune to damage and randomly charges players, dealing massive Physical damage.
  • Tanking: Two tanks needed. Tanks should swap after each Skewer to manage the damage increase and bleed effect.
  • Positioning: Spread out to minimize Seething Hate damage.
  • Movement: Avoid Alizabal during Blade Dance. She becomes immune, so focus on staying out of her path.
  • Alizabal drops PvE and PvP gear, including tier gloves and legs.

Raid Composition and Tips

Raid Composition:

  • 10-player: 2 tanks, 2-3 healers, 5-6 DPS.
  • 25-player: 2-3 tanks, 5-6 healers, 16-18 DPS.

General Tips:

  • Fire Resist Gear: Can be useful for Argaloth to mitigate Meteor Slash, but not necessary.
  • Communication: Crucial for handling abilities like Fel Firestorm and Blade Dance.
  • Cooldowns: Use defensives and healing cooldowns during intense damage phases.
  • Movement: Be ready to move out of harmful effects quickly.



Baradin Hold provides a straightforward but gear-checking raid experience in Cataclysm Classic. Master the mechanics of each boss, control the battlefield effectively, and reap the rewards from Tol Barad’s mighty raid instance. Thank you for reading our Baradin Hold Guide!

Stay updated on new tactics and adjustments as more players venture into the hold and uncover optimal strategies for these formidable foes. Good luck, and may your loot be plentiful!

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Thank you again and stay safe! We’ll leave a quick video about the tactics for Argaloth which is the current active BH Boss!

Barading Hold Guide – Argaloth Quick Guide (Video)