Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope Raid Guide

Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid Guide

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Read our Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope Raid Guide. In this post, we will explain where Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope is located. Which Bosses you’ll encounter there and tactics on how to defeat all of them. It’s important to note that WoW Dragonflight offers three Raid difficulties. Those are: Normal, Heroic and Mythic. In this post we will focus on the Normal and Heroic versions of the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid. When it comes to the Mythic difficulty we will make a separate post about it once the information becomes available to us.

As always we will go through the history of events that transpired leading up to this Raid, and getting to know the storyline behind what is going on in WoW Dragonflight up until Patch 10.2.

The story leading up to Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope Raid

We’ve been through A LOT, in terms of events that lead up to Dragonflight and it’s soon to be 10.2 Patch. World of Warcraft historically has had one of the best storylines that a game can have. If we look back to original Warcraft and then throughout all of the franchise and how World of Warcraft adapted to continue the story, it’s no wonder that it is the best MMORPG game of all time and why many people are interested in it. Obviously it’s vast universe with hundreds of zones and incredible gameplay is important, but the story is definitely something that interests many people that don’t even play the game.

When we talk about the events that lead up to Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid, we mustn’t fail to mention that from the looks of it, it will be the Final Raid of this expansion. If this truly is the last Raid of the expansion then there are many questions in terms of ‘what comes next?‘. However, if we are to touch base on what is currently going on – then the best explanation would be to start with Shadowlands.

Why did we need a new World Tree?

While we were in the Shadowlands, Elune possessed Tyrande Whisperwind and with the help of the Winter Queen communed with Ardenweald to create The Sisters’ Tear. This artifact was meant to be the ‘vessel of renewal’. It’s called the vessel of renewal because it is to serve as the new World Tree. World Trees are ancient, enormous trees that connect Azeroth to the Emerald Dream. This vessel was needed because back in Battle for Azeroth in the War of Thorns, Sylvanas Windrunner lead the Horde and burned Teldrassil, which was also the home of the Night Elves.

To keep Azeroth in balance and to make sure that the nature and decay of the world is in order, a World Tree must exist and it has to receive the blessings of the Dragon Aspects. After the Sisters’ Tear was created the Night Elves who died during the Burning of Teldrassil and who were rescued from the Maw, chose to become part of the new vessel and a new beginning for their people. By doing that they formed the new “seed”.

After the re-discovery of the Dragon Isles, Tyrande brought the seed to Merithra who is the leader of the Green Dragonflight after her mother – Ysera, passed away. Merithra took Tyrande through the Ancient Bough and into the Emerald Dream where the seed can be safe and grow into the next World Tree. Amirdrassil means “the Crown of Harmony” in Darnassian. However, we are far from harmony when it comes to Dragonflight Patch 10.2, and so the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope, becomes to next in-line Raid in the WoW franchise.

Who is Fyrakk and what does he want to do with Amirdrassil?

The Primal Incarnates are ancient proto-drakes who refused the gift of the titans. They oppose the dragonkind, and wish to cleanse the world of the stain of the Pantheon. One of the Primal Incarnates was Raszageth which we encountered and defeated in the Vault of Incarnates. She was the youngest of the four.

Fyrakk the Blazing is one of the Primal Incarnates who along with his brethren, turned down the gift of the titans and turned towards the elements. So far we’ve learned that even though he is on the ‘same page’ with the rest of the Incarnates, he does not shy away from burning his own followers or fighting with his own sister to meet his personal goals. His goal with Amirdrassil is to acquire power. The one and only thing Fyrakk lusts for is just that. The amount of energy and power that condensed in Amirdrassil is massive and it’s all that Fyrakk needs to bring Azeroth into the age of eternal flames. What he wants to do with the help of the Druids of the Flame, is to imbue the tree with “the living flame” which would make the flames spread all across the World.

An interesting thing that we saw from the recent trailer, was that Fyrakk is somehow able to use the flames to manipulate and twist other aspects perception. This eventually makes them succumb to the power of the flames and do anything he wants.

Now that we’ve caught up to the story and know what to expect, lets take a look into the latest cinematic which shows Fyrakk’s true intentions and gives us better understanding of how the story will unfold!

If you need help with Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope on Normal, Heroic or Mythic – or a Single Boss Kill, feel free to check out our services. On the other hand, if you’re here just for the Guide, feel free to continue reading and enjoy!

Fury Incarnate In-Game Cinematic – Fyrakk’s intentions(Video)

This cinematic best explains what we talked about above. It is also the only cinematic that we’ve gotten so far that shows Fyrakk’s personality and nature as the Final Boss of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid in Patch 10.2 of WoW Dragonflight.

What will the Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope Raid Guide cover?

This Guide will focus on everything regarding Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid, which includes:

  • Amidrassil, the Dream’s Hope entrance and Map location
  • The Raid versions, lockout and loot system
  • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Bosses Review and Tactics
  • The New Legendary Weapon – Fyr’alath, the Dream Render
  • Obtainable Mounts 

Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid Map locationAmirdrassil the Dream’s Hope entrance and Map location

Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope is located in the north-western part of the Emerald Dream zone. The entrance to the Raid itself should be somewhere at the Wellspring of Life, and the closes flight point would be at the Wellspring Overlook, across the Field of Flames.

In order to get to the Raid instance, you will have to fly to the Ancient Bough which is located east of the Shady Sanctuary in the Ohn’ahran Plains and enter the portal to the Emerald Dream. The Emerald Dream zone is an instanced sub-zone. You can fly to the portal, and fly from the portal to Amirdrassil once inside, but you can’t fly there directly on your Dragon and there are no flightpaths connected there.

Versions, lockout and loot system in Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope Raid

Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope is a Raid filled with various types of mobs, as well as Bosses. It is a Level 70 Raid instance that allows you to enter it with as little as 10 people all the way up to 30. The most optimal Raid would consist of 20 Players and Mythic Raids are usually tuned to that number in Dragonflight. Depending on how many Players are in the instance Group the mobs and Bosses will scale their overall stats, health and damage accordingly.

When it comes to the lockout system for Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid, it will remain the same as it was throughout Dragonflight. Normal and Heroic Raid versions can be done as many times as you want in any given reset. However, you will be eligible to gain loot from each boss on Normal and Heroic difficulty only ONCE per week. For example, you can do the same boss on LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty and it will give you loot each time. However, if you do the same boss on Heroic TWO TIMES, the second time won’t give you any loot and you won’t be eligible to receive loot from others considering that all the Raids in Dragonflight are set to Group Loot only.

Another worthy mention, is that if you kill a Boss on MYTHIC difficulty, you will be saved to that ID. So you can’t run and clear the same Raid multiple times with different Players, but instead you’ll be locked for that reset and are tied to that Mythic Raid ID.

Loot System in Amidrassil the Dream’s Hope Raid 

Since Dragonflight and it’s first Raid released, there was a big change coming to the loot system. In the past we’ve had various loot systems that you could choose from before and during a Raid. The loot could be distributed via Round Robin, Group Loot, Free for All, Master Loot and most recent Personal Loot. With the coming of Dragonflight, all loot systems were removed from pretty much any activity in the game and were turned into Group Loot, this is only false for Mythic+ where Personal Loot is still active.

The same stays for Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid. The loot will be distributed via Group Loot and the amount of loot that drops from Bosses is tied to the amount of UNSAVED players that are in the Raid.

Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope Bosses Review and Tactics

World of Warcraft Dragonflight, brings us a New Zone and a New Raid with Nine Bosses – Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope. There is not much that is known and we will do our best to cover all of the Bosses, their abilities and intervals. We will also give you advice on which tactics you should implement to defeat them. The tactics can vary from setup to setup, and on the Raid size. However, we will cover what should be done overall. Bear in mind that Boss abilities gain additional effects and an increase in damage depending on the difficulty, and also we will cover the Normal and Heroic Boss tactics in this Guide since Mythic ones and the differences are not known to anyone as of yet.

We will update the guide accordingly as soon as we have more information on everything – including the Bosses as we gain information from the PTR. When it coems to the Mythic difficulty, we will make a separate Guide that will focus solely on that. Considering we want to give you the best possible information and suggestions on tactics for each of the Bosses, we won’t write down any information that is not definite.

