WoW: The War Within – Everything You Need to Know About the Earthen Race

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Hello everyone and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post! In this post we will talk a bit about the new Allied Race that is coming to World of Warcraft in The War Within expansion – the Earthen. These stoic and resilient people have lived for thousands of years and have deep ties to Azeroth’s lore and it’s past.

In this Guide we will cover everything there is to know about this race as well as do our best to touch on why they are important to Azeroth and it’s lore.

Origins and Lore


The Earthen are a race of stone and earth beings originally created by the Titans to shape and safeguard the world of Azeroth. Forged from stone and imbued with life through Titan technology, the Earthen were among the first sentient creatures to walk the world. They were the precursors to modern Dwarves, but while Dwarves evolved and integrated with other races, the Earthen retained their elemental nature and connection to the Titans.


  • Titan Creations: The Titans created the Earthen to help in the construction and shaping of Azeroth’s landmasses and to combat Old God corruption.
  • Cataclysmic Transformations: Over millennia, many Earthen were transformed into Dwarves due to the Curse of Flesh. However, some remained in their original stone forms, living in seclusion beneath the earth.
  • Re-emergence: With the return of ancient threats and the disturbances caused by the War Within, the Earthen have surfaced once more, seeking to protect their ancestral lands and assist in the new conflict against the Void and Old Gods.

Society and Culture

  • Connection to the Titans: The Earthen hold Titan creations and artifacts in high regard, often living in or near ancient Titan facilities.
  • Elemental Harmony: They maintain a symbiotic relationship with the earth and elemental forces, and their society values craftsmanship, stoicism, and endurance.
  • Guardianship: Many Earthen see themselves as guardians of Azeroth’s deep places and strive to protect the world from subterranean and otherworldly threats.

Racial Abilities and Traits

The Earthen possess unique racial abilities that reflect their elemental nature and deep connection to Azeroth’s geology.

Racial Abilities

  • Titanic Resilience: Increases Stamina by 1% and reduces all incoming damage by 1%.
  • Stoneform: Removes all poisons, diseases, curses, magic effects, and reduces damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. 2-minute cooldown.
  • Earthmeld: Allows the Earthen to meld into the ground, becoming invisible and immobile for up to 30 seconds. Any action will break the meld. 3-minute cooldown.
  • Geomancer’s Gift: Increases the duration of beneficial ground-based area effects cast by the Earthen by 20%.
  • Runic Mastery: Grants a 5% increase to crafting speed and a 2% chance to create additional items when using Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing.

Starting Attributes

  • Strength: 22
  • Agility: 16
  • Stamina: 24
  • Intellect: 16
  • Spirit: 18

Classes and Specializations

The Earthen are versatile and can pursue several classes, each drawing upon their elemental heritage and ties to the Titans.

Available Classes

  • Warrior: Emphasizes the Earthen’s natural resilience and combat prowess.
  • Hunter: Focuses on survival skills and elemental traps.
  • Shaman: Harnesses elemental powers and earth totems.
  • Mage: Specializes in earth-based spells and elemental summoning.
  • Priest: Utilizes ancient Titan runes for healing and protective magic.
  • Paladin: Combines Titan-inspired holy magic with Earthen strength.

Class Specializations

Each class offers specializations that reflect the Earthen’s unique background:

  • Warrior: Earthshaker (Tank), Stoneguard (DPS)
  • Hunter: Geomancer (DPS), Stonebound (DPS)
  • Shaman: Earthcaller (Healing), Elementalist (DPS)
  • Mage: Geomancer (DPS), Elementalist (DPS)
  • Priest: Runemender (Healing), Earthwarden (DPS)
  • Paladin: Stoneblade (Tank), Earthbreaker (DPS)

Starting Zone and Storyline

Starting Zone: Stoneheart Sanctuary

Located deep within the mountains of Azeroth, Stoneheart Sanctuary is a massive underground complex built by the Titans. It features:

  • Titanic Ruins: Ancient halls and chambers filled with Titan technology and relics.
  • Elemental Caves: Natural formations teeming with elemental energy and life.
  • Earthen Settlements: Areas where the Earthen have built their homes and workshops.

Starting Quests

  • Awakening the Ancients: Begin your journey by reactivating dormant Titan constructs and defending the sanctuary from Void invasions.
  • Securing the Depths: Venture into subterranean tunnels to eliminate threats and secure key locations.
  • Uncovering Secrets: Discover hidden Titan lore and technology to aid in the battle against the Old Gods.

Customization Options

the War Within Earthen


  • Stone Textures: Players can choose from various stone types (granite, obsidian, crystal) for their Earthen’s skin.
  • Runic Markings: Customize the appearance of runes carved into their bodies.
  • Gleaming Eyes: Eye colors reflecting elemental energies (blue, green, molten red).

Unique Features

  • Geological Features: Options for adding rocky protrusions, gem-encrusted skin, or glowing fissures.
  • Hair and Beards: Styled to resemble rocky formations or elemental flows.

Mounts and Racial Capital

Racial Mount: Earthquake Stomper

  • Description: A massive, elemental beast made of stone and earth, reflecting the Earthen’s connection to the land.
  • Special Ability: Can briefly increase movement speed and leave a trail of seismic activity that slows enemies.

Racial Capital: Deepstone Bastion

  • Location: Hidden deep within the mountains of Azeroth, accessible through ancient Titan pathways.
  • Features: Combines Titan architecture with Earthen craftsmanship. It includes a grand hall, crafting stations, and elemental sanctuaries.

Faction Relations and Lore Integration

Faction Relations

  • Alliance: Strong ties due to their historical connection with the Dwarves and shared interests in combating ancient threats.
  • Horde: Neutral to friendly, with a focus on mutual respect and alliance-building against common enemies.

Lore Integration

  • Role in War Within: The Earthen play a crucial part in the War Within’s storyline, providing essential knowledge and power to combat the resurfacing threats of the Old Gods and the Void.
  • Alliances and Conflicts: The Earthen form alliances with other races to protect Azeroth, while also facing internal conflicts and external threats from Void-corrupted entities.

Additional Notes


  • Earthbound Defender: Earn by completing all major quests in the Earthen starting zone.
  • Master of Elements: Achieve mastery in using Earthen racial abilities and classes.

Tips for Players

  • Synergy with Classes: Utilize Earthen racial abilities to complement your class skills effectively, especially in group content.
  • Exploration: Take advantage of the unique mount and Earthmeld ability for exploration and evasion in the game world.


That would be all regarding the Earthen in this short post. WoW: The War Within brings the Earthen to the forefront as a fascinating and robust new race, offering players fresh experiences and deep lore to explore as they learn about Azeroth’s ancient mysteries and confront emerging threats. We hope that by reading this post you will manage to catch a glimpse of what is to come and what you can expect from this Allied Race in the War Within expansion.

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Thank you again for reading and to conclude we will leave a Video regarding the Earthen Allied Race if you don’t have time to read or if it’s easier for you to listen, stay safe!

Everything you want to know about the Earthen in the War Within (Video)