WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2: Gnomeregan Raid Guide

SoD Gnomeregan Raid Guide

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Hello and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post! In the wonderous world of Azeroth with its newest addition WoW Season of Discovery Classic, we’ve seen many changes come to the overall layout, Quests, Dungeons, Classes and many things being added to the Game since the release of SoD.

If you are interested in reading all about the new Phase in SoD, then read our WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 Release Date and Updates post, and we also have our Phase 2 Skill Books Guide, as well as our Runes Guide for all Classes!

However, if you are wondering how Phase 2 of Season of Discovery influenced the new Raid and what you have to do to defeat the Bosses inside it – then search no more and read our Gnomeregan Raid Guide!

Without further ado, lets get into it!

What is Gnomeregan? 

Gnomeregan, was once the thriving capital city of the Gnome race. It fell into tragedy when it faced a devastating Trogg invasion, sparked by the disturbance of titan sites. The Gnomes, awakened by the chaos, found themselves thrust into a desperate struggle for survival. In a fateful decision, High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, guided by his advisor Sicco Thermaplugg, ordered the activation of the city’s massive machinery, unleashing toxic radiation in the hopes of eradicating the Trogg threat.

However, the outcome was far from what was hoped for. While some Troggs fell to the radiation’s effects, others grew stronger, more resilient. Tragically, the radiation proved equally fatal to the Gnome populace, claiming the lives of nearly eighty percent of their race within a matter of days. Those who survived faced a grim fate, transformed into ghastly, mindless beings known as Leper Gnomes, haunted by the horrors unleashed upon their city.

Despite the overwhelming odds, a handful of loyal Gnomes remained determined to defend their home, valiantly holding off the Trogg onslaught. Yet, their efforts alone were not enough to stem the tide of darkness that engulfed Gnomeregan. In the midst of despair, whispers of abandonment circulated among the survivors, questioning the absence of their ruler in their darkest hour, but this is where we as Adventurers come in!

What Instance Level is Gnomeregan? 

Since the beginning of World of Warcraft, Gnomeregan was a Dungeon which was an Instance for Levels 28-35. However in Season of Discovery this Dungeon was reworked into a Raid and is now a Level 40 Raid-Instance made for Groups of 10 Players.

How do I get to Gnomeregan? 

Season of Discovery Gnomeregan Raid Location

In order to get to Gnomeregan, there are two ways. One is for the Alliance, and the other is for the Horde.

How does Alliance get to the Gnomeregan Raid?

For Alliance it’s quite simple. The Dungeon as well as the Raid itself now in SoD is located close to one of the Alliance Capitals – Ironforge. Simply go there and run to the Gnomeregan Raid.

How does Horde get to the Gnomeregan Raid?

As a member of the Horde, gaining access to Gnomeregan for teleportation purposes involves a short Questline that begins with a prerequisite quest called “Rig Wars,” initiated by speaking to NPC Nogg in Orgrimmar (coordinates 75.8, 25.2).

  • Upon starting the quest, You will be directed to Sovik, also located in Orgrimmar (coordinates 75.6, 25.2). Speaking with Sovik triggers the quest “Chief Engineer Scooty.”
  • Next, you must go to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale to find Scooty (coordinates 27.6, 77.4). Upon reaching Scooty, players receive the follow-up quest titled “Gnomer-gooooone!
  • Upon successfully completing the “Gnomer-gooooone!” Quest, you will be rewarded with the valuable Goblin Transponder, which enables teleportation to Gnomeregan.

If by chance you accidentally ‘lose’ the Goblin Transponder, you can easily obtain a replacement by returning to Scooty. Additionally, Blizzard has ensured that even if the transponder is lost, players can acquire it from the Lost and Found vendor Rix Xizzix in Booty Bay (coordinates 28.4, 75.6). However, it’s essential to have completed all associated quests and initially acquired the Goblin Transponder to see it available for purchase from the vendor.

Which World Buff was added for the Gnomeregan Raid in SoD Phase 2? 

Gnomeregan has the new world buff  Spark of Inspiration. Players in Orgrimmar or Ironforge will receive the world buff when  Thermaplugg’s Engineering Notes is turned in. It drops from the last Gnomeregan Boss Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

Spark of Inspiration lasts 120 minutes. It increases critical strike chance of spells by 4%, grants 42 spell damage and healing, and increases melee and ranged attack speed by 42%.

Which Bosses are there in Gnomeregan? 