Which Bosses will we be fighting in Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid?

There will be NINE Bosses in this Raid instance. Those are:

  • Gnarlroot
  • Igira the Cruel
  • Volcoross
  • Council of Dreams
  • Larodar, Keeper of the Flame
  • Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle
  • Smolderon
  • Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame
  • Fyrakk the Blazing

This is a list of all the Bosses that will be in the Raid. Next up, we will cover all of them individually, and the tactics that can be implemented in order to defeat them!


Gnarloot was a devoted protector of the Emerald Dream. The Last time we saw him was back in Warlords of Draenor – in the Everbloom. He got ravaged by the Flame and now only seeks to destroy. This is the first Boss of the Raid and those are usually ‘entry’ Bosses made to be easier so that everything can follow a natural Raid progression.

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPSers

Gnarlroot AmirdrassilBoss Abilities:

  • Shadowflame Cleave – This is a Frontal Cleave that deals a High amount of Damage.
  • Tortured Scream – An unavoidable raid-wide AoE ability that deals a Medium amount of Damage for 10 seconds.
  • Dreadfire Barrage – An ability that requires the Tanks to swap.
  • Controlled Burn – This ability will mark 4 Players with a large circle that inflicts low ticking Damage to all Players standing inside it, and it will explode after 6 seconds. The explosion will leave a puddle on the ground, but it will also active all Tainted Lashers hit in it’s radius. Each Controlled Burn target can free every add on one of the sides.
  • Flaming Pestilence – Shoots out 4 beams of swirls, getting hit by these will inflict Medium Damage to a Player. Additionally, every beam will spawn several Tainted Lashers that are inactive at first.
  • Tainted Lasher – Little adds that increase raid-wide Damage taken while active and apply Magic DoT’s and Bleeds to Players they hit.

Intermission Boss Abilities:

  • Potent Fertilization – The Boss becomes immune to Damage and activates any remaining Tainted Lashers while pulsing Toxic Loam, which does additional Raid Damage. Every 8 seconds a Splintering Charcoal swirl will spawn that needs to be soaked in order to remove Doom Roots.
  • Doom Roots – Several Roots will spawn in each direction. They do a medium amount of Damage to anyone standing in the spawn swirl. You will have to soak Splintering Charcoal in order to remove these roots.
  • Splintering Charcoal – A swirl that deals a Low amount of Damage to a Player if soaked, or a Low amount of Damage to the whole Raid if not soaked. Players that are soaking this will gain a debuff called “Ember Charred” which inflicts a Low amount of Damage and is removed by touching pieces of Doom Roots. Each Player gains 5 stacks from 1 swirl soak.
  • Uprooted Agony – A big Damage Increase debuff on the Boss. When Doom Roots are removed, the Boss will take 100% increased Damage for 20 seconds and will become immobilized. Afterwards, he will gain a 10% Damage Increase and the fight repeats itself.

As we mentioned before, this Boss is the First Boss of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid. As such, it is an entry level boss which is usually the easiest. One thing to note regarding this Boss is that this fight unlike many of the First Boss fights before has a mechanic which increase the Damage Taken by the Boss by 100%. This is incredible for DPSers and will most likely make this fight a popular one for parsing and seeing what your Class can do with all the cooldowns and Bloodlust/Heroism up!

Strategy(Phase 1):

Once the fight starts, you should have the Raid spread out around the Boss. This will help you get good Controlled burn placements which happen early on in the pull. You should delay using Bloodlust/Heroism until the end of the first intermission Phase, which is when the boss starts taking 100% increased Damage.

Make sure that you dodge all the swirls and the Frontal Cleave. You must place the Controlled Burn circles on the Inactive Lasher adds and by doing so you will limit the amount that is left when the Boss goes into the intermission Phase. It’s best to use marks in order to pre-determine which Player goes to which spot to activate the Lashers. The new Ping system is also good for this. Not getting all of the adds is fine, but getting as many as possible before the intermission Phase will definitely make the Healer job easier.

Once the Lashers become active, the Tanks should pick them up and place them on top of the Boss so that you can easily Cleave them down.

Strategy(Intermission Phase):

Once the Intermission Phase starts, the boss will start casting Potent Fertilization and will become Immune to all Damage. The Inactive Lasher adds will become active and this is where you will see how well you managed the Controlled Burn from Phase 1. You have to make sure that all of these adds are dealt with as soon as possible.

Big Roots will spawn all around the Boss and you have to burn them down. In order to do this, you have to soak the Splintering Charcoal circles and touch the roots afterwards. Once it starts burning, you should move to the next part of the root until you lose the Ember Charred debuff(5 stacks per Player). You must make sure to continue doing the Soak and Burn combination until all of the roots are gone.

In the intermission phase the biggest stress will be put on the Healers, good Raid-healing management is definitely something that you should work on due to the high amount of raid-wide Damage that is going on in this phase. If you fail to soak some of the circles, things can get out of hand pretty fast.

Once all of the Big Roots are gone, is the time when the Boss takes 100% increased Damage for 20 seconds and is the time when you should usually bring out the heavy artillery in the form of many Big cooldowns and Bloodlust/Heroism.  Once the intermission ends and the 100% increased Damage taken debuff expires, the boss will gain a buff which increases its Damage done by 10%.

The fight is rinse-repeat from this point on until the Boss is defeated. A worthy mention is that depending on your Raid composition, difficulty and size the Boss will gain or lose health proportionally, especially on Heroic difficulty, it might take multiple intermissions for you to defeat the Boss, which means that the best time to use your Bloodlust/Heroism would probably be in the intermission that brings the Boss into Execute range so that you gain maximum value from it.

Igira the Cruel 

Igira the Cruel comes from the family of Zaqali, she is a Weapon Master that is driven by cruelty. She is able to forge Devastating Weapons from the screams of her enemies. Igira seeks to increase her arsenal and goes to the Emerald Dream to do so. This is the second Boss of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid.

This fight is a mix of love and hate. As well as a bit of slicing, hacking and flaying. The strategy for this Boss is not 100% confirmed yet, but you will be able to experiment with different Weapon priorities to find out which combination works best for your setup and depending on your Raid size, difficulty and composition.

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPSers

Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid Igira the CruelBoss Abilities:

  • Shared Agony – This ability will hit the closest Player (you want this to be the off-Tank ideally). If no Players are close it will hit the Main-Tank, but harder.
  • Blistering Spear – Several Players will get a large circle that explodes, similar to Controlled Burn on Gnarlroot. This ability deals a Medium amount of Damage and leaves a puddle on the ground. The targeted Player is also chained and pulled into the puddle until you destroy the spear.
  • Twisting Blade – An ability that you can dodge fairly easy. The Boss will turn and face a random Player. Then she will throw 3 Blades in that direction, each Blade deals Medium Damage to Players that get hit.
  • Marked for Torment Igira will knock Players away and mark 3 Weapons. You have to fully soak 1 Weapon before the intermission ends. If you fail to do so – She will wipe the whole Raid. During the intermission, Sparks will move towards each Player’s location and they will deal a High amount of Damage if they hit. You will have to send Players in the circle that is shown around a Weapon and by standing in that circle it will shrink. Depending on how many Players are inside the circle will determine the speed at which the circle will shrink. Once a Player soaks the circle they will gain a debuff which prevents them from doing so again.
  • Hacking Torment – This ability puts a circle on the current Tank that you have to soak in order to split Damage. Once it hits, all the  Players inside the circle will get stunned for 10 seconds, while others that are not will get hit by a Medium Damage ticking DoT.
  • Slicing Torment – This ability jumps to several Players’ locations, and deals a High amount of Damage while sending out Shadow Waves which deal a High amount of Damage if you get hit by them.
  • Flaying Torment – With this ability, an absorb that explodes will be placed on all Players. It does Medium Damage if not removed. If the absorb is removed, several Shadow Orbs will come out from that Player and go in different directions. Anyone hit by these Orbs will take Medium Damage.
  • Harvest of Screams –  This is a 10% increased Damage Done buff that is placed on the Boss after each intermission ends(stacking).

Strategy(Phase 1):

Before the encounter starts, you should split your Raid into 3 groups. The placements of the Weapons should be marked with World Markers for easier navigation, and Players should be pre-assigned to their soaking spots/Weapons.

