WoW Classic Era Hardcore

WoW Classic Era Hardcore


Read our InstantCarry WoW Classic Era Hardcore post. Stay up to date with the latest changes, implementations, tips and tricks for Classic Era and it’s new game mode – Hardcore!

Ever since the dawn of time.. back in 2004, when WoW Vanilla first came out. We have been amazed by the way this fantasy universe brought all of our Warcraft dreams together. It went past our wildest imaginations and even after it’s many expansions such TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm… and now even Dragonflight. It brought us many joyful experiences, and our expectations for the game have grown ever since.

Classic Era History

As with everything in life, People sometimes yearn for the good old Classic Era, and how things used to be. In 2017, Blizzard finally announced that after so many years Vanilla will be back! For younger Players this meant that you can experience how things were back in WoW from 2004. They could find out how it was in Molten Core, BWL, AQ and good old Naxx. This also meant that the older Players could relive that experience and go back to the game as it was when it first launched.

This finally happened in 2019, as the WoW Classic, now Classic Era went live. The genre continued and is currently on the WotLK expansion, you can find the services we offer for this section here. It is still uncertain how far they want to go with this. However, even though the Classic Era had it’s day, Blizzard gave Players the option to continue playing the Original game, or move into next expansions. Keeping the servers up for those of us that didn’t want to go back to private servers means a lot, but something was missing.

The thing that was missing was out there all along, it’s been in front of our noses in Path of Exile & Diablo, it was the Hardcore mode. On our InstantCarry WoW Classic Era Hardcore post, we will go through what this implementation means, how it came to be, which changes and rules are we going to follow?

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Classic Era HARDCORE

There has been a lot of hype around the Hardcore Death=Delete addon on the regular Classic Era servers. Many streamers have gotten on the hype train and the community has shown a lot of interest. This has pushed Blizzard into adding the Classic Era Hardcore servers themselves!

Yes, it’s official, Hardcore servers are coming to WoW Classic Era! The release date of these realms has been set for the 24th of August. If you are not aware of the Death=Delete Add-on, or if you are not informed about what Hardcore actually means, then stick around. In our InstantCarry WoW Classic Era Hardcore post, we will go through all the changes that are coming as well as the rules that are being implemented to these realms.

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Which changes are coming on the Classic Era Hardcore realms?

If we go back and look at how things work on Hardcore mode for games such as Path of Exile or Diablo 4. The way it works is that your character has only one life from the moment it’s created. This means that if your character dies ONCE, it’s over. However, the exact changes coming to WoW Classic Era Hardcore are as follows:

  • Deaths on Hardcore realms are permanent on that realm
  • PvP Flagging changes
  • Battleground changes
  • PvP Quest updates
  • Leashed mobs
  • On the clock Dungeons
  • Buff and Debuff changes
  • Paladin Bubble
  • Duel changes – Mak’Gora
  • Content Phases
  • Play Nice, Play Fair implementation

As you can see, there are a lot of changes coming and we will go through all of them and try to explain them as best as possible. Hopefully this will help you understand the Classic Era Hardcore mode better!

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Deaths on Hardcore are permanent

Spirit Healer

Essentially this means what it says. When you die on a Hardcore realm, you won’t be able to resurrect in any way, shape or form. This means that:

  • You can’t run back to your corpse to resurrect
  • Nobody else can resurrect you with a spell
  • Warlock’s Soulstone won’t work
  • Shaman’s Reincarnation won’t be of any use
  • Any other shape or form of resurrection doesn’t work

However, upon dying on the Hardcore realm, you will be given an option to do a Free Character Move service and send your Character to a non-Hardcore realm. The Character will be able to resurrect there normally.

Another thing to note is that once your Character dies, it will continue to exist in-game. You will become a ghost that wanders the plains and you will be able to communicate with in-game Friends. This was implemented mainly to handle in-game specifics such as handing over leadership of the Guild. If you happen to be the Guild Master.

Classic Era PvP Flagging changes on Hardcore mode

PvP FlaggingGanking is one of the most iconic things in WoW Classic – if you’re a PvPer. Naturally, there are realms which were made and labeled for PvP, this is not the case for Hardcore realms. Getting your Character killed by a high level because you accidently flagged yourself. Doing a PvP Quest and having that be your demise, because there was a Lurker nearby. Having someone jump out of that specific Silverleaf that you tried to Herb and accidently miss-clicked on their flagged Char instead.

