Season of Discovery Phase 4: New Levels, Raids & Updates

SoD Phase 4


Hello everyone! Welcome to another WoW oriented InstantCarry blog post. This time around we will be focusing on SoD Phase 4 and everything that we know so far. Outside of Season of Discovery there were many new things revolving around World of Warcraft. We’ve seen the Cataclysm Classic launch as well as a glimpse at the new retail expansion – the War Within and news of it’s release date.

If you wish to check what we wrote previously regarding the Season of Discovery Phase 4, you can read our previous post. However, there has been a bit of a drawback for SoD players until now. We’ve received new information that we will share here so you can see what to expect!

SoD Phase 4 Release Date

SoD Phase 4 Release Date has not been confirmed yet. However, the developers did say that it will go live in the summer of 2024 and they wish to give some time for Cataclysm Classic to ‘breathe’ before they hit the player-base with SoD Phase 4.

As of 2024 we’ve been quite overwhelmed by the speed at which content is being thrown out. We have Cataclysm Classic that got released recently as well as the War Within release date being around the corner.

What’s in Store

Phase 4 introduces numerous updates, including increased level cap, new class runes, a revamped Molten Core raid, and enhanced world bosses. This year is definitely the year for World of Warcraft. Here’s a breakdown of the key features for Season of Discovery Phase 4.

Level from 50 to 60

  • New Level Cap: Players can now level up to 60.
  • Updated Discoverer’s Delight Buff:
    • Levels 1-50: 150% experience boost.
    • Levels 50-60: 50% experience boost.

New Rune Discoveries

  • New Runes for Each Class: Discover powerful runes to enhance your class abilities.
  • New Cloak Rune Slot: Equip utility runes on cloaks for additional bonuses.
  • Utility Runes: Provide class-agnostic bonuses such as weapon skill, spell hit, and more.
  • New Ring Rune Slots: Equip runes on rings for enhanced stats and abilities.

Class Adjustments

  • Baseline Abilities: Select runes will become baseline abilities for various classes.
  • New Runes: Additional runes will be available for players to discover and use.

Professions and Reputation Updates

  • New Recipes: Enhanced profession recipes for various factions including Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, Hydraxian Waterlords, and Timbermaw Hold.
  • Reputation Rewards: Updated reputation rewards aligned with new content.

Nightmare Incursions

  • Updated to Daily Quest Hubs: Nightmare Incursions will now function as daily quest hubs, providing new rewards and activities.

New Rewards and Currency

  • Stranglethorn Vale and Blood Moon: New rewards and currency will be available through updated events in these zones.

Dungeon Updates

New and updated dungeons for players at level 60:

  • Blackrock Depths (second half)
  • Blackrock Spire
  • Dire Maul (all three wings)
  • Scholomance
  • Stratholme

PvP Class Sets for Rank 10

  • New PvP Sets: Obtain updated class-specific PvP sets available for Rank 10.

Molten Core Raid Dungeon

Location: The fiery depths of Blackrock Mountain.


  • Raid Size: 20-player dungeon.
  • Boss Encounters: 10 classic bosses with revamped mechanics.
  • Variable Difficulty: Players can adjust the difficulty for a more challenging experience.
  • Loot: Redesigned Tier 1 sets and revamped loot tables.
  • Fire Resistance Gear: Essential for surviving the intense fire-based encounters.
  • New Surprise: Expect an additional challenge or reward for dedicated raiders.

World Bosses Updates

Lord Kazzak and Azuregos:

  • New Instanced Versions: These world bosses will now be instanced for up to 40 players, tuned for 20-player groups.


  • Updated Encounter: Adjustments made for groups of 40 or fewer players, with additional loot modifications.

Additional Content and Features

Class Balancing and Talent Updates:

  • Class Changes: Ongoing adjustments to ensure balance and competitive play across all classes.
  • Talent Trees: Introduction of new talents and changes to existing ones.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • UI Enhancements: Improved raid management and interface visibility.
  • Bug Fixes: Performance enhancements and fixes based on player feedback.

Quest Chains and Lore:

  • New Quest Lines: Lore-rich quests leading up to new raids and dungeons.
  • World Quests: Dynamic quests tied to updated events and raid content.


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Season of Discovery Phase 4 expands World of Warcraft’s endgame with exciting new levels, raids, dungeons, and world bosses. Prepare to delve into Molten Core, discover powerful runes, and face revamped bosses from the summer of 2024.

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