The recommended soaking order for the Weapons is as follows:

  • Slicing Weapon
  • Flaying Weapon
  • Hacking Weapon

The Boss should be Tanked at the wall – facing away from the Raid to avoid being killed by Shared Agony. The Players which are targeted by the Blistering Spear should place their circles as close to the Boss as possible. This is done for maximum efficiency in destroying the Spears while also Cleaving the Boss.

With the information that we’ve gathered so far, the Players that are not targeted won’t get chained to the Spear and pulled into the puddle. Also, the puddle disappears when you kill a spear, so there is no reason to move away and make things hard when it can all be stacked and the DPS can Cleave/AoE the Boss and the Spears without being afraid that the Boss has to be moved from the puddle or that the Spears will grab others in radius.

Once the Boss is at a 100 Energy, make sure to avoid the Twisting Blade and prepare for the intermission.

Strategy(Intermission Phase):

Make sure that everyone knows their assigned groups and markers. The Groups should run towards their assigned Weapons and soak. When the intermission starts, a small knockback will happen, this can be used to push yourself in the right direction and maybe take advantage of that mechanic. The Boss will then shoot a beam at all 3 Weapons making them active.

Once this happens, the groups should be tightly stacked while running together to their designated spots. The stack formation should be held at all times and the whole group should move as one to avoid the puddles while making sure that the Weapon circle is soaked. Depending on how the Boss gets tuned for Heroic and depending on the Raid size, you might want to make sure that each of the soak groups should have at least one Player that has magic immunity(Anti-Magic Zone from a DK for example). This will ensure that the group can continue soaking and being in the circle even if it’s all covered in puddles.

Strategy(Phase 2):

After the intermission, this Phase will become the baseline, since Igira will gain the 10% increased Damage buff as well as the ability from the Weapon you soaked last during the intermission Phase. The differences are:

  • Slicing Weapon – it will make the Boss jump to several Player’s locations. You need to avoid this. Also, be careful when the Boss is running back to the Tank, as you can get hit by Shared Agony.
  • Flaying Weapon – if the Boss gets this as the last soaked Weapon, it will leave the absorb that needs to be dealt with. The way things work now, this seems to be pretty easy to work around. You just have to form a tight stack behind the Boss, and that way whenever the absorb is gone, the Shadow Orbs will move in all directions and avoid hitting anyone because of the stack.
  • Hacking Weapon – the best thing to do with this ability is to put all the Classes that have stun immunity and removal (such as Icebound Barrier), and those will help the Tank soak. On top of that you should have a Priest use a Mass Dispel. This way you reduce the amount of debuffs on the Raid and the Damage taken by the Tank will be minimal.Important note: Tanks also get stunned, make sure that they are dispelled FIRST!

Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope VolcorossVolcoross

The next Boss is called Volcoross. He is a Fire-serpent and it’s said that he is so enormous that no living creature ever saw him in his entirety. This huge snake has coiled itself around the Emerald Dream and wants to devour it whole. This Boss is similar to the hydra we’ve faced previously. He will use fire and lava as well as his tail to destroy anyone in his path.

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPSers


Boss Abilities:

  • Serpent’s Fury – Sends out a beam that cannot be avoided towards every Player. It inflicts a Medium amount of Damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds. Out of all the Players, a few will get the Coiling Flames debuff.
  • Coiling Flames – The few Players that get this debuff, will gain a circle around them that will slowly shrink. This circle does Low Damage to anyone standing in it and the Damage is increased the smaller the circle gets. After 10 seconds the circle will disappear and the debuff will jump to another Player.
  • Flood of the Firelands – Once Volcoross reaches a 100 Energy, he will submerge into the magma and send out 2 globes of Lava that need to be soaked by the entire Raid in order to split the Damage. If you don’t have at least 4 Players soaking it, it will instead inflict High raid-wide Damage to the entire Raid and cover the entire area in Hellboil.
  • Hellboil – this ability will spread magma on the ground and inflict Medium Damage to anyone standing within it. If the entire area of the Boss fight is covered with Hellboil, the boss will Enrage.
  • Volcanic Disgorge – these are swirls that inflict High Damage if you don’t avoid them.
  • Scorchtail Crash – A large shadow will appear on one section of the area, mostly where there are multiple Players standing. After a couple of seconds, the Boss will crash his tail into that area. If you get hit by this – you die. Additionally, it will send out several magma blobs that need to avoided, as they will deal a High amount of Damage.
  • Molten Venom – this ability is a Tank-swap mechanic. It will put a debuff on the Tank that increases the Damage done by Cataclysm Jaws by 50%. Once you gain 2 stacks of the debuff, you should do a Tank swap.
  • Cataclysm Jaws – this ability does Massive Physical Damage as well as Medium Damage as Fire to the Main-Tank.
  • Serpent’s Wrath(Enrage) – if the whole area gets covered in Hellboil, the boss will get Enraged. This ability ramps up every 0.5 seconds and will inevitably wipe the whole Raid.
  • Combusting Rage(Soft Enrage) – if there is no Tank, or if no target is present in the Melee Range of the Boss, it will inflict raid-wide Medium Damage every second.


From the information that was gathered during PTR testing, this Boss was undertuned and the fight didn’t seem to go the way it was intended(or maybe it was). However, if it stays the way it is, it involves one tactical Mechanic which is the mentioned Flood of the Firelands ability, other than the regular spread and avoid Damage.

There is one most important thing that your Raid must do in order to defeat this Boss. This is to split the entire Raid into 2 equal groups. We do this in order to properly soak the Flood of the Firelands, which later into the fight makes the second soak be at opposite sides. This means that your Raid will be split and spread out after the first soak.

On this Boss we will do Bloodlust/Heroism on PULL to gain maximum benefit before things start to happen all around.

Amirdrassil the Dream's Hope Raid Volcoross Strategy(First soak):

Once Volcoross reaches a 100 Energy for the first time, he will submerge and you will get 2 circles to soak. The divided groups should each soak their assigned circles. We will call these two separate groups:

  • Group 1 (G1)
  • Group 2 (G2)

Once the soaks are done, each Group should run towards their assigned side. This is done because the soaked area will get covered in magma.

Amirdrassil the Dream's Hope Raid Volcoross 2Strategy(Second soak):

The second soak happens once Volcoross reaches a 100 Energy again. At this point, both of your Groups will be far from each other since the magma and lava will be covering the previous soak zone.

Once this soak is done, you will be left with a small parchment of the area where you will have the chance to finish off the Boss. If you fail to do so before the Boss reaches a 100 Energy again, you will trigger the Third soak.

Strategy(Third soak):

This third soak is assumed to be the Enrage soak. It’s the Enraged soak because simply once it happens the entire area will be covered in magma and it will trigger the Serpent’s Wrath.

Council of Dreams

This next encounter is called “the Council of Dreams”. It consists of 3 Bosses: Pip the Faery Dragon, Urctos the Bear and Aerwynn the Dryad. Pip uses trickery and charm to control his opponents, while Urctos focuses mostly on brute strength, whilst Aerwynn is crafty and wise as a council Leader should be in order to lead the council and shape the battlefield.

It’s important to note that all the Bosses have to die at the same time, similar to the Blood Prince Council fight in WOTLK. This makes the fight highly enjoyable for DoT Classes!

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPSers

Overall ability(all Bosses have it):

  • Rebirth – once any of the Bosses reach 1% HP, they start casting this ability. If the cast goes through, the Boss will heal back up to 50% HP. You must make sure that all of the Bosses are brought down to 1% at roughly the same time to prevent this from happening and finish the encounter.

Pip CouncilPip’s abilities:

  • Song of the Dragon – Once Pip accumulates a 100 Energy, he will initiate a mesmerizing song that will envelop all Players in a bubble. In order to dissolve this bubble, you must live through the Damage from the Green Toxic Flowers, usually you have to be exposed to the flower for around 2 seconds to take the necessary damage and remove the bubble. If you fail to do so within 20 seconds, all Players still in the bubble will suffer continuous Medium Damage and get stunned for 15 seconds.