These things are a problem of the past. Classic Era Hardcore has brought in some changes to how the /pvp command works. Until now, you were able to take hostile actions against a PvP flagged Player at any point.

With the new implementation on Hardcore, you won’t be able to attack that Player, unless you type in /pvp command yourself. By doing so, you deliberately engaged in PvP and this helps keep the fairness for all the Players that want to enjoy other content. Another important note, is that if you engage an opposite faction NPC, you will automatically be flagged for PvP.

A worthy mention is that Blizzard decided to put PvP on the bench as a general rule for Hardcore.

Classic Era Hardcore Battleground changes

Classic Era WSG MapWe all know that WoW has one of, if not the best PvP arrangements in any MMORPG game. Even since the early days, Battlegrounds were the way to prove your dominance over other Players. After that in the following expansions Arena was implemented which elevated WoW’s status even further compared to other games – PvP wise. However, the idea for Classic Era Hardcore is to move away from PvP, as we mentioned before.

This leads us to a point where Blizzard officially announced that Battlegrounds will be completely DISABLED on Hardcore mode. To be more precise, any regular PvP queuing will not be available. They did leave us with the Wargames system though. This means that you will be able to queue for premade Battlegrounds, but you will not gain any Honor or Reputations from them.

Important note: If you delve into Wargames, and your Character dies – the Death is PERMANENT!

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PvP Quest Updates for Classic Era Hardcore

WoW Quest MarkQuesting is one of the most important things in any RPG Game. Doing Quests helps your character progress, earn rewards, gain reputations and many other things. This goes double for Classic Era Hardcore. The whole point of the Hardcore game mode is for Players to level up to 60 without dying. However, there were some issues if we look at the fact that there are many Quests on both Horde & Alliance that flag your for PvP.

These things won’t be a problem anymore. Blizzard decided to change all the Quests & Objectives that once flagged your for PvP into regular Quests. This is just another in the long line of things that are being done to discourage any form of PvP.

Also, there were many Quests that required a Player to die in order to complete them. These were reworked and you will no longer have to die to complete them. When it comes to Escort Quests, these are also tuned so that the Members of the opposite Faction can’t kill the NPC’s. Blizzard feels that killing NPC’s, especially Quest NPC’s is viewed as Game-disruption and will not be allowed.

Leashed mobs on the Hardcore realm

Putting something on a Leash is pretty straightforward. However, when it comes to WoW Classic, this means that in-game mobs will reset when they reach a certain point. This usually happens when you kite an enemy too far from it’s spawn point, when you leave the area where it spawns or when you change the zone from which you engaged it.

There were many scenarios in which Players got World Bosses to major cities, kited high level Elite mobs to a low level zone or area etc. These things will be labeled as Gameplay-disruption and it’s something Blizzard wants to remove from Classic Era Hardcore mode.

Although, they did say that they are working on adjusting all of this properly. It’s important for them to do this so they don’t interfere with classes such as Hunters or Warlocks. These Classes may want to solo difficult Elite mobs and it would be unfair to interfere with legitimate gameplay.

On the clock Dungeons on Hardcore realms

WoW Classic Era DeadminesIf you’ve ever played any Raids, you will be familiar with the term – lockout. If not – Lockout is the term which is used to describe an in-game progress save in a Dungeon. This has been utilized since the beginning of WoW and many other Games followed the example. By putting a lockout on a Group or Raid Dungeon, you basically gain a feeling of progress and achievement. This also works as a gate of sorts, so that people don’t abuse something too much for their own benefit and end the Game content too quickly.

Raids usually work on a 3 day lockout, or a weekly lockout. For example, Zul’Gurub was on a 3 day lockout, which meant that you could realistically do it two times per week. Whilst Raids such as MC, BWL, Naxx etc., were on a weekly lockout.

One of the most important aspects of the Classic Era Hardcore mode is most definitely the Questing and engaging in adventures with other Players. This is bolstered additionally by the fact that Blizzard implemented a 24-hour lockout for ALL DUNGEONS. This lockout is active for all Players that are still Leveling to 60. Another addition is the fact that any Level 60 Character, will be unable to join any Dungeons with Characters that are lower than Level 60.