In the Gnomeregan Raid within the Season of Discovery Phase 2, you will confront six revamped bosses. Each of these encounters presents unique challenges, requiring careful strategy and coordination from raid teams. Here’s a breakdown of the bosses:

  1. Grubbis: Expect significant adjustments to Grubbis’s mechanics, potentially introducing new abilities or altering existing ones. Be prepared to adapt your tactics accordingly to overcome this formidable foe.
  2. Viscous Fallout: The encounter with Viscous Fallout has been reimagined to provide a fresh and engaging challenge. Watch out for any changes in mechanics or tactics required to defeat this Boss.
  3. Crowd Pummeler 9-60: As one of Gnomeregan’s iconic bosses, Crowd Pummeler 9-60 received updates to its mechanics.
  4. Electrocutioner 6000: With the Season of Discovery bringing revisions to existing Raid content, Electrocutioner 6000’s encounter has undergone substantial changes. Prepare to face new obstacles and mechanics as you confront this electrifying adversary.
  5. Menagerie (STX-13/LL | STX-37/CN | STX-25/NB | STX-04/BD): The Menagerie encounter, featuring a collection of mechanical creations, is poised to offer a revamped experience. Expect modifications to the behavior and abilities of each mechanized creature, requiring careful coordination to overcome.
  6. STX-96/FR | Mekgineer Thermaplugg: As the final boss of Gnomeregan, Mekgineer Thermaplugg and his formidable creations will likely present a formidable challenge. Get ready for Mimiron 2.0.

With each boss encounter in the Gnomeregan Raid reworked for the Season of Discovery, you have to be flexible and prepared to tackle new challenges. Coordination, communication, and adaptability will be key to emerging victorious against these revamped Bosses.

In the continuation of this post we will breakdown any necessary preparations as well as Boss tactics and a Video Guide for each boss individually. Keep on reading our Gnomeregan Raid Guide and we hope that it will help you overcome the reworked Bosses for this SoD Phase 2 Raid-Instance!

Gnomeregan Raid Guide: How to defeat Grubbis – The First Boss

Grubbis is located near the entrance of the Gnomeregan instance, nestled within the cave area linked to the Hall of Gears. Initiating the event to summon Grubbis involves conversing with Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse. Once the event is underway, mobs will emerge from the cave’s depths before Emi sets off explosives to seal the entrance. Grubbis himself emerges from the second cave just before the explosives detonate.

Note: Avoid lingering within the cave during the explosive closure, as doing so can lead to fatal consequences.

Grubbis Gnomeregan RaidGrubbis preperation and tactics

  • Take a Nature Protection Potion at the start and around 30%.
  • Drag the adds into the green gas clouds that are spawned by Grubbis. The gas disappears and the adds die.
  • Prevent Grubbis from being hit by the gas. The gas gives him a buff.
  • The longer the fight, the more gas clouds spawn and pulse AoE damage.
  • The off-tank should tank the Basilisk.

Generally this fight is not hard, but it’s worthy to note that during the whole encounter

  1. Adds will be spawning that you have to kite into the green clouds or kill them.
  2. Kite Grubbis so he doesn’t get hit by the green clouds(gas).
  3. Most Raid-Teams kill Grubbis first and then the Basilisk, but you can do it in whichever order suits you more.

Grubbis Video Guide

Gnomeregan Raid Guide: How to defeat the Vicious Fallout – The Second Boss

Green clouds periodically emerge beneath Viscous Fallout, inflicting significant damage to anyone caught within them. These clouds can be easy to miss, so it’s crucial for the tank to reposition the boss around the room regularly to avoid them.

However, moving the boss must be done cautiously due to the presence of Fallout mob corpses scattered throughout the area. Each corpse is identifiable by a pair of bindings on the ground. It’s imperative to keep the boss far away from these corpses as they attract the attention of Irradiated Goo mobs.

These Irradiated Goo mobs spawn periodically and head towards the Fallout corpses. If they reach their destination, they transform into Desiccated Fallout mobs, posing a severe threat to the raid with their powerful Radiation Burn AoE spell. This spell inflicts a damage-over-time effect on all players, which should be interrupted promptly. Using Nature Protection Potions can provide additional defense in this encounter.

The first wave of Irradiated Goo mobs appears 15 seconds into the fight, with subsequent waves spawning every minute thereafter. Use crowd-control effects and stuns to slow their progress, while focusing on dealing maximum damage to prevent the Desiccated Fallout mobs from spawning.

