WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 Release Date and Updates!

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Release Date


Hello everyone and welcome to our Season of Discovery Phase 2 Release Date and Updates post! Here we will talk about everything that was said as well as the recent update on the next stage of WoW SoD Classic – Phase 2!

It’s been a long-time coming for sure! After much speculation, and Blizzard giving us a Roadmap for WoW Classic and what’s instore for 2024, we finally got an actual Release Date for Season of Discovery Phase 2. We will do our best to cover everything in order and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for us in this amazing new venture.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 – A bit of History

WoW Classic Season of Discovery was released on November 30th, and it was Blizzards answer to the much awaited ‘Classic+’ that the community wanted. From it’s inception it has had the much needed changes and various implementation that are unique for this WoW Classic mode. The implementation of Runes, the rework of Dungeons into Raids and the various other things that were implemented truly make this WoW Classic mode special and desirable by many.

However, due to it being set in the WoW ‘Vanilla’ content (for now), there was the question of getting a repeat of what came before and everything being live at the same moment, which brought a dose of suspense with what is to come and what people might expect. Blizzard’s solution to this issue was naturally adding Phases, as it was with previous Classic content, but the difference here is that with Season of Discovery those Phases are bringing more than just ‘minor’ updates and a Raid release here and there. What we are getting with SoD Phases is simply something far better than anything else we might’ve anticipated and it’s a total overhaul with each coming Phase.

What is changing with each Phase of Season of Discovery? 

The most notable changes that are coming with WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phases are:

  • The increase in Level Cap
  • Adding of new Runes which can be engraved and give your Character new abilities and playstyles
  • The Release of the next reworked Dungeon into a Raid
  • New mechanics, layout and drops from the Raids
  • The reveal of the next battlefield for PvP 

and many more!

World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 1 has gained tremendous success within the Classic community and beyond. Yet, as the Blackfathom Deeps Raid has been cleared to the point of becoming a routine ‘check’, every rune uncovered, and the level 25 meta thoroughly understood, Players are eagerly anticipating the shift in dynamics promised by the upcoming Season of Discovery Phase 2. So, when is the release date for Phase 2?

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Release Date

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 is closer than you think! With Phase 1 coming to a close, we have the release date for Season of Discovery Phase 2, it was officially announced that the release of the ‘next stage’ or phase is coming on February 8th, 2024! The long awaited arrival of the Phase 2 is coming just at the nick of time, as Players all around the world started loathing for more!

Initial feedback indicates that Phase 1 might have lingered a bit longer than expected, with many Players anticipating a Phase 2 release before the end of January. Nevertheless, the community is eagerly looking forward to delving into the new content even if it means having to wait a bit longer than anticipated!

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Updates and Changes

SoD Gnomeregan Raid Phase 2

The much awaited Season of Discovery Phase 2 is coming! As we mentioned the Release Date being on the 8th of February, even though many of us expected it in mid-late January, it’s coming. With it come the much needed changes in pacing as well as the increase in Level Cap, and various other things, so lets cover exactly what is coming with the Season of Discovery Phase 2!

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Level Cap 

As in other WoW Classic variations there are Phases in Season of Discovery as well! However, unlike other WoW Classic modes the Phases here are much more game changing. This brings us to the first change that is coming with Season of Discovery Phase 2 – the Level Cap.

So far in Phase 1 the Level Cap was Level 25, this is changing in SoD Phase 2 and the new Level Cap will be Level 40! Naturally, this won’t be the only Change.

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New Discoveries and Secrets in SoD Phase 2

The Season of Discovery Phase 2 brings an increase in Levels, but this also means that we will be stepping into new Zones with new Discoveries and Secrets to uncover in SoD’s variation of Azeroth.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Runes

The next step after making new discoveries and unlocking secrets, you will find many new Runes with powerful abilities. The Runes system is something that is the main ‘game changer’ compared to other WoW Classic variations. These Runes grant unbelievable new abilities, spells and change the way your Character or Class works depending on which ones you have equipped. We can’t wait to see which new ones are coming when it comes to SoD Phase 2 and what impact they’ll have!

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Talent Tree 

With the Level Cap being 40, we can expect to reach the very bottom of our talent tree if we choose to invest all points into one specialization. This means that we will finally be able to get the ‘ultimate’ spells and abilities if we choose to go that route!

New PvP Events and Zone

So far Ashenvale was the zone that had PvP Events and was the main ‘PvP’ Zone and a place where you can earn honor, reputations and get your first ground mount that had 50% speed, but was only usable in that specific Zone. With the coming of Season of Discovery Phase 2, the next Zone that we’ll be using to prove our dominance will be non other than Stranglethorn Vale!


Ahhh, the pleasure of getting the first 60% ground mount. Even though we already got a 50% mount for the PvP Zone in Ashenvale in Phase 1. Season of Discovery Phase 2 is finally letting us reach the regular 60% ground mounts that are much needed and will change the pacing of the game entirely. So buckle up!

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Raid – Gnomeregan

Last but not least, the release of Season of Discovery Phase 2 is bringing us the redesigned, repurposed and much awaited Gnomeregan Raid. There has been much speculation about what is coming, and how it will look like, soon enough we will finally get to see exactly what they did to this Raid, how many Bosses it will have and what we can expect from it! New items, new Bosses, new mechanics and a variety of changes to the Dungeon itself compared to it’s original state is something that we eagerly await to see!

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Season of Discovery Phase 2 is coming soon and we can’t wait to see all the things that await us. The Phase 1 went ‘smoothly’ and had a better showing than most other newly made games in the world. Also, it has been the long awaited culmination of requests from the community about Classic+. We can now say with certainty that Phase 1 was as success and that Players can’t wait to finally get some new content in Season of Discovery Phase 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

When is Season of Discovery Phase 2 coming out? 

Season of Discovery Phase 2 is confirmed to Release on the 8th of February, 2024!

Changes coming in SoD Phase 2Which Changes are coming to SoD in Phase 2? 

There are many changes coming, the main ones are:

  • Level Cap: 40
  • New Runes
  • New PvP Event
  • New Raid – Gnomeregan 
  • Ground Mounts 

Where will the New PvP Event take place in SoD Phase 2? 

The new event in Season of Discovery Phase 2 is taking place in Stranglethorn Vale.

How come we’re able to use Ground Mounts?

By being able to reach Level 40, you will inevitably be able to get your first 60% ground mount.

Which new Runes are coming with SoD Phase 2?

We yet not certain which ones we’ll be seeing in SoD Phase 2, but surely they will be game changing and incredibly powerful! Bladestorm for Warriors or Fel Flame for Warlocks are not out of the question!