Path of Exile – Patch 3.25: Release Date and Everything we Know So Far!

Patch 3.25


Hello everyone and welcome to our latest Path of Exile blog post! It’s been some time since we’ve given updates about the game, since our Path of Exile Necropolis League post. This time around we will talk about Patch 3.25, and we already have some insight into which changes we can expect, however more is yes to be revealed

Path of Exile has been building up it’s Player-base throughout the years and has been doing a lot to make some QoL changes to the Game that will inevitably influence how the game functions, this is being addressed even further in PoE Necropolis expansion.

Before we move on and talk about everything that we can expect from Patch 3.25, as well as the Release Date, lets check out the teaser!

Path of Exile 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur Live Teaser

With the Necropolis League coming to a 3-month closure, the most important question that comes to mind is always..

When is the next expansion of Path of Exile going to be released?

That is indeed an interesting question and one that we will answer in this article. So sit back and read ahead. We will provide you with the information that you need about PoE’s next major content update.

Path of Exile Settlers of Kalguur Patch 3.25 Release Date

With the Necropolis League approaching its three-month mark, everyone is wondering: when is the next Path of Exile update? That’s a good question, and we have the answers here. Read on for details about the next big update for Path of Exile.

Path of Exile: 3.24 Necropolis League has been out for nearly three months now, a significant period for a major expansion. Grinding Gear Games (GGG) has hinted at a late-July release for Patch 3.25.

With the teaser we can see that PoE 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur, the new expansion, will drop on July 26, following a similar release pattern as the previous league. On top of that we will get more info on July 18th at 1 PM PDT with a Live Reveal on the official PoE Twitch –

Either way, expect the next major patch next month.

Issues with the Necropolis League

On forums, subreddits, and other community sites, many players consider the Necropolis League to be the worst Path of Exile expansion so far, even surpassing the unpopular Kalandra League. Here’s why:

Disappointing League Mechanic

Every new major expansion introduces a new league mechanic. For Necropolis, it involves collecting corpses, storing them, and then burying them to create items with special modifiers.

While it might sound interesting, it had many problems early on, forcing GGG to make significant changes just weeks into the league. Even after improvements, the graveyard crafting mechanic remains underwhelming compared to previous leagues.

Too Much Clutter

Mapping in PoE recently has been overwhelming, with too much happening on screen, reducing the overall gameplay experience.

Heavy Investment Required

To succeed in the Necropolis League, players need to invest heavily in PoE currency. For example, to get good returns, you must spend multiple Divine Orbs to enhance your maps. In contrast, the previous Affliction League required much less currency investment for great loot.

Boring Content

Besides the focus on corpses and items, the content in Necropolis League is considered boring by many players, who often prefer engaging with older content.

Tedious Gameplay

While some players profit from graveyard crafting, most find it tedious and unenjoyable.

Crashes and Server Problems

New content usually brings excitement, but the constant crashes and server issues in the Necropolis League frustrated players. Even alt-tabbing could crash the game. Although GGG addressed these issues, the player count dropped significantly due to the problems.

Tier 17 Maps

This league introduced difficult Tier 17 maps, promising good loot. However, the modifiers on these maps often make them too hard or impossible for certain builds, and re-rolling them requires Chaos Orbs, adding to the cost.

Lack of Build Diversity

The Necropolis League’s focus on crafting appeals to a small part of the PoE community. In contrast, the Affliction League encouraged diverse and unconventional builds, making it more enjoyable for a broader audience.

What to Expect in Patch 3.25

Despite the problems with the current league, GGG is working hard to win players back with the next update. Some of those are:

Improving Neglected Builds

Patch 3.25 may not focus heavily on loot, unlike the last two expansions. Instead, it might include balancing changes to make underused skill gems and ascendancy classes more viable. For instance, Gladiator and Assassin could get some needed adjustments. Melee builds might also receive long-awaited improvements.

Technical Enhancements

GGG aims to fix the crashing issues experienced in the current league. Recently, they released a 4GB patch adding Render Resolution and Upscale Modes, improving performance and image quality. Hopefully, more technical improvements are on the way.

New Transfigured Support Gems

Previously, only transfigured skill gems were introduced. In Patch 3.25, GGG might add transfigured support gems, potentially reviving old builds. This could bring back popular but nerfed builds like Tornado Shot Deadeye.

Simultaneous Platform Release

Like the Necropolis expansion, Patch 3.25 will likely launch simultaneously on all supported platforms, allowing players to enjoy new content together.

More Accessible Tier 17 Maps

Currently, Tier 17 maps are too challenging for most builds. If GGG makes adjustments to make these maps more accessible while keeping them challenging, it would be a welcome change.

New Quality of Life Features

Path of Exile is an older game that needs updates to improve the player experience. The current league brought useful improvements like stacking currency and a full scarab rework. We hope Patch 3.25 will add more valuable quality-of-life features.


Although the Necropolis League did not meet expectations, there’s hope that GGG will improve things in Patch 3.25. They’ve already made technical updates to enhance performance, and they may have learned valuable lessons to avoid repeating the same issues in the next expansion.

This is as much info as we have so far. It’s not much, but at least there are some good things coming out of it. We will continue to update this post and do our best to monitor the development of Path of Exile Patch 3.25.

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As always we’ll leave you with a Video that can touch on the subject a bit. Thank you again for reading and stay safe!

Coming QoL changes for PoE Patch 3.25? (Video)