Vicious Fallout Gnomeregan RaidVicious Fallout preparation and tactics

  • Clear out the adds.
  • Tank Viscous Fallout away from the bindings on the ground.
  • Move out of the green clouds under the boss.
  • Kill the 3 Irradiated Goo before they reach the bindings. Otherwise, they spawn a Desiccated Fallout.
  • Move Viscous Fallout out of the gas clouds.

Vicious Fallout Video Guide

Gnomeregan Raid Guide: How to defeat the Crowd Pummeler 9-60 – The Third Boss

The next Boss in the Gnomeregan Raid is the Crown Pummeler 9-60. It unleashes a deadly spell called Gnomeregan Smash, which fatally pushes affected players off the platform. To evade this ability, you must ensure that you are not positioned directly in front of the Boss. During the cast, the Boss’s upper body pivots to the right, indicating the direction of the impending smash. Players can see the direction of the cast by observing the orientation of the Pummeler’s feet.

Throughout the encounter, the Boss summons two large rotating bronze cogwheels onto the platform. These cogwheels traverse the area, colliding with you, inflicting damage, and knocking you back. This mechanic not only disrupts your movements but also poses a significant risk of knocking you off the platform, particularly as more cogwheels are added over time.

You should do your best to steer clear of the gears and maintain a safe distance from the edges of the platform to mitigate this threat. Fortunately, players who are knocked off the platform will leave behind their corpses, allowing them to be resurrected during the battle.

Upon reaching 30% health, the boss initiates its formidable ability, The Claw! Crowd Pummeler selects a random player as its target and begins charging towards them, dealing massive damage upon impact. Additionally, the Boss seizes the target, wielding them as a weapon for a brief period. During this time, the player sustains continuous damage while in the boss’s grasp.

If you are targeted by The Claw!, you should use all available mitigation spells, abilities and maybe even Healing Potions to survive the onslaught. Healers must be quick in restoring health after the charge and sustain healing thereafter. However, if you are playing a Class that has spells such as Blink, Ice Block, or Vanish – there’s nothing to worry about, just use them! It’s crucial to activate these abilities just as the Boss is about to reach you, this way you will ensure that you avoid it and it doesn’t go on someone else.

Crowd Pummeler Gnomeregan RaidCrowd Pummeler 9-60 preparation and tactics

  • Don’t get hit by the cog wheels.
  • Never stand in front of the boss (feet are the indicator) to avoid getting hit by Gnomeregan Smash.
  • At 30%, the Crowd Pummeler 9-60 starts charging a random player. Make sure to heal them.

Crowd Pummeler 9-60 Video Guide

Gnomeregan Raid Guide: How to defeat the Electrocutioner 6000 – The Fourth Boss

For this particular encounter, it’s crucial to prepare by clearing the room in advance and positioning the Boss against the wall. Periodically, the boss will unleash a spell known as Static Field, which releases bolts of lightning, striking nearby allies with significant damage. It’s imperative for the targeted player to swiftly move away from their allies to avoid causing harm. However, they must remain within proximity to ensure they do not become the target of Static Arc.

Static Arc poses the biggest threat in this fight. The targeted player becomes the focal point of a chain lightning skill that hits the two closest players. The key strategy here is to identify that the Arc’s target is always the character situated farthest from the Boss. Additionally, the spell applies a debilitating debuff that amplifies the damage of the subsequent Arc by fivefold. Therefore, it’s critical for players afflicted with this debuff to avoid being struck by the Arc to survive.

To effectively manage this mechanic, it’s advisable to divide the ranged characters into two distinct groups. One group should position themselves farthest from the Boss initially. When members of this group incur damage from Static Arc and acquire the debuff, they should swiftly switch places with the second group. By the time the first group relocates and becomes the target of the Arc spell, the debuff will have elapsed. Optimal group composition involves assigning Healers to the first group and ranged DPS to the second, minimizing the loss of DPS output during the group swaps.

In scenarios where the number of ranged characters is insufficient, a melee Damage-Dealer can intermittently join one of the two groups. Moreover, if one of the assigned group members becomes the target of Static Field, necessitating their removal from the group taking Static Arc damage, a replacement must promptly fill their role to maintain the strategy’s effectiveness.