  • Polymorph Bomb – This ability targets a selection of Players and transforms them into Ducks. Yes.. you become a duck for 12 seconds. While you are in duck form, you will be able to use only 2 abilities:
    1. Quack – gives you a Speed Boost.
    2. Preen – when used, anyone in a 7 yard radius will also be turned into a duck. You use this ability on Urctos to interrupt his Blind Rage.
  • Emerald Winds – with this ability, Pip unleashes a gust of emerald-infused air that will push you backwards, and inflict Medium Damage.

Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid - UrctosUrctos’s abilities:

  • Blind Rage – once Urctos reaches a 100 Energy, he will deal a Low amount of raid-wide Damage. it will grow in intensity each time it ticks until interrupted. This ability is interrupted by using Preen, which is the ability that you get when Pip uses his Polymorph Bomb ability and turns some Raid Members into ducks.
    If you do not interrupt this for 20 seconds, Urctos will Enrage and deal 500% extra Damage, which will lead to a wipe.
  • Barreling Charge – the Boss charges the current Tank and hits everyone in his path. Additionally, this deals a High amount of raid-wide Damage. This raid-wide Damage is reduced by the amount of Players that stand in his path while he’s charging the Tank.
    It’s usually best if 2 Players are hit, and that way the Damage is reduced significantly, thus making the job easier for the Healers. Players that are in his path while he uses the Barreling Charge get a Trampled debuff, and should avoid getting hit by it for 1 minute until the debuff wears off.
  • Agonizing Claws – is a frontal Cleave and a Tank swap mechanic. When this ability happens it targets the current Tank. It deals a High amount of Damage and Tanks have to swap once it happens.

Aerwynn CouncilAerwynn’s abilities:

  • Constricting Thicket – once Aerwynn reaches a 100 Energy, she will grip the whole raid in vines. These deal Low ticking Damage and slow you by 10%, the slow is increased by each tick. After 20 seconds, if not interrupted it will result in a Raid-wipe. Similar to Urctos’s this has to be interrupted by the ability of another council-Member. In this case it will be  Urstoc’s Barreling Charge. She has to be positioned so that when Urctos charges towards the Tank, he hits her while she’s casting Constricting Thicket.
  • Noxious Blossom – this ability releases Green toxic flowers that you should avoid, unless you are a transformed into a Duck by the Polymorph Bomb, or affected by the Song of the Dragons. This ability is the one you use to break out of the bubble that you get when Pip uses the Song of the Dragons(it takes 2 ticks for the Bubble to be removed).
  • Poisonous Javelin – this ability is cast on several Players and it leaves a DoT on them. This DoT deals Low Damage on impact as well as Low Damage every second for 10 seconds. Once it expires, it will deal Medium area Damage to everyone in a 10 yard radius.


As we mentioned before this Boss is a Council fight, and historically that means that all of the Bosses have to die at the same time. Unlike some other similar fights, these Bosses DO NOT share health. Also, Urctos is the ONLY ONE that can be moved and Tanked. This means that you will need good communication and coordination if you plan on getting all 3 of them down at the same time. We also mentioned that this fight will be best for DoT Classes, this is true, but it will also be great for Cleaving.

Because of the fact that Cleave will be a thing 90% of the time, it would be wise not the make Urctos your primary target, but focus more on Pip and Aerwynn. On this Boss you should open with Bloodlust/Heroism on pull and do it on either Pip or Aerwynn while cleaving Urctos along the way and then swapping between them depending on the mechanics, health pool and overall situation you find yourself in.

You should assign at least 3-4 groups of 2 Players before the encounter starts. The role of these Players will be to soak the Barreling Charge and they should take turns so that each time the raid-wide Damage is mitigated. Naturally, many people can and will be hit by this unintentionally, but that’s fine the Damage is just reduced further. However, you must make sure not to get hit twice in a row. It’s best to assign Melee DPS to this role because it’s easiest for them to adapt and they will be going around with the Tank while he’s tanking the Boss so their positioning will allow them to be the best soakers.

Tanks have to face Urctos away from the Raid at all times. The Agonizing Claws(frontal cleave and tank swap), will ONE SHOT you unless you’re a Tank. During the testing of this Boss, it was shown that the Bosses reach a 100 Energy in a set order:

  1. Urctos
  2. Aerwynn
  3. Pip

Also, there is a lot of time between them, this may be subject to change and we will update the Guide accordingly.

Strategy Urctos(100 Energy):

Once Urctos is close to reaching a 100 Energy, the Players that are turned into Ducks have to plan ahead! If you’ve just turned into a Duck, or you’re deliberately maintaining your form as a Duck, you should wait before removing it. You are waiting for Urctos to start casting Blind Rage, once he does that, then use your Preen ability to interrupt his cast and make him become a Duck. Bear in mind that as a Melee or a Tank, you have to be aware that this is coming and move away from the Boss so that you don’t become a duck yourself.

Gameplay as a Duck

When you become a Duck via the Polymorph Bomb, your main responsibility will be to:

  • Run to flowers quickly
  • Press the Preen button if nobody is close to you
  • If Urctos is at a 100 Energy, go on top of him and use Preen

If there are no flowers to eat, the duck form will expire after 12 seconds. Make sure that nobody is around you when this happens. Also, be sure that you have the duck form when Ursoc is close or at a 100 Energy. While you are a Duck, you are immune to all Nature Damage, so you don’t have to dodge the green circles.

Strategy Pip(100 Energy):

When Pip is close to reaching a 100 Energy. Everyone should get close to some flowers. Once you get put into a Bubble by his Song of the Dragon, simply stand in the flowers until the bubble disappears. Make sure that you close or at full HP before the Song of the Dragon, since you will have an infinite absorb on you and you won’t be able to receive heals.

Strategy Aerwynn(100 Energy):

Once Aerwynn is about to reach a 100 Energy, the Tank has to be aware of her position. This due to her Constricting Thicket cast which slows your movement speed and you won’t be able to move and position yourself accordingly to stop it in time with Urctos’s Barreling Charge. There is a limited amount of time to aim the charge towards Aerwynn, and if you miss that one shot you have, it will result in a Raid-wipe.

The best thing to do is either do this a few times till you get the hang of it yourself, or watch a video on how it’s done.

From this point on, it’s rinse-repeat, until all the Bosses are defeated. From the information we’ve gathered on the PTR, the fight feels easy, so there may be changes coming before it’s out on live servers. We will update the guide accordingly if any changes are implemented.

Larodar, Keeper of the Flame AmirdrassilLarodar, Keeper of the Flame

Is the next Boss. It’s always nice to see a Cenarius like figure! This Grove Keeper, tainted by corruption, falls prey to the allure of the flames. Larodar, aside from the flames, calls forth treants to aid him in incinerating everything. This situation requires your healers to keep the party up at all times as well as turn the treants over to your side!

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 5 Healers
  • 13 DPSers


Boss Abilities(Phase 1):

  • Seed of Life – This is the core mechanic of the fight. A seed that is in the middle of the room and that has to get charged by treants. Once it has energy, it is used to clear fire puddles around the room.
  • Treants – 3 Fiery Treants will spawn close to the Boss. They have to be tanked and killed. They spread additional fire puddles and have an interuptible cast called “Fiery Flourish”. When you kill them, they become Charred Treants and that have to get healed up! Once you head them, they will move to the middle of the room and start charging the Seed of Life. You can use Rescue and Life Grip spells as well to move them into the middle of the room faster.
  • Scorching Roots – Small root on the ground that fixates on a random player. If hit by the Scorching Roots, the player will take damage and become rooted until dispelled!Once killed, the roots turn into Charred Bramble just like the Treants, and have to be healed up before Larodar reaches 100 energy, otherwise you will wipe! When healed it will turn into a Life-Tree that reduces damage taken from Raging Inferno by 90% but only if you are standing in the green circle.
  • Furious Charge – Charges the current tank, inflicting heavy physical damage and additional magic damage. Damage is reduced based on distance. It will also hit the entire raid for heavy damage, but this can also be reduced by distance. During PTR testing, being around 15-20 yards away was fine.
  • Blazing Thorns – Star shaped, mini swirls around the boss that need to be dodged. The tip of each line will spawn a Blazing Coalescence orb that needs to be picked up before they reach Larodar. Picking it up will deal a low amount of damage to the player and gives 20% increased crit chance for 10 seconds.
  • Raging Inferno – Once Larodar is at a 100 Energy he will channel Raging Inferno for a few seconds. This will deal Lethal Damage to anyone not standing inside of the Bramble Barrier(Green Tree).
  • Combusting Presence – Unavoidable raid wide damage that ramps up in damage after each Raging Inferno cast.
  • Burning Ground – Fire puddles on the ground that randomly spawn around the boss and the adds. Can be removed with Seed of Life.