Last but not least, any high level Character that enters a low-level Dungeon to help friends out, will only cause them harm. Harm may be a harsh word, but in Classic Era Hardcore, that is exactly what will happen. A high level Character will make any low level mobs give little to no experience to the rest of the party. This will prevent any power leveling or Dungeon Boosting on Classic Era Hardcore.

Buff and Debuff changes in Classic Era Hardcore

WoW Buffs and DebuffsIf you played Vanilla WoW, or you are aware of its regulations, then this will be familiar to you. Since the beginning of WoW, there was a limit to how many Buffs you can have on yourself, and Debuffs on Monsters & Bosses. This was mostly due to Raids since the they were mostly 40-man. You were able to put out 16 Buffs and 32 Debuffs to be exact.

As Blizzard stated, this was not a conscious design choice. Since this was one of the most controversial parts of WoW, they decided to REMOVE these limitations for WoW Classic Era Hardcore.

Hardcore realm Paladin Bubble 

Bubble hearth no moreAs we previously mentioned, there will be no do-overs or resurrections, which is the essence of the Classic Era Hardcore mode. This means that Shamans will have no Reincarnation, Warlocks’ Soulstone will not work, but this also goes for Paladins. You might wonder what this means. Well, since the beginning of WoW, Paladins excelled at survivability compared to many other Classes due to their various Skill-set.

If you’re aware of these Paladin Skills, then you must know how useful they are in many situations. What is the most iconic thing for a Paladin was the way they could Bubble-Hearthstone out of any problematic situation. Considering the restrictions on other Classes, the new change won’t bypass this one. The use of a Hearthstone while under the effect of Blessing of Protection, Divine Protection and Divine Shield won’t be possible.

Yes, you heard it right, Blizzard is removing the ability for Paladins to Bubble or use any other immunity in order to Hearthstone to safety.

Hardcore Duel changes – Mak’Gora

Saurfang Mak'GoraAh, the good old Duels. They’ve lost their meaning in the recent years especially since expansions kept pilling up. However, in the earliest days of WoW, Duels were one of those things that allowed you to prove your dominance over others – aside from Battlegrounds. In Classic Era Hardcore mode, the Duel takes a whole new meaning.

As most of you are aware, Duels end after you or your opponent reach 1 HP. With the Hardcore changes, these Duels will now be a Mak’Gora. A Duel to the Death is the most fitting Hardcore feature. Whenever we talk about Mak’Gora, we can’t help remember the Duel between Garrosh and Thrall, as well as Saurfang and Sylvanas. You might be wondering, what does this mean?

What this means is that in Classic Era Hardcore mode, aside from the regular Duels, there will be a Duel to the Death. Dying in a Mak’Gora on Hardcore obviously spells your Characters demise.

Duel to the Death trophies on the Hardcore realm

Classic Era Hardcore Mak'Gora trophiesSimply stating that there will be a Duel to the Death doesn’t make much sense unless we actually get something for it. Some of you might be familiar with the Ear trophies from Diablo, well – they are here as well! Being able to brag about the amount of Characters you’ve slain. Having your opponents Ears around your neck is something worth fighting for. It also brings on a different perspective on this part of the Game.

The amount of Ear trophies that you collect, will show other Players how many times you’ve won the Mak’Gora. It will also showcase the amount of times you’ve managed to survive the Duel, which will most likely make other Players weary of challenging you and will additionally prove your dominance over others in the Hardcore realm.

Another worthy mention is that there are limitations to how you can obtain these trophies. Those are:

  • You cannot earn the String of Ears buff before you have reached level 10.
  • You cannot earn this buff if you and your opponent are too many levels apart.

This seems like a great addition, make sure to choose your Mak’Gora opponents wisely!

Content phasing on Classic Era Hardcore

Content phasing on HardcoreThe way Blizzard made it, was that WoW Classic has phases. Phases were essentially release dates for different types of content. This mainly revolved around the timelines when new Raids and Tiers will come out in the game. However, in Classic Era Hardcore mode, this won’t be the case. ALL of the content will be available right after launch.

The biggest Question was whether or not adding phases to the Hardcore game mode is beneficial or detrimental to the game. It was decided that due to many People not being able to follow up on the phases and losing their step, it’s best to have all of the content unlocked from the Start. This enables Players to not miss out and even skip the content that they are not interested in.

