Season of Discovery Phase 4: Release Date, Changes and Everything We Know!

Season of Discovery Phase 4


Hello there and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post! This time around we will be focusing on what is to come with Season of Discovery Phase 4, when it will release as well as which things can be expected from this Phase and much more!

Ever since SoD launched it has been mesmerizing and full of surprises. It was amazing trying to find all the Runes, Leveling up in a different way, being in a Phase system that doesn’t necessarily reflect only on Raids and Dungeons, but also on Character Leveling progression. So far we’ve seen Dungeons be turned into 10-player Leveling Raids such as Blackfathom Deeps, Gnomeregan, and in the current Season of Discovery Phase 3 we’re experiencing the first 20-player Raid – The Temple of Atal’hakkar or more widely known as the Sunken Temple.

Now, we all know that these Raids are labeled as Leveling Raids, but they are also the pinnacle of content in a given phase. Considering the speed at which the phases are coming out (every 3 months was the pattern so far), there’s not much time to think and realize what might be best for you and it can also be hectic to find the best approach on what to do, farm and how to prepare for the next Phase.

With the coming of Season of Discovery Phase 4, we will reach the last point of our Leveling journey and finally hit level 60. One of the most important things is being properly prepared with your Character as well as knowing how to utilize the farming and time investment in Phase 3, since it will definitely bring you a wide array of benefits before Phase 4 hits.

Aside from that, we are all wondering what is to come and what we can expect as the endgame content for Season of Discovery Phase 4 and others to come after it, so we did some digging instead of you and we hope to bring you information that you were previously unaware of.

Without further ado, lets jump into it!

Season of Discovery Phase 4 Content Updates

The first thing we should cover is definitely the content update that’s coming with SoD Phase 4. Now there are some things that can be guessed right off the bat others are not. These are the content updates:

  • Level Cap being raised to 60
  • Raid Lockouts – Standardized Resets
  • Class Changes
  • Item Changes 

and more!

Season of Discovery Phase 4 Release Date

An exact Release Date for SoD Phase 4 was not yet announced. However, if we are to believe Blizzard’s pattern so far, it will come out 3 months after the release of the previous phase. In this case 12 weeks after the release of Season of Discovery Phase 3.

Considering SoD Phase 3 came out on April 4th 2024. We should expect Season of Disovery Phase 4 to come out somewhere in mid-June. Before Phase 4 comes out we also have the Cataclysm Classic launch on the 20th of May. So we believe that Blizzard will give at least a few weeks for players to experience that before continuing with SoD, and it also fits the 3 month pattern.

New Level Cap in SoD Phase 4

As with all the Phases so far, we’ll see the Level Cap increase to Level 60. It’s not foreign to bump into these final zones already in Phase 3, but with the Level Cap increase it will be much easier and smoother to farm, level and grind the mobs in the new zones such as:

New Leveling Zones

  • Western Plaguelands
  • Eastern Plaguelands
  • Winterspring 
  • Silithus

Can I do anything in these Zones before Phase 4 comes out? 

It is important to note that all of these Zones are already available and all the Quests and Flightpaths that are available on Level 50 in Phase 3 are doable and obtainable.

How to Prepare for Season of Discovery Phase 4?

When it comes to preparation, there’s a lot of things that can be done. Especially if you are dedicated and are playing Classic for a long time, then you know what should come next. Whether you’re new, or know what to do there are always some things that you may forget or lose track of, here’s a list of potential things to sort and do before Season of Discovery Phase 4 launches:

  • Level all your Classes to 50. If you intend on having alts, or playing multiple Classes, or just leveling because you want to have all of them, we advise getting them to 50 with the xp buff that will definitely be in place. This will provide you with the opportunity to gain a lot of Gold while Questing, cover the majority of Professions as well as choose what to play when SoD Phase 4 hits depending on the FOTM.
  • Try to get the Best-in-Slot(BiS) items for your main Class. This will help you progress a lot faster because you’ll be clearing Dungeons, Quests or any other type of content much faster than the average Player.
  • Do the Daily Ashenvale Quest and get your Warsong Reputations up to Revered or Exalted.
  • Try to Rank up to Rank 7.
  • Go and do the STV Event and gather the Silver Massacre Coins so that you can purchase Lumber and increase your Arathi Basin Reputation, or do Arathi Basin BG’s so that you can gain Reputation, it will be quite useful in Season of Discovery Phase 4.
  • Level Professions up to 300. If you are in luck to gain the Waylaid Supplies, always turn them in with the necessary items and gain Gold while leveling up your Professions.
  • Gold is a tricky thing in Classic, at one time it can be a lot, but when new Phases come out, it loses value. Try to stack up on as many valuable materials and Items that you can re-sell once SoD Phase 4 hits. It will be quite useful.
  • Level your First aid to 300.It will help you out a lot during your Leveling phase to have high First Aid.
  • Consider leveling up Cooking to 300 and Fishing to 300 as well, those two combined are a killer combination for Gold making. Either do it on your main or on your alt.
  • If you’re playing a Melee Class, consider getting your Weapon Skill with every weapon to the maximum.
  • Get all the Flight Paths throughout Azeroth, even those that are in the Zones which are not active at the moment, can be quite useful when you start Leveling to 60 in SoD Phase 4.
  • If by chance you haven’t used up your Student Fodder, save it!

There’s a lot more things that you can do, but these are the most important ones surely!

Which Reputations can I farm to prepare for Season of Discovery Phase 4? 

