Path of Exile Necropolis – Patch 3.24: Release Date and Everything we Know So Far!

Path of Exile Necropolis Patch 3.24


Hello everyone and welcome to our latest Path of Exile Necropolis blog post! It’s been some time since we’ve given updates about the game, since our Path of Exile Affliction League post. This time around in Patch 3.24 with PoE Necropolis we already have some insight into which changes we can expect, however more is to be revealed at 1 PM PDT(9 PM CET) on the 21st of March in a Developers LIVE Stream on the Path of Exile Twitch Stream!

Path of Exile has been building up it’s Player-base throughout the years and has been doing a lot to make some QoL changes to the Game that will inevitably influence how the game functions, this is being addressed even further in PoE Necropolis expansion.

Before we move on and talk about everything that we can expect from Patch 3.24, as well as the Release Date, lets check out the teaser!

A new Patch always gives us the chills and we can’t wait to start racing and doing all the content. Hopefully this time around the League mechanics will be a bit more interesting and Rewarding, but even if they are not, it’s always good to play a new League and take some time to ourselves while trying to finish the content asap!

Path of Exile Necropolis Patch 3.24 Release Date

GGG did announce a delay with the release back in February which stated that there will be a Month or so left in the Affliction League. It is confirmed that the PoE Patch 3.24 will go LIVE on the 29th of March 2024.

There are many changes that are coming with the new League and still much more that is yet to be revealed. On the 21st of March as we mentioned before, there will be a Live Developer Update which will talk in depth about the PoE Necropolis as well as some of the newer Updates for Path of Exile 2.

If you’d like to get more information about Path of Exile 2 you can check out our detailed blog post about it here.

Upcoming Changes in PoE Patch 3.24

There has been a plethora of Changes announced for the Path of Exile Necropolis, and with each passing day we get more and more information, here are some of the things that we managed to gather up!

The Pantheon

First of many changes is coming to the Pantheon. In an effort to sort the ever existing issue in which you have to Upgrade the Pantheon powers with a Divine Vessel for all Characters, GGG found a solution in which you won’t be having to do it on every Character, but simply do it on ONE and you’ll have that Upgrade on ALL of your Characters in a specific League.

Note: You will still have to defeat the Gods to unlock the base Pantheon Powers, but the Upgrades will only have to be acquired once per League.

Currency Trading

Another QoL improvement comes in the form of Currency Trading. So far we had to really on the old system which forced us into clicking each stack of Orbs or any form of Currency in order to trade it to someone. Which was a HUGE issue when having to trade full inventories of Currency when purchasing items, or trading with other Players.

In Path of Exile Necropolis, this will change. When trading Currency for an Item or exchanging Currency in-game, you will be able to *HOLD DOWN Ctrl + Shift* and simply Click on the Currency you wish to trade. This will move all the Currency of that type from your Inventory into the Trade Window.

Socket and Quality Currency 

For those of you out there that love to craft items, want to gamble and risk profiting or going bankrupt from using your Orbs to get 6 Sockets on an item, or get 6 links – then this QoL will help you tremendously. What this change is bringing to the table is the following:

  • So far we’ve had to constantly click on an item in order to apply an Orb effect on it, and it might’ve broken a couple of our mouses if we wanted to try and get that 6 link on an item that was amazing.

From PoE Necropolis League, we will be able to simply *HOLD DOWN Ctrl + Left Click* and it will continue to use your Orbs on an item until you run out of Orbs, or until you achieve your goal. For example:

  • Jeweller’s Orb – will continue to spend itself until you’ve reached a maximum amount of sockets.
  • Orb of Fusing – will continue to spend itself until you get a maximum amount of links.

If you need help in obtaining any Currency in Path of Exile Necropolis, feel free to check our Currency services!

Masters and Betrayal Changes in PoE Necropolis

There are a lot of changes coming with Patch 3.24, and it won’t go around Masters and Betrayal. With the coming expansion we will see:

  • Veiled Orb Rework
  • Flasks can be Corrupted
  • Masters won’t mutually exclude each other and you will be able to have ALL of them appear on the same map
  • The craft to upgrade your amulet to a Talisman has been move to Bestiary!

Using a Vaal Orb on Maps Change

In the Necropolis expansion, using a Vaal Orb on a Map can no longer cause it to become unidentified. There’s now a new set of Corrupted Implicits for Maps!

Horticrafting Station Changes

In Path of Exile: Necropolis, modifiers on the item placed in the Horticrafting Station will now be displayed while hovering the craft button. This will help you not to have to hover back and forth to see what your new modifiers are on an item.

The Breach Clasped Hands Update

The issue with Clasped Hands in Path of Exile was that you always had to click them to open a breach and if you’ve had a lot of mobs running around, it could be quite difficult and annoying to do this. With the coming of Patch 3.24, this will no longer be an issue and you will be able to open the Clasped Hand by simply going over it with your character.

Boss Unique Divination Card Changes

In the Necropolis expansion, Stacked Decks and Diviner’s Strongboxes no longer drop Divination Cards for boss-exclusive Unique Items. This should make killing Bosses more meaningful!

New Skill Gems in 3.24 PoE Necropolis

In Path of Exile: Necropolis, you can automate many Instant Skills and Warcries with two new Skills Gems:

  • Automation
  • Call to Arms

PoE Necropolis Endgame System Updates

In Path of Exile: Necropolis you can exchange Uber Elder Fragments at a Horticrafting Station and Maven Invitations no longer drop, Kirac will now give them to you when you’re ready to visit Maven’s arena.

Transfigured Gems

The Skill Gem Overhaul that was introduced in PoE Affliction will continue to grow and GGG confirmed that more Transfigured Gems are coming to the game.

Ascendancy Updates

There was mention of Ascendancy Updates in 3.23 Patch, but it never happened. We expect this to come with PoE Necropolis Patch 3.24.

Path of Exile: Necropolis Patch 3.24 Challenge Rewards

In the Necropolis League, Players can obtain segments of the exclusive Mischievous Hawker Armor Set by accomplishing 40 newly introduced challenges. At milestone increments of 4, 8, 12, and 16 challenges completed, participants will earn the Mischievous Hawker Boots, Gloves, Body Armor, and Helmet respectively.

Moreover, as participants progress through the challenges in the Necropolis League, additional tiers of this armor set become accessible. Accomplishing challenges also rewards participants with components of the Necropolis Totem Pole Hideout decoration.

In the Ruthless tier, participants will receive the complete Mischievous Hawker Armor Set upon completing 2 challenges. Subsequent challenges completed will upgrade various pieces of the set, with the entire set fully upgraded upon the completion of 8 challenges.


This is as much info as we have so far. It’s not much, but at least there are some good things coming out of it. We will continue to update this post and do our best to monitor the development of Path of Exile Necropolis League.

Thank you for reading and if you need help with anything in Path of Exile, feel free to check our Services, or contact us on Livechat or Discord Support. We are up 24/7!

As always we’ll leave you with a Video talking about what’s new in case you don’t have the time to read the post!

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