Boss Abilities(Intermission):

  • Consuming Flame – After 3 Raging Inferno casts, or when Larodar reaches 40%, Consuming Flame will trigger. It deals heavy raid-wide damage for several seconds and forces your raid to spread out, as you take additional damage if other players are within 3 yards. All fire puddles will also move towards the boss.

Boss Abilities(Phase 2):

  • Falling Embers – Small circles (3) that need to be soaked by 1 player per circle, otherwise they inflict a medium amount of raid-wide damage and give everyone a stack of Searing Ash.
  • Flash Fire – Several players gain a medium strength absorb shield for 8 seconds. This shield needs to be healed before it expires. If it does expire, the player will explode, dealing a low amount of damage to players within 8 yards. Additionally, it stuns the player for 20 seconds, but this can be dispelled.
  • Fire Whirl – Several Fire tornadoes move around the room that need to be dodged.
  • Smoldering Backdraft – A Tank frontal that needs to be avoided. Getting hit by this will reduce healing received by 100% for 18 seconds and deals a medium amount of damage every second. However, the player can leech health from allies within 6 yards.
  • Ashen Treant – Treants will spawn all around the room, leaving fire puddles behind them as they move/die. When killed they will explode, dealing a medium amount of damage to anyone in a 3 yards range.
  • Searing Ash – Raid wide damage that ramps up every 12 seconds.


This fight is particularly challenging for healers, so it’s a good idea to experiment with different healing compositions. Having a Shadow Priest switch to Holy as the 5th or 6th healer can be highly advantageous in this fight because Guardian Spirit is an exceptionally valuable spell here.

Before we delve into a step-by-step explanation of the encounter, let’s focus on understanding the Seed of Life mechanic first. Currently, it’s unclear if this mechanic will remain the same when the encounter goes live, but we will update the guide once we have confirmed information.

The Seed can be activated at any point when it has energy, which is any amount higher than zero.

To initiate, Player 1 should move to the center of the room and activate the Seed. This action will create a small green circle around the player. When another player moves through this small green circle, they become Player 2.

Now, you have two players with large green circles. It’s vital that these circles remain in constant contact, as breaking this link will have adverse effects. With Player 2 possessing the small circle, another player should pass through it to become Player 3. Player 3 gains the ability to clear puddles on the ground by simply running over them.

Once all three players are connected, it’s crucial to maintain this connection. When traversing the environment, all three players should move in the same direction. The simplest way to achieve this is by having Player 1 and Player 2 follow Player 3 at all times.

Note: All three players can also establish a connection by simultaneously activating the Seed in the middle of the room.

Strategy(Phase 1):

larodar amirdrass raid positioningBegin the fight by positioning the boss near a corner, between the fire puddles. You’ll notice several fire patches on the ground before initiating the pull.

The plan is for the boss to fill that gap with the Blazing Thorns ability, which creates additional fire puddles. Afterward, the boss will charge the other tank, naturally relocating the raid to another unobstructed area of the room. This formation ensures there’s ample distance for the charge to inflict minimal damage. Remember to pick up the orbs following each Blazing Thorns cast.

Fiery Treants will appear shortly after the pull. Prioritize eliminating them as quickly as possible. In general, it’s crucial to prioritize dealing with adds over focusing on the boss throughout the fight. Delaying add elimination can result in complications related to managing fire puddles and surviving Raging Inferno.

Once the Fiery Treants are defeated, healers should quickly restore their health. Utilize abilities like Life Grip and Rescue to position them in the center of the room so they don’t have to traverse a considerable distance once healed. Given that they’re walking trees, they’re naturally slow. When fully healed and stationed in the middle of the room, they’ll channel into the Seed of Life.

Assign three groups of three players, preferably ranged, to handle the Seed. When the Seed has approximately 10 energy (almost immediately), initiate the ritual. There’s no need for specific energy management; concentrate on channeling as much as possible. This approach will effectively clear most of the area of fire puddles, providing more space to survive the intermission.

Around 30 Boss energy, Scorching Roots will materialize and fixate on a player. Dispose of them as swiftly as possible to allow healers ample time to restore their health before the Raging Inferno cast at 100 energy. The roots possess a substantial amount of health that needs to be healed. Assign healer cooldowns such as Guardian Spirit, Ascendance, or similar abilities that offer robust spot healing.

When Larodar reaches 100 energy, everyone must stand within the green circle to endure the Raging Inferno. Be prepared for substantial damage, so utilize personal defensive abilities and raid-wide cooldowns.


In the Intermission Phase everything is going to happen quite fast. This is probably the fastest intermission in a long time on any Boss fight. As soon as you see that it’s triggered, you have to spread out and use Defensives and Raid cooldowns.

Be ready to avoid any fire puddles that will move towards Larodar and make sure that nobody is standing within 3 yards of you.

After the channel is finished – Phase 2 will start.

Strategy(Phase 2):

Make sure that all your damage cooldowns and abilities are ready because you will activate Bloodlust/Heroism and unleash your full firepower on the boss. In Phase 2, three Falling Ember soaks will appear shortly. Each soak requires one player.

Additionally, several players will acquire an Absorb Shield known as “flash fire.” These players must be healed before the shields explode after 8 seconds.

Ashen Treants will approach Larodar from the sides. Ranged players should switch their attention to them because they explode within a 3-yard radius. Stacking them on top of the boss might not be the best choice if you want to avoid inconveniencing your melee players. It’s also possible to crowd control some of these adds.

During this phase, watch out for tornadoes and the frontal cone attack. If the Tank is struck by the frontal cone, they should move into the melee stack to leech health from their allies.

In essence, Phase 2 is primarily a burn phase. You’ll run into difficulties only if you fail to soak properly or if healers struggle to manage the Absorb Shield. The adds themselves aren’t a significant concern, and even if they reach the melee group, monitor their health and step away when they’re about to perish. While the soft enrage through Searing Ash may require you to push the Boss faster, it can be mitigated by having more healers in the team.

Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle AmirdrassilNymue, Weaver of the Cycle

A previously unencountered creature known as Nymue, introduced to the verdant realm by Eonar during the formation of the Dream by both Eonar and Freya, takes residence in Wellspring Temple. Here, Nymue carries out the vital role of upholding and safeguarding the harmony of the Emerald Dream, intricately weaving its wild landscapes into intricate configurations.

In response to the intrusion of the realm, Nymue employs the forces of nature magic in an attempt to push back any invaders.

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPSers

Boss Abilities:

  • Continuum – Once Nymue reaches a 100 Energy, the Boss will become immune and deal Low raid-wide Damage. In addition to the Damage, Nymue will spawn 2 Cycle Wardens that also deal a Low amount of raid-wide Damage and cast Natural Volley which deals Medium Damage to random Players if not interrupted.
    The Cycle Warden’s Damage is increased by 10% each time you reach this intermission.
  • Verdant Matrix – this ability takes a form of ‘lines’ on the floor. Once you cross the lines, or touch them, you will take a Low amount of Damage instantly and get a ticking DoT which lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Inflorescence – this ability is the counter to the Verdant Matrix – it makes you become immune to it. While you are running on this ‘grass’ on the floor, on top of gaining Immunity to the Verdant Matrix you gain a 45% movement speed increase(while on the grass).
  • Threads of Life – The Boss will spawn 3 Daggers. Each of them will target a random Player in the Raid. These Daggers inflict Medium Damage to everyone getting hit by it and will knock them back.
    1) If the Dagger reaches the main target without crossing any lines, it will explode and deal a High amount of Damage to the Player and knock them backwards.
    2) If the Dagger crosses a line before reaching its main target, it will only damage the Player it targets and the Damage will be reduced greatly.If the #1 option happens it’s probably intended for the whole Raid to be played in a way where you stack and soak all the Daggers together and don’t care about it crossing the lines.
    If on the other hand the #2 is the option you opt for in this fight, then it’s up to each individual Player to make sure the Dagger crosses a line and for others to avoid getting hit by it while it travels to the targeted Player.
  • Violent Flora – this ability will spawn Large swirls on the ground that initially have to be dodged, but once it leaves behind grass on the ground, you can use it to gain Immunity to Verdant Matrix Damage (crossing the lines).
  • Weaver’s Burden – the Tanks gain a Low Damage ticking DoT that explodes after 12 seconds. The explosion Damage is reduced based on distance, but the initial damage is High. This ability also increases the Nature Damage taken by 100% for 30 seconds.
  • Threaded Blast – deals a High amount of Physical Damage to the Tank and Medium Nature Damage. Tanks affected by Woven Resonance should not take a hit from this ability.
  • Viridian Raid – this ability is unavoidable and it does Low raid-wide Damage and it lasts for 6 seconds. The intensity of the Damage increases after each intermission.