As mentioned earlier in this post, Hardcore is all about the Leveling and the experience that comes with it. Around every corner there are dangers and ninja pulls that can be Deadly. On this Classic Era mode you have to always be on your toes and weary of the many dangers that lurk in every corner of Azeroth.

By removing the phasing system that is active on the regular Classic Era and Season of Mastery versions, Blizzard removed the pressure from the average Player. Instead of hurrying up to get to max Level before the next phase hits, you can lay back and enjoy the game at your pace. On the other hand, those Players who are dedicated can race to various World First titles such as the first level 60, MC, BWL, Naxx clears etc. It’s important to note that even though all phases are unlocked from the start, it doesn’t mean you should rush to Naxx. As one loading screen would say: “Keep all things in moderation..”.

Hardcore Classic Play Nice, Play Fair implementation

As with everything, some Rules of conduct have to exist, this is also true for Classic Era Hardcore. We’ve mentioned many times before that the Hardcore realms are not meant for PvP. The code of conduct only bolsters this fact. Below, we will write a list of things that are FORBIDDEN in Classic Era Hardcore mode.

WoW Classic Era Hardcore

  • Purposely impede the ability of other Players to enjoy the Game.
  • Taking deliberate action which will cause the death of another Player. For example: Kiting an Elite with the intent of another Player taking damage and dying.
  • Any action that would result in the death of another Player is strictly forbidden.
  • Repeatedly killing Quest NPC’s .
  • Flagging and kiting Quest mobs to prevent other Players from progressing.
  • Any false reporting of a Player breaking the Rules will result in the harshest punishment.

Generally, the Rule-set is pretty straightforward. The main reason behind this is naturally to create a Social and Friendly environment for all of the Players. It’s important to note that Blizzard will take extra care when looking into these cases, things where a Tank isn’t healed enough in a Dungeon because he pulled too many mobs, won’t be the Healers fault. Also, when a Dps takes monster Aggro from the Tank and dies, it won’t be the Tanks fault etc.

Before you log into the Hardcore realm, you will be notified that your Character’s death will be permanent. Also, upon creating a Character, you will be asked to agree to the Classic Era Hardcore Rule-set and that once your Character dies it’s permanent and irrevocable.

Before we end this blog post, we want to give you a few…

Classic Era Hardcore Survival Tips & Tricks

We’ve talked a lot about what it means to be on a Hardcore realm. The differences between the Regular realm and Hardcore and pretty obvious. Since we know that we essentially have only ONE LIFE, it’s imperative to do everything we can to prevent our Character from dying. We comprised a list of Tips and Tricks that might help you avoid the cruel fate in Classic Era Hardcore!

Camera & Environment Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure that you always angle your camera correctly. Some items and chests may be looted through houses and walls if the camera is properly turned. This will help you avoid unnecessary attention from monsters that reside inside.
  • Make sure to utilize Trees, Fences as well as any Object that the monsters can’t go through, in case you have to kite them around to get back some hp, mana or a cooldown.
  • Try to follow the roads as much as possible, so that you avoid getting into sticky situations. Try to do this whenever possible, better safe than sorry. However..
  • Many of the zones in Classic Era have Elites that are of much higher Level. This being the case, it’s imperative that you stay on your guard even while walking on the roads to avoid these monsters from aggroing you. Take special care in zone transitions (Elwyn Forest to Duskwood for example).
  • Underwater breath. If you’re not playing Undead, there have been loads of cases of Players dying this way. Be weary!
  • DO NOT ENTER CAVES, unless you are a 100% sure that the monsters inside won’t be able to kill you. Most of the time, you will get swamped by a group of 4-5 mobs that can aggro through walls. In conclusion, caves are a big no-no, if at all possible – avoid them. Although, if you choose to enter them, make sure to have a CLEAR emergency exit. You do this so that you can run out and get as far away to drop mob aggro.