Electrocutioner Gnomeregan RaidElectrocutioner 6000 preparation and tactics

  • Static Arc mechanic (every 15 sec):
    • The boss targets the player furthest away from him. The targeted player and the two closest players to them get a debuff which increases the damage you take from Static Arc by 500% (lasts 20 sec).
    • Have 2 teams of 3 players alternating positions. After one group received the debuff, they change places with the other group.
  • Static Field mechanic:
    • The boss targets a random player and gives a debuff.
    • The affected player needs to move away from other players. Be aware to not stand further away than the 3-player group for Static Arc.

Electrocutioner 6000 Video Guide

Gnomeregan Raid Guide: How to defeat The Mechanical Menagerie – The Fifth Boss

The next Boss encounter introduces a unique challenge with four distinct adversaries: the Dragon, Squirrel, Chicken, and Sheep. If you’re an Engineer or a Warcraft III enjoyer, you know how these can blow up!

  • The Sheep presents a particularly elusive foe as it cannot be directly aggroed. Instead, it fixates on a randomly selected target, engaging them in melee combat. Additionally, it poses a threat with its AoE stun within melee range. At times, the Sheep bolsters itself with a Frayed Wiring reflect spell, inflicting Nature damage upon attackers. It’s crucial to refrain from attacking the Sheep during this defensive phase.
  • The Chicken introduces a hazardous element by leaving behind egg-like bombs that detonate with a painful AoE explosion if triggered. While these bombs naturally dissipate over time, it’s advisable to eliminate them swiftly using damage to prevent accidental detonations.
  • The Dragon, on the other hand, unleashes periodic frontal cone fire breaths towards a randomly selected target, afflicting those caught within its fiery grasp with a debilitating stacking DoT of fire damage. Simultaneously,
  • The Squirrel uses Widget Volley to disrupt casting and Widget Fortress, summoning a protective shield that diminishes damage inflicted upon the bosses. To counter these threats, it’s essential to interrupt Volley and relocate the bosses away from the Fortress zone.

Strategically, one Tank should focus on containing the Squirrel and Chicken, while another Tank manages the Dragon. Both Tanks must remain on their toes, using defensive abilities in response to the Cluck! (50% attack speed buff) applied by the Chicken to all bosses.

Crucially, these adversaries must be subdued simultaneously, as each defeated boss initiates Self Repair to replenish their health. Failure to defeat all bosses before this process concludes results in their return to battle with augmented HP. Moreover, watch out for the Overheat phase, during which bosses incur increased damage but also emit fiery harm to characters within melee range. Melee Damage-Dealers should be careful, positioning themselves away from bosses during Overheat and resuming attacks once the buff subsides.

Mana-dependent characters, especially Healers, may encounter Mana depletion during this long encounter. MAKE SURE TO USE the red buttons on the surrounding columns, which exchange 30% HP for a 20% Mana boost to sustain vital spellcasting.

Menagerie Gnomeregan RaidThe Menagerie preparation and tactics

  • Kill the mobs all at the same time. Otherwise, they keep respawning.
  • Main Tank tanks STX-37/CN (chicken) and STX-25/NB (squirrel).
  • Off Tank tanks STX-04/BD (dragon).
  • All players stay away from STX-13/LL (sheep). It stuns everyone close to it.
  • Don’t get hit by the dragon’s flame breath frontal. It has a large area of effect. The tank can try to announce this ability if you’re in voice chat.
  • You can tank STX-37/CNSTX-25/NB, and STX-04/BD close to each other. It’s easier to see and dodge the dragon’s flame breath that way.
  • DPS down the egg the chicken spawns. It has very low health.
  • The squirrel damages the whole group with its spell – Widget Volley. This spell should be interrupted as often as possible.
  • Casters can push the red buttons on the pillars every 30 seconds to trade health for mana.

The Menagerie Video Guide

Gnomeregan Raid Guide: How to defeat Mekgineer Thermaplugg – STX-96/FR – The FINAL BOSS

The final boss encounter in the WoW Classic: SoD Gnomeregan Raid comprises of four distinct Phases, each presenting unique challenges.

During each Phase, one of the columns surrounding the arena begins spawning bomb-adds, which inflict AoE damage of varying types depending on the Phase. These adds can be defeated with ranged attacks or spells, but they will continue to spawn until a someone presses the red button on the corresponding column. After pressing the button, it’s important to remain stationary for a moment, as pressing it and immediately moving away may cause it to malfunction.