Nymue phase 1 positioning AmirdrassilStrategy(Phase 1):

We advise using Bloodlust/Heroism on PULL, on this Boss.

Similar to the Volcoross fight, we should split the Raid in two Groups. This is done so that everyone is aware of their positioning during the intermission Phase. The Boss as well as the Cycle Wardens that he summons cannot be moved during the intermission. Each group should be put on one side of the room and should prioritize standing on that side during the Boss fight to make the intermission smoother and faster.

You should not have any unnecessary movement during the fight, because moving will make you cross lines and take unnecessary Damage. Obviously, some of the abilities will require you to move.

  • Violet Flora – These large swirls will force you to dodge them, but when doing so – avoid crossing the lines if at all possible. The grass that spawns afterwards is beneficial and can be used to cross lines without taking Damage.
  • Threads of Life (Daggers) – A dagger usually spawns close to the targeted Player, almost certainly within the same area where you’re positioned. You should avoid standing in the mini boxes on the map. The goal here is to make sure that the Dagger crosses the line before it reaches you.What we want to aim for here is to run through the grass while passing through lines(so you don’t take Damage) and so that the Dagger crosses it with you. The Dagger doesn’t have any interaction with the grass(which means they won’t gain speed or any effects that the Player gets). This scenario would make you take the least amount of Damage from the Dagger.Alternatively, you will have to cross the line – take the Damage from crossing the line and then the Dagger will go over the line and hit you as well. This is just a part of the fight as you won’t have the grass down all the time.The main thing to look out for with this mechanic is to make sure that the Dagger passes through the lines at all costs – before it hits you.

Your tanks must run away from the rest of the Raid when they get the Weaver’s Burden and Healers should pay attention to their Health so they don’t die while coming back. The 100% increased nature Damage and have a ticking DoT on you. You will be crossing a lot of lines on the way back – these deal nature Damage.

Eventually the Boss will reach a 100 Energy and the intermission will start!

Amirdrassil Nymue intermissionStrategy(Intermission Phase):

Everyone should run to their designated spots as fast as possible. This is done due to the lines disappearing briefly and allowing you position yourself properly without taking any Damage. The Cycle Wardens will instantly melee the closest Player to them, so make sure that it’s the Tank.

Depending on the final tuning of this Boss, it might be worth holding on to some cooldowns for the intermission. You will have to make a kick rotation for each of the Cycle Wardens and interrupt their Nature Volley and kill both Wardens to get back to Phase 1 of the fight.

Once the intermission ends, you will have to get back to the Boss which is should be stationed in the middle. On your way back to the Boss you will have lines active again, make sure that you are not on Low Health before crossing, there is no reason rush back to your spot. Make sure that if you’re Low on Health you get healed up and then cross the lines.

From this point on, the fight repeats itself. The only difference is the effect of the Continuum, which means that there will be more frequent casts of Viridian Raid and Violent flora. Another thing to point out is that the Boss will enter intermission phase more frequently, subsequently it will gain Energy faster. The Boss on PTR enters intermission at 80 Energy sometimes(instead of the 1st intermission 100), the intention is that Nymue enters intermission faster after each Continuum cast.

Smolderon AmirdrassilSmolderon

Following the hard-fought victory over Ragnaros within the Firelands(and Vanilla WoW, and Classic Era, and..). FINALLY,  a fresh Firelord has emerged to fill the void. Driven by a burning desire to establish his dominance and prove that he’s worthy of the Throne, Smolderon is resolute in his quest to broaden his realm’s influence while extinguishing the very essence of the Emerald Dream.

This formidable elemental lord carries Emberscar as his weapon of choice, and Players must be careful if they want to avoid getting deleted by this massive force. Additionally, Smolderon will do his best to syphon your Life Essence.

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 14 DPSers

Boss Abilities:

  • Brand of Damnation – This is the crucial mechanic of the encounter, involving multiple actions simultaneously. The current tank will be singled out with a large circle that requires all players, excluding those with the Overheated debuff, to stand inside and absorb the damage. Players hit will receive a substantial protective shield that healers must restore. When healed, each player will leave behind a circle on the ground, which detonates after a brief delay, inflicting substantial damage to anyone within its radius.Furthermore, this ability afflicts every player with Emberscar’s Mark, preventing them from participating in soaking this mechanic until the next Phase 1. However, it grants beneficial buffs during the intermission phase. It’s vital for this ability to connect with a minimum of 4 players; otherwise, Smolderon will gain a 10% damage increase buff.
  • Searing Aftermath – The Tank who was previously targeted by the Brand of Damnation will not receive an absorb shield like other affected players. Instead, they will be afflicted with a Searing Aftermath debuff, which detonates after 6 seconds, inflicting significant damage that decreases the farther they move away from the rest of the raid. In this case, simply move away from the rest of the group to minimize the damage taken.
  • Overheated – During the cast of Brand of Damnation, approximately half of the raid will be simultaneously marked as targets. This implies that players who are currently Overheated should refrain from soaking the Brand. Instead, they must disperse to prevent causing damage with their Overheated circles. After a 10-second duration, these players will detonate, generating Fire tornadoes in their vicinity that must be skillfully avoided.Please keep in mind that you cannot become Overheated twice within the same Phase 1.
  • Lava Geysers – Random swirls that go around and have to avoided. They also leave a puddle on the ground. It’s best if you stack the Raid and have the puddles in a single spot, to have most of the area clean.
  • Blistering Heat – This ability is unavoidable. It does Raid-wide Damage that increases after each intermission.


This specific encounter has only a couple of abilities. Similar to Magmorax. However, unlike the previous Bosses this is one of those that is very difficult and punishing on mistakes, so make sure that you are prepared well and understand the mechanics and distribute Raid-wide tasks properly if you want to get this Boss down.

Also, this Boss is a HEAVY DPS and Healing check, so make sure to bring your best Players to the Raid!

Amirdrassil the Dream's hope Smolderon Phase 1Strategy(Phase 1): 

When you initiate the encounter, gather the entire raid in close proximity near the edge of the room. Maintain this position throughout the fight, only shifting along the edge when magma puddles necessitate movement.

For the combination of Overheated and Brand of Damnation:

  • Approximately half of the raid will become Overheated, rendering them unable to soak the Brand of Damnation (Tank circle). They must promptly move away from the raid to avoid causing harm when they explode, releasing tornadoes in various patterns. While the exact tornado patterns and quantities may vary in the final version, consider potential formations to handle this ability effectively.
  • The other half of the raid, those who did not become Overheated, must swiftly converge on the tank and activate personal damage reduction cooldowns. Abilities like Anti-Magic Zone (AMZ), Barrier, Darkness, or Spirit Link are particularly valuable in this situation. Make sure to assign these cooldowns if they are available to specific raid members.

Potential Combo formation:

Smolderon potential combo

To manage the Overheated targets effectively, positioning them along the edge of the room is a smart strategy. This ensures that several tornadoes are directed outside of the playable area, reducing the need for excessive dodging compared to spreading around the boss and hoping for a favorable outcome.

Since the circle’s damage is not excessively high, you can stack approximately 2 players on top of each other to minimize the space required. After soaking, the raid should remain stationary until they start dropping the circles on the ground that they receive after the absorb is removed. You can simply step out of these circles.