It is imperative to mention that every Phase until Phase 4 is considered ‘preparation’. This is simply due to the content that we can do ‘up-front’. The best example for this is the ability to pre-farm certain reputations:

  • Warsong Gulch Reputation
  • Arathi Basin Reputation 
  • Argent Dawn Reputation
  • Timbermaw Hold Reputation 

We will give a few examples on how it’s best to do this and why it’s beneficial.

Warsong Gulch Reputation 

Battleground Reputations are definitely one of the easier ones to do, especially in SoD. With the coming of the Ashenvale Event and the implementation of the ‘daily’ Quest that you can get there, you can easily obtain Exalted by just doing one Event per day.

Also, if you are on lower than Revered Reputation, doing this event every 3 hours is something that will greatly decrease your farm and you won’t even have to get into the Battleground itself.

Getting this Reputation up to Exalted will provide you with various items and benefits going into Season of Discovery Phase 4.

Arathi Basin Reputation 

If you want to get those Level 60 epic weapons and first available sets, then it’s best if you jump on the Arathi train and either farm this Battleground or simply do the Blood Moon Event in Stranglethorn Vale which can provide you with an amazing way of farming this Reputation.

Simply getting the Stranglethorn Lumber and turning it in to the Arathi supply Officer will provide you with a 200 Reputation increase that goes all the way to Exalted.

Argent Dawn Reputation

This Reputation is definitely the one to have in Season of Discovery Phase 4. If you have time, then it’s best to start farming this Reputation ASAP. Being able to do the Argent Dawn related Quests in WPL and EPL even in Phase 3 as well as being able to go to the various WPL farms to grind out the Reputation is something that will bring you, Reputation, Gold, as well as a chance at some great World Drops that you can benefit from either in Phase 4 or by selling them in Phase 3.

The Argent Dawn Reputation is the most important Reputation for a variety of factors:

  • Getting access to amazing Items later on in SoD Phase 4 
  • Getting access to great food buffs even in Phase 3
  • Being able to get Ahead of the Curve and have everything that this Faction has to offer 
  • Unlocking various Class Quests, Profession Patterns and Rewards

and much more!

Important Note: Make sure that you kill all the Undead while you’re wearing the Argent Down Commission and save all the Scourgestones for when you hit Revered. After that point you won’t be able to gain Rep by killing mobs, but instead turn in all those Scourgestones to proceed to Exalted.

Timbermaw Hold Reputation

It is widely known that if you’re an Enchanter or a PvP-er you definitely want to have this Rep down. Being able to do Quests from this Faction provide some pre-bis items(such as the Gloves of the Pathfinder) amazing Enchants (such as the Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon Agility)even in Phase 3, and many others.

However in Season of Discovery Phase 4 we will see them providing a wide array of benefits in the form of Items that can be swapped in and out. The most popular being Furbolg Medicine Pouch for PvP.

This Reputation is a long grind, but outside of killing mobs there’s not much that you can do – so you can start doing it even in SoD Phase 3 on Furbolgs in the south/north of Felwood or in Winterspring and get the chance at getting great World Drop Items as well along with the rep.

Raid Lockout Changes in Season of Discovery Phase 4

In Phase 4 of Season of Discovery, Blizzard is implementing significant changes to Raid Lockouts to enhance the player experience and streamline gameplay.

To keep recently updated content engaging and simplify players’ lives, all raid lockouts for level 50 and higher raids will reset on a weekly basis. The only exception to this rule is Upper Blackrock Spire, which will no longer have a lockout at all.

This synchronization of Raid Lockouts aims to provide players with clearer planning and reduce the need for managing multiple raid lockouts simultaneously.

Weapon Skill and Racial Bonus Changes in Phase 4 of Season of Discovery

In Phase 4 of Season of Discovery, Blizzard is making adjustments to Weapon Skill and Racial bonuses to promote diversity in player choices.

Previously, races like Orcs and Humans stood out due to their racial bonuses and weapon skill advantages, particularly for melee classes. However, Blizzard aims to move away from such exclusivity. Instead, players will have the opportunity to unlock passive weapon skill bonuses, which can be easily swapped as needed. This flexibility allows for more customization, especially when switching gear for upgrades.

Furthermore, Priest Racial Spells are undergoing similar changes, with a new method to unlock these passives available for all races.

Although the exact process to unlock these changes remains undisclosed, Blizzard has confirmed that they will be accessible “right at level 60.” However, players will need to embark on a quest chain or solve a small secret to access them.

Itemization Updates in Phase 4 of Season of Discovery

Phase 4 of Season of Discovery is bringing a significant overhaul to itemization, focusing on tier sets and level 60 gear.

Blizzard plans to introduce “Off-set” Tier Sets to Phase 1, 2, and 3 raids, aiming to provide gear that caters to both new and old roles for classes, accommodating their evolving playstyles in the level 60 journey. Additionally, nearly all non-set level 60 items will undergo revamps. Moreover, Phase 4 will see the introduction of new Best in Slot (BiS) Profession crafted epics, completing the itemization changes.

As a preview, Blizzard shared some examples of the upcoming changes, including new Tier Sets for Tanking Rogues, Retribution Paladins, and Balance Druids. However, these sets are still in development, and their final forms and bonuses may differ when Phase 4 is officially released.


With that we will conclude our Season of Discovery Phase 4 blog post. We hope that this will help you out and that you will find what to do even in Phase 3 to prepare for SoD phase 4. We did our best to cover the majority of known changes that are coming in the next phase without writing too much text so you can read through it fast and get a glimpse of what is to come.

Seeing how Blizzard is dedicated and listens to the community for Season of Discovery we have no doubt that Phase 4 will be a blast. Personally, we can’t wait to see what’s going to happen and how things will look!

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That would be all and stay safe!

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