New World Aeternum: Announcement, Release Date and Changes!

New World Aeternum


Hello everyone and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post! This time around we decided to put our scope on a bit of a ‘forgotten’ game, and the one that probably got us to witness the biggest heights, hype and rise, and the fastest downfall, the game in question is called – New World.

Ever since it’s release on September 28th 2021, New World introduced us to a world of wonder, where unlike other completely imaginary worlds, it has ties to the actual world we’re living in. It showcased great potential and immediately had the attention of every MMORPG gamer. We all wanted to try it out, learn about it’s classes, roles, and lore as well as see what could potentially be a new step in the MMO genre.

Unfortunately, as we all witnessed – it’s greatness was in a quick decline. On it’s release it managed to gain up to a million concurrent Players inside the game, but this all changes rather quickly and drastically due to the many exploitable features as well as many bots. The fun that you have when starting the game, quickly turns into a worse and worse experience and leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth.

Even after the release of it’s first expansion “Rise of the Angry Earth”, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference, and same as with the initial release, after a couple of days we already saw a huge decline in Players. However, in the recent months there’s been a lot of talk about the complete rework on the game and a complete change in direction, so in this post we’ll talk about everything we know regarding New World: Aeternum and the changes that it’s bringing.

Before we start talking in depth, lets check out the announce trailer.

New World Aeternum – Announce Trailer (Video)

Key Features of New World: Aeternum

As we mentioned before, it seems that the MMORPG genre of the game didn’t quite hit the spot with New World, so the developers are turning their gaze upon something else and the idea is to remake the game in a different light.

Lets cover all the major features and changes that we can expect to come with New World: Aeternum.

Transition from MMORPG to Co-op ARPG

New World: Aeternum shifts from an MMORPG to a co-op ARPG:

  • Co-op Focus: Players can now embark on adventures solo or in groups, focusing on cooperative gameplay rather than traditional MMO elements.
  • Cross-Platform Play: Supports cross-platform play between PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, enabling players to team up regardless of their platform.

Updated Content and Features

Island Setting: Aeternum

The mysterious island of Aeternum remains the central setting:

  • Reimagined Story: While retaining the original narrative, the story has been updated with new elements and surprises.
  • Familiar But Fresh: Existing players will recognize the setting but will experience it through a new lens with updated mechanics and quests.
New Gameplay Mechanics
  • Combat System: Incorporates a mix of melee combat, ranged weapons, and sorcery. Target locking and controller support have been added to enhance gameplay.
  • PvP Zone: Introduces a brand-new PvP zone, allowing players to engage in competitive battles in a redefined environment.
  • Ten Player Raid: A challenging new raid designed for groups, offering unique rewards and tough foes.

Endgame Content

New World: Aeternum brings robust endgame content:

  • Endgame Trials: Special challenges for seasoned players, providing high-level rewards and testing advanced strategies.
  • Revamped Classes and Builds: Updated classes and build options, offering fresh ways to play and customize characters.

Accessibility and Quality of Life Enhancements

  • New Accessibility Features: Includes features to make the game more accessible, such as improved UI elements and customization options for different player needs.
  • Azoth Stalker Wolf Mount: PC players who owned the original New World will receive this exclusive mount at launch.

Legacy Content Integration

New World: Aeternum integrates content from the original game:

  • Existing Expansions and DLC: All previously released content, including the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, is incorporated into the new game.
  • Remixed Experience: While the content is familiar, it has been updated and remixed to fit the new co-op ARPG format.

Notable Additions and Changes

New PvP and PvE Elements

  • PvP Zone: The new zone offers opportunities for players to engage in battles and compete for control.
  • Raid and Trials: High-level content designed to provide challenging experiences for groups of players.

Improved Player Interaction

  • Cross-Platform Play: Facilitates a unified player base across different platforms.
  • Controller Support: Adds full support for controllers, making the game more accessible for console players.

Reimagined World and Mechanics

  • Updated Quests and Enemies: Questlines and enemy encounters have been reimagined to fit the new gameplay style.
  • Dynamic Combat: Enhanced combat mechanics for a more fluid and engaging experience.

Preparation and Expectations for New World Aeternum

For New Players

  • Dive into Aeternum: Explore the rich lore and dynamic gameplay that New World: Aeternum offers.
  • Team Up: Take advantage of the co-op focus to team up with friends across platforms.

For Returning Players

  • Discover New Surprises: Even with familiarity, expect new twists and updates in the revamped content.
  • Exclusive Mount: Enjoy the Azoth Stalker Wolf as a token of appreciation for your support of the original game.

Official Resources and Further Information

For more details, updates, and community discussions, visit the official New World: Aeternum site here. Naturally, all the new information will also be posted by us here at InstantCarry.

New World: Aeternum Official Release Date

New World: Aeternum is set to release on October 15th, 2024, and aims to breathe new life into the franchise, promising a fresh and engaging experience for both newcomers and long-time fans. Get ready to explore, fight, and conquer in this revamped world.


Although New World did not meet expectations until now, there’s hope that Amazon Games will improve things in New World: Aeternum. The swap from an MMORPG to co-op ARPG might shed new light on this forgotten game, and hopefully bring back the ‘old’ hype around it. As far as things look right now, it doesn’t seem to be the case since unfortunately Amazon Games only managed to lose what it’s gained from the beginning. They’ve already made technical updates to enhance performance, and they may have learned valuable lessons to avoid repeating the same issues in the next expansion.

This is as much info as we have so far. It’s not much, but at least there are some good things coming out of it. We will continue to monitor the development of New World: Aeternum and bring back the most important Updates, News and Information for you.

Thank you for reading and if you need help with anything in New World, feel free to check our Services, or contact us on Livechat or Discord Support. We are up 24/7!

As always we’ll leave you with a video, this time it’s the New World: Aeternum Official Trailer.

New World: Aeternum Official Trailer (Video)