Profession Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure to get First Aid as soon as possible!
  • Another two Professions that will help you dramatically is most definitely going to be Mining and Engineering. Engineering is the one we’re looking into, because it offers a plethora of tools that you can use. Such as a parachute, a Target dummy and even Nitro boots(if they don’t backfire) that can be a life saver.
  • Getting Skinning is also a valid choice, for those of you that won’t play Classes such as a Warlock or a Paladin that get their mounts for free. Gold is one of the most important things in a fresh economy, and to get that first Mount. By skinning mobs, don’t sell the leather on the Auction House, but simply vendor it and the Gold will pile up before you know it.
  • Working on your Professions is much more important on Classic Era Hardcore than on the Regular realms. Professions really come to shine in this game mode. Sometimes we want to be Ahead of the Curve and rush things to avoid contested areas, but if you don’t keep up with your professions. At a certain point it will slow you down more than what you would gain from rushing. Certain professions offer a great assembly of items that will help you level up safer.

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Trainers & Vendors

  • If you’re a caster class that can wield wands, it’s imperative that you get it as fast as possible. Warlocks, Priests & Mages have this option, so make sure to take advantage of this fact.
  • Whenever you go into a New major City, make sure to find the Weapon Trainer. Weaponsmiths are one of the most important Trainers to talk to in each new major City. When you want to get the best possible Weapon upgrade for your Character, you must be able to wield it. Many times you’ll find yourself seeing a good Sword that you are unable to Wield because you haven’t learned it, and going to the main City at that point is a waste of time. Remember to do this whenever you’re passing through a major city for the FIRST time.
  • Downranking spells. It’s important to take care of which spell rank you will use. Some will cost much more Mana but carry little to no benefit. Mage’s Frost Nova for example, has the same effect on rank 1 and rank 10, but the only thing that changes is the small damage increase. Using a higher rank of this particular spell will only make you waste more mana. You should even avoid upgrading this spells altogether, to avoid spending your Gold on something that is not useful.
  • Look out for wandering merchants. All around Azeroth and its zones there are various Vendors that sell great green items and weaponry. These will most definitely be beneficial on Classic Era Hardcore.

Monster Approach

  • ALWAYS kill mobs, whenever you go to the place to do a Quest or going back to turn it in, it’s most important to constantly kill monsters. This will pile up to an incredible amount of additional XP.
  • If you do not attack a monster for 12 seconds, it will automatically reset. DO NOT RUN away too far, just try to spin in a circle and avoid hitting the monster as well as avoid getting hit for 12 seconds. Many Players make the mistake of running away, and then running into other mobs and dying that way.
  • At certain quest locations, you will have to kill certain Named or specific monsters. Most of these are guarded by other monsters and if they are not, other ones are in its close vicinity. That mob will usually yell or shout to call for help. Once this happens you will find yourself in a situation vs 5 mobs instead of 1. What we do here is that if you have any type of AoE, for example Mage’s Blizzard. We use this and aggro all the mobs, by doing this we essentially pull all of the mobs. This way you can continue to single target the monster that you need, while the others will eventually reset while you kite.
  • If you fight a difficult enemy, make sure to utilize the Guards that patrol the roads. This is usually best done if you’re close to a Town or a settlement. Make sure to deal around 25-30% of the damage to the monster before getting help from a Guard. This will enable you to gain experience and loot the monster.

More Tips & Tricks

  • For those of you who never played Hardcore, it’s important to make ALTS. An alt character can be your bank as well as a fail-safe in case your main character meets its demise. An alt will keep getting rested XP and all the important BoE items, Gold and things you don’t need on your main, can be put in its inventory for safe keeping.
  • Make sure that you Hearthstone every time you go away, this will help you gain rested experience once you come back to play.
  • If you have access to Limited Invulnerability Potion as well as the Nifty Stopwatch, it’s a great combination to help you escape from a sticky situation.
  • Whenever you have to go AFK, even for a minute or two. Make sure to LOG OUT of the game.
  • Make sure to download all the necessary Add-ons, the Weakaura addon that helps you keep track of buffs. For example, a Mage’s Frost Armor is something that you must have up at all times. If you forget it, there’s a high chance that you can get killed by monsters and then there’s no going back.


We hope that this blog post helped you learn more about the changes, implementations, rules, tips & tricks coming with WoW Classic Era Hardcore realms. The Hardcore mode will most definitely bring about a new life to the WoW Classic Era. Make sure to looks twice when crossing the roads of Azeroth and care not to pull too many mobs!

Also, make sure to follow the Hardcore Code of Conduct, and enjoy the game. We wish you the best of luck in your Hardcore Endeavour, and stay safe!

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