Obsidian Sanctum Raid Boost

On this page, you can browse our selection of Obsidian Sanctum raid boosts, including options for 10 and 25 player clears, loot choices, and achievements such as “of the Nightfall” and “Twilight Vanquisher”

The Obsidian Sanctum is one of the first raids available in WoW WotLK. It features a unique and modern mechanic that makes the raid more challenging. The raid includes three dragon mini-bosses that can be engaged and defeated before the main boss, Sartharion. If you choose to leave these dragons alive, the difficulty of the fight will scale and increase along with the quality of the loot, in other words item level. Killing Sartharion with all three dragons still alive grants players the title “of the Nightfall” for the 10-player version and “Twilight Vanquisher” for the 25-player version. Additionally, the raid group will receive a mount, the “Reins of the Black Drake” for the 10-player version or the “Reins of the Twilight Drake” for the 25-player version. Our Obsidian Sanctum boost service guarantees at least one item from the raid, and an option to obtain the mount from the three Drake kills, if desired. The WotLK OS boost is typically completed with one or two drakes alive to maximize loot potential and the chance to obtain an item that is specific to your character’s class or specialization. The Obsidian Sanctum also awards a valor badge for every mini-boss defeated, resulting in a total of four valor badges that can be used to purchase items from the vendor in Dalaran.