As for the Tank, their task is straightforward: swiftly move toward the center of the room to detonate with the Searing Aftermath debuff.

This combination will be repeated, but with a twist. All the players who soaked the tank circle during the first cast will now become Overheated, and those who were Overheated the first time will be responsible for soaking the tank circle instead.


Smolderon IntermissionAfter Smolderon executes his combo twice, he will transition into an intermission phase.

During this phase, each player will be knocked away from the center and will spawn several orbs (approximately 5 orbs). Ideally, every player in the raid should spawn orbs, especially those who soaked the tank circle.

Each orb provides a 20% damage boost and a 10% healing increase for 20 seconds, and these effects can stack. However, it’s important to note that picking up orbs quickly is crucial because their duration cannot be extended by delaying the pickup. While collecting the orbs, players should keep an eye on their health, as each orb inflicts a minor amount of damage upon pickup. Therefore, if a player has very low health, they should avoid running into all 5 orbs simultaneously.

Each player can only see and interact with their own orbs, and no one else can access them. If an orb reaches Smolderon, it will grant him a 1% damage increase for the remainder of the fight.

Furthermore, while gathering orbs and dealing damage or healing, players will engage in a dance game similar to the mechanics found in the Soulrender Dormazain encounter in the Sanctum of Domination raid.

Strategy(Post Intermission):

During the intermission phase, the safe spots continually shift and demand rapid reactions, potentially requiring the use of speed buffs, Warlock gateways, and any available tools to ensure you remain within the safe zones.

After completing the intermission, you return to Phase 1, essentially repeating the mechanics from the first time. However, it’s essential to note that Smolderon will have a 10% damage buff, and there’s an additional 1% damage buff for every orb that wasn’t soaked during the intermission.

Towards the end of the fight, if the raid’s health is precarious, it may be prudent to skip soaking the orbs, thereby increasing the boss’s damage by 10%. In this scenario, the focus should be on ensuring the tank survives the subsequent hit, utilizing strong externals like Blessing of Protection to achieve this.

Best of luck on this Boss fight, you’ll need it!

Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame

Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame Amirdrassil the Dream's Hope RaidDriven by an unyielding obsession to restore immortality to the Kaldorei, Tindral Sageswift forged an alliance with Fyrakk. As Fyrakk’s imminent triumph looms, the Seer of the Flame rises to confront the champions of Azeroth, prepared to ensure the rebirth of Amirdrassil through a fiery cataclysm.

In a manner reminiscent of Majordomo Staghelm, who once obstructed our path to Ragnaros in the Firelands, the Druid Tindral Sageswift harnesses the full spectrum of his shapeshifting abilities to slow us down.

  • In his Humanoid form, he will try to immobilize players while showering them with falling stars.
  • When transformed into a Moonkin, he will use the blazing powers of sunfire and a scorching fire beams to attack Players.
  • In his Treant form, a corrupted variant of tranquility inflicts widespread fire damage, accompanied by pulsating waves of fiery energy.

During intermission phases, Tindral takes flight, forcing you to chase him on your Dragonriding mounts. Throughout this pursuit, you must navigate obstacles and take power-ups. This epic encounter unfolds across multiple stages, and includes two intermission phases of high-intensity aerial chases.

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 5 Healers
  • 13 DPSers

Boss Abilities(Humanoid Form):

  • Mass Entanglement – Every player is targeted by a small circle that explodes after 6 seconds dealing a medium amount of damage to all players standing within 3 yards. Additionally, the player will be rooted and take a low amount of damage every second until the roots are destroyed or removed. All root-breaking abilities work.
  • Falling Star – Inflicts a medium amount of damage to the entire raid and spawns swirls that have to be dodged.
  • Fiery Growth – Targets 3 players with a large circle, they take a medium amount of damage every second for 20 seconds. If dispelled, it will drop a fire puddle on the ground and remove the DoT. Move away from the raid (behind or towards the middle) to get dispelled, and do not stack on others.
  • Blazing Mushroom – Spawns a big mushroom that needs to be soaked by the tanks. Each mushroom will explode after 3 seconds and inflict lethal damage to the entire raid if they are not soaked. Soaking a mushroom increases damage taken from a mushroom by 500% for 3 seconds. Tanks need to alternate soaking mushrooms. For example, the main tank takes Mushroom 1 and 3, and the off-tank takes Mushroom 2 and 4.
  • Searing Wrath – Simple DoT that stacks up on each melee hit. You should tank swap when the damage becomes too high to survive.
  • Flame Surge – Players hugging the edge of the map take a high amount of damage every second.
  • Supernova – Massive shield that deals a low amount of damage every 2 seconds to all players. If not broken within 30 seconds, it will explode and wipe the raid.

Boss Abilities(Searing Moonkin Form):

  • Sunflame – Unavoidable sun beam that hits all players for a low amount of damage.
  • Fire Beam – Blasts the platform (where the boss is standing), dealing high damage to players standing in the beam. Additionally, several smaller beams will move in random directions inflicting high damage to all players getting hit.

Boss Abilities(Burning Treant Form):

  • Suppressive Ember – Several players get a medium sized absorb that stacks up if not healed up quickly.
  • Flaming Germination – Spawns a bunch of flaming mushrooms and sets the platform ablaze, inflicting a low amount of damage every second for 10 seconds. The mushrooms have to be stomped (run through them) by players. Stomping one mushroom deals low damage to the player, and this effect stacks up.If a Mushroom is not stomped within 10 seconds, then it spawns a Flaming Tree that inflicts medium damage to all players until killed. This becomes problematic if several Flaming Trees spawn at once.

Boss Abilities(Flaring Owl Form):

  • Empowered Feather – Tindral spawns feathers that allow players to dragon ride once you interact with them.
  • Dream Essence – Green orbs, scattered around in the air, that when flying through one of them grants the entire raid 5% increased Damage and Healing, and it stacks up! Leaves behind an Emerald Gale that gives passing players 3 Vigor.
  • Typhoon – A pushback that deals medium damage to all players.
  • Scorching Plume – Fire orbs scattered around in the air that deal medium damage to players that come into contact with them and remove 3 Vigor.


This fight is definitely a proper ‘last gate’ fight in terms of facing a strong Boss which is the prequel to the End-Boss. Tindral Sageswift is a long fight and has 3 phases with 2 intermissions. There’s a huge amount of abilities and spells that the Boss uses in various forms. You will also have to use your Dragonriding skills in this encounter so make sure that you are prepared for it!

Strategy(Phase 1 – Tindral and Searing Moonkin Form):

Position the boss on the side of the room, but be cautious not to hug the edge to avoid Flame Surge. The fight kicks off with a rapid sequence of abilities.

Tanks will initially contend with the first set of Blazing Mushrooms. Four mushrooms will spawn, one every 3 seconds. The Tanks should coordinate who soaks them, alternating with each mushroom. For example, the main tank can take the 1st and 3rd mushroom, while the off-tank handles the 2nd and 4th mushroom. Use speed boosts to reach the mushrooms in time.

Following this, Mass Entanglement will target every player nearly instantly. Position the circles as close to the boss as possible for additional AoE damage, without overlapping with other players.

Players capable of preventing or instantly removing roots should do so to minimize the damage needed to free all rooted players. Keep in mind that some classes, like Warlocks, must use abilities like Soulburn or Teleport before the roots are applied to gain immunity. Ensure that all players are freed from roots by the time Tindral casts Fire Beam; otherwise, they won’t be able to dodge it and are likely to die.

At the same time, three players will be targeted by Fiery Growth. These players must either instantly remove the root themselves or receive externals such as Tiger’s Lust or Hand of Freedom. The Fiery Growth damage-over-time effect can be quite substantial, so dispel it promptly. When you’re root-free, move away from the raid, either behind or towards the middle, and request a dispel.

Keep in mind that the dispel leaves a fire puddle on the ground, so ensure that nobody is standing near you, as it inflicts a considerable amount of damage.

Once the Fire Beam is utilized (typically targeting the boss or the largest player group), move away from the initial impact point and then dodge the circles. Note that the smaller circles deal more damage than the larger swirl from the impact, so prioritize dodging them.