The player who activates the button receives damage from the falling bomb and exchanges 30% HP for 20% Mana. Furthermore, they are unable to press the button again for 30 seconds, making it advisable for Healers or Ranged players to handle this task.

Phase 1: The Fire Phase

In Phase 1, the boss should be tanked against the wall near the entrance to the room. When it employs Flame Thrower, the main Tank should kite it continuously to the left or right, moving away from its melee range to avoid accumulating excessive stacks of the debuff applied by the ability. This debuff amplifies the damage taken from Flame Thrower. Consequently, when the boss reuses the spell, the Off-Tank or a Warlock’s/Hunter’s pet must taunt the boss and kite it in the opposite direction along the wall, allowing the main Tank time to regenerate and let their debuff stacks expire.

Upon reaching 50% HP, the boss transitions to Phase 2 and restores its HP to 100%.

Phase 2: The Frost Phase

During this Phase, all damaging mechanics inflict Freezing stacks, which decrease movement speed. Accumulating 11 stacks renders a character immobile. This debuff can be dispelled, and Druids have the option to remove it by shapeshifting. Additionally, Free Action Potions provide resistance. The boss also utilizes Coolant Discharge and Supercooled Smash, with the former being an AoE spell that applies stacks to the entire raid. If any player has 11 stacks during this AoE, it results in a raid wipe. The boss targets the Tank with Supercooled Smash, the damage of which increases with the number of stacks on raid members. It’s essential to press the red button during this Phase, as the bombs now create freezing puddles upon detonation.

Phase 3 commences when the boss’s HP reaches 50%, with its HP being restored once again.

Phase 3: The Nature Phase

In this Phase, mechanics and bomb explosions apply the Radiation Sickness debuff, increasing Natural damage taken. Dispelling this debuff is crucial. Periodically, the boss channels the Toxic Ventilation spell, which must be interrupted to prevent significant raid damage.

Upon reaching 50% HP, the boss transitions to Phase 4, regaining 100% HP.

Phase 4: The Grand Finale

This time around, the Boss can be brought to 0%. Players should reserve their strongest cooldowns for this Phase, as the boss employs all previously encountered mechanics. Columns continue to spawn bombs of various types, requiring players to kite the boss during Flame Thrower, interrupt Toxic Ventilation, dispel negative effects, and press the red button promptly. After defeating the boss, Mekgineer Thermaplugg appears, appearing considerably weaker compared to the formidable encounter.

Thermaplugg Gnomeregan RaidSTX-96/FR | Mekgineer Thermaplugg preparation and tactics

  • The boss has 4 phases.
  • Main Mechanic (all phases):
    • Any of the 6 pillars starts throwing down bombs.
    • The bombs target and move toward a player.
    • If they reach the target, they explode and have an effect that depends on the phase.
    • Kill the bombs.
    • Quickly press the red button underneath the pillar they are spawning from. This stops them from spawning, deals damage to you, and restores mana. You’ll also get a debuff that prevents you from pressing another button for 30 sec.
  • Phase 1 (Fire Phase):
    • The boss applies the stacking dot Sprocketfire to the main tank. Taunt swap when the stacks get too high.
    • The boss uses Furnace Surge on the main tank (3 sec cast time) and applies stacks of Sprocketfire if the tank is in melee range.
    • As the main tank avoid getting hit by Furnace Surge by running away during the cast time.
  • Phase 2 (Frost Phase):
    • The boss applies stacks of the Freezing debuff to the main tank. Each stack slows the movement speed by 5%. At 11 stacks, the player will be frozen.
    • The boss uses Cooling Discharge every 25 sec which causes a raid-wide AoE hit and applies a stack.
    • Avoid the frost patches caused by exploding bombs. Stepping on them will give you stacks.
    • Frost stacks can be dispelled by a Priest Priest and Druids Druids can shapeshift out of it. Free Action Potion Free Action Potion is also useful.
  • Phase 3 (Nature Phase):
    • The boss applies the disease Radiation Sickness to the main tank. Nature damage taken is increased by 50%. Radiation Sickness can be dispelled.
    • Be aware of his channeled AoE damage ability Toxic Ventilation (does not have a cast bar). It can be interrupted.
    • Avoid the green poison clouds on the ground caused by exploding bombs. This will apply Radiation Sickness to you.
  • Phase 4:
    • The boss does all the mechanics from the previous phases.
    • When he’s at 0%, Mekgineer Thermaplugg jumps out and also needs to be killed.

STX-96/FR | Mekgineer Thermaplugg Video Guide

This Concludes the “Bosses” part of this Guide. We will leave a detailed Video Guide below for those of you that want to know more about the Season of Discovery Gnomeregan Raid and how to defeat the Bosses. However, most of it is already mentioned above!

Full Gnomeregan Raid Guide (Video)

In the continuation of this comprehensive Gnomeregan Raid Guide, we will talk about the Quests, Items that drop, that can be Crafted as well as some other interesting things. So stick around!

If by chance you are in need of assistance with this new Raid, feel free to check out our Gnomeregan Raid Boost Service, or other Season of Discovery services!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Gnomeregan Raid Quests Are Available in Season of Discovery? 

There are many available Quests some of them are for both Horde and Alliance while others are just for the Alliance. We will list all of them here and then explain where you can get them and what you get by completing them!

Which Alliance Quests are in the Gnomeregan Raid and which Items do you get from them? 

We will go through all of them below and explain, what you have to do and which rewards you’ll be given for doing them.

The Grand Betrayal

The Quest “The Grand Betrayal” requires you to go into Gnomeregan. You have to be level 40. This quest is SHARABLE!

Save Techbot’s Brain!

For the Quest ” Save Techbot’s Brain! ” – you have to be level 40. This quest is SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Tinkmaster Overspark in Ironforge (70.6 50.4)
  • ENDS AT: Tinkmaster Overspark in Ironforge (70.6 50.4)
  • REQUIREMENT: Bring Techbot’s Memory Core to Tinkmaster Overspark. It drops from Techbotoutside the instance. When entering the path to go to the instance, go right and then straight through the big room full of gnomes to find Techbot.
  • REWARDS: Gold.

Data Rescue

For the Quest ” Data Rescue ” – you have to be level 40. This quest is SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Master Mechanic Castpipe in Ironforge (70.0 47.4)
  • ENDS AT: Master Mechanic Castpipe in Ironforge (70.0 47.4)
  • REQUIREMENTS: Bring a Prismatic Punch Card to Master Mechanic Castpipe. To get Prismatic Punch Card, follow these steps:
    1. Kill mobs outside or inside the instance until you get White Punch Card.
    2. Use White Punch Card at the Matrix Punchograph 3005-A near the Techbot outside the instance. You’ll get Yellow Punch Card.
    3. Use Yellow Punch Card at theMatrix Punchograph 3005-B at the bottom of the Dormitories. You’ll get Blue Punch Card.
    4. Use Blue Punch Card at the Matrix Punchograph 3005-C on the platform of Electrocutioner 6000. You’ll get Red Punch Card.
    5. Use Red Punch Card at the Matrix Punchograph 3005-D below Crowd Pummeler 9-60. You’ll get Prismatic Punch Card.
  • REWARDS: Repairman’s Cape or Mechanic’s Pipehammer.


The Quest ” Gnogaine ” requires level 40 and is NOT SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Ozzie Togglevolt in Kharanos in Dun Morogh (45.8 49.2)
  • ENDS AT: Ozzie Togglevolt in Kharanos in Dun Morogh (45.8 49.2)
  • REQUIREMENTS: Use Empty Leaden Collection Phial on Irradiated Invader and Irradiated Pillager. They can be found in Gnomeregan outside and inside the instance. The mobs need to be alive when you use Empty Leaden Collection Phial on them.
  • REWARDS: Follow-up Quest.

The Only Cure is More Green Glow

The Follow-up Quest from “Gnogaine” is “The Only Cure is more Green Glow“, requires level 40 and is NOT SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Ozzie Togglevolt in Kharanos in Dun Morogh (45.8 49.2)
  • ENDS AT: Ozzie Togglevolt in Kharanos in Dun Morogh (45.8 49.2)
  • REQUIREMENTS: Use Heavy Leaden Collection Phial on Irradiated Slime and Irradiated Horror in Gnomeregan to collect High Potency Radioactive Fallout. Bear in mind that the mobs need to be alive when you use the Phial on them. Note: High Potency Radioactive Fallout has a duration of 2 hours.
  • REWARDS: Gold.

Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators

For the Quest ” Gryodrillmatic Excavationators “, you have to be level 40 and this quest IS SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Shoni the Shilent in Stormwind (55.6 12.6)
  • ENDS AT: Shoni the Shilent in Stormwind (55.6 12.6)
  • REQUIREMENTS:