Tindral will now repeat all of his abilities until he has completed his entire set of abilities twice or reaches a specific HP threshold.

Strategy(Intermission Phase 1):

When Tindral initiates the intermission, he transforms into his Flaring Owl form and scatters feathers on the ground. Each player should pick up one feather, which grants them access to their Dragon Riding abilities, allowing them to mount up.

Fly up and head towards the next platform, collecting as many Dream Essence (green orbs) as possible. Gathering these orbs boosts the entire raid’s damage and healing output by 5%, and grants you and others following behind you 3 Vigor.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Fire orbs will be scattered throughout the phase, and players need to evade them. These orbs inflict damage and remove 3 Vigor from those they strike.

It appears that the cap for green orbs (stacks) in this phase is 10, providing a total of 50% damage and healing increase for everyone.

Upon reaching the platform and landing, Tindral will be standing there and start casting Supernova, a colossal shield that must be rapidly destroyed within 30 seconds. The raid will also take damage while the shield is active.

Once the shield is broken, Phase 2 will commence.

Strategy(Phase 2 – Tindral and Burning Treant Form):

In Phase 2, Tindral Sageswift will begin with the same abilities as in Phase 1 but in a different order while he is in his Tindral form.

You will now encounter the Tank Soak during roots, but dispels will occur before. This changes the dynamics somewhat. Players dropping the fire when being dispelled must return to the raid before roots are applied. Otherwise, they will become rooted outside of the raid and require additional targeted DPS. This isn’t an ideal scenario because you’ll mostly be saving externals for Tanks at this point. Tanks must be freed as quickly as possible, or the raid will face a wipe due to a missed tank soak.

If we assume that the boss indeed transitions to the Searing Boomkin form shortly afterward, you will encounter the fire beam that generates circles which everyone needs to dodge.

The central mechanic in this phase is the mushrooms. After dealing with Tindral’s set of abilities, he will shift into his Burning Treant form and spawn numerous mushrooms around the map.

Your highest priority during this phase is to collect all the mushrooms.

Why, you ask? Failing to soak a mushroom will cause a Burning Tree to spawn, which inflicts raid-wide damage until you leave the platform. With two trees active, they collectively deal well over 200k raid-wide damage every 2 seconds. Consequently, it is imperative to prevent these trees from spawning.

You will continue to repeat the same mechanics until Tindral completes his entire set of abilities twice or reaches a specific health threshold.

Strategy(Intermission Phase 2):

This intermission seems to be exactly the same as the first one, but Tindral shapeshifts into a Flaming Owl now. This might indicate that there is an additional ability to dodge mid flight or that the raid might take increased damage during the flight, forcing everyone to get to the platform as soon as possible.

Once you land, you will have another Supernova shield to burst down and Phase 3 will begin!

Strategy(Phase 3 – Tindral, Burning Treant and Searing Boomkin Form):

In this phase, the boss will correctly utilize all of his forms, meaning you’ll face his entire set of abilities from all previous phases.

This is the phase where you should activate Heroism/Lust and use all DPS cooldowns.

Based on the observations during Phase 2 testing, you can anticipate some challenging overlaps. For instance, Tindral might use his Fire Beam during the Tank soak, requiring the tank to absorb damage from both soaking the mushroom and the beam. This will necessitate robust externals and personal defensive abilities.

Overlaps like small mushrooms and fire beams or roots may also occur. In such cases, you must address the abilities as fast as possible to avoid falling behind.

This is an incredibly intense burn phase, and it’s improbable that you’ll be able to soak every small mushroom, for example. The key objective in this phase is to defeat the boss before becoming overwhelmed by mechanics.

Next up is the FINAL BOSS!


Fyrakk the Blazing - Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid

The ultimate adversary within this instance, and quite possibly the entire expansion, Fyrakk now stands before us, ready for a direct confrontation.

Empowered by the overwhelming force of shadowflame and wielding the legendary axe, Fyr’alath, the Dream Render, Fyrakk is set on consuming the very essence of Amirdrassil. His vision is to remake the whole world in flames.

This multi-Phase encounter places us in a race against time, as Fyrakk seeks to devour Amirdrassil, while we make desperate efforts to thwart his insidious plans. Throughout the battle, we receive invaluable aid from the spirits of fallen Kaldorei, the same ones that we rescued in the Shadowlands.

Among the notable spoils bestowed by Fyrakk are the Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of Shadowflame and an exceedingly rare customization option for the Renewed Proto-Drake, allowing you to assume the appearance of Fyrakk, same as it was with the Raszageth skin found in the Vault of the Incarnates. Additionally, it is anticipated that he will drop the item that initiates the questline leading to the acquisition of the legendary axe, Fyr’alath, the Dream Render, but this is not yet confirmed as we are not aware of how the Legendary will be acquired and who will be able to wield it.

It is recommended that you play this encounter with:

  • X Tanks
  • X Healers
  • X DPSers

Fyrakk the Blazing AmirdrassilBoss Abilities:



There’s a lot of things for many of the Bosses same as Fyrakk that are still not checked and still have to be updated and tested on the PTR. We will bring you all of the information first hand as soon as it becomes available and this whole Guide will be updated appropriately!

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New Legendary Weapon coming with Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope Raid – Fyr’alath the Dream Render

Ahhh.. a New Legendary, and a Two-Handed Axe at that. There is simply nothing more satisfying than owning one of these, especially when it’s on a current expansion and when having a Legendary actually means something other than getting it for it’s appearance. We are still not certain how this Amazing looking Legendary Weapon will be obtained, but there is some talk about it being a chain-quest that will be started once you defeat Fyrakk the Blazing.

How were Legendary items obtained in WoW so far?

Throughout WoW’s History we’ve had a plethora of Legendary Weapons – most of the early days Legendary items involved defeating a Boss – getting a quest item, and then doing a lot of things and investing a lot of gold in order to obtain it, such as:

Then in WoW the Burning Crusade expansion, we’ve seen a different system which was solely focused on a low percentage drop rate to obtain a Legendary item, such as:

After that we’ve seen kinda of a mix of the two in:

And so on..

Fyr'alath, the Dream RenderHow can I obtain Fyr’alath the Dream Render?

There is not much that we know as of yet, when it comes to Fyr’alath the Dream Render and how it will be obtained, which stats and abilities it will have etc. Blizzard is keeping it ‘under wraps’ and they really wish to keep this a secret until the last moment. If we are to believe the Blizzard developers in their interview, obtaining Fyr’alath will be a lengthy process. The idea is that this whole process eventually makes you feel that you’ve earned this Legendary Weapon.

We do believe that it will be a Quest-chain that is started after receiving an item when you defeat Fyrakk, but then again it might be a Shadowmourne system where you have to make a lower tier item (an Epic one) and then Empower it by doing Quests and clearing the Raid while obtaining Shards or something among those lines. Then again we’ve had Sylvanas drop her Bow Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper, but we feel that this was kind of done badly, since it could drop from all difficulties and the Bow’s Item level scaled to that, it just wasn’t the same having it on LFR and Mythic for example, so the overall feeling of owning a Legendary, even though is amazing, you knew that it could’ve been better.

We will have to see once more information comes and we will make a separate Fyr’alath, the Dream Render Step-by-Step Guide where you’ll be able to read about it in depth!

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Mounts you can obtain from Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope Raid

Mounts in general are a show of prestige. If you ever saw someone riding Ashes of A’lar, Rivendare’s Deathcharger, Midnight, Mimiron’s Head and many others, you knew that that Person was either lucky, or dedicated. When it comes to Dragonflight, the prestige takes a step up. Considering the Final Boss of each Raid instance gives a skin for your Dragon Riding Drake, it gives you a chance to show off that you were the demise of an end-game Boss of a Patch and lets be real, they look amazing!

When it comes to Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid, this is no exception. With the same pattern that was used for Raszageth you will be able to obtain two different skins and a mount:

With this we will conclude the long Amirdrassil, Dream’s Hope Raid Guide. We think that this will be the last raid of the Dragonflight expansion, but we will see whether or not we’re correct once we hear from Blizzard on Blizzcon 2023!

The Guide is currently missing a lot of information and we will be updating it as soon as we have more from the PTR and from Blizzard. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for further updates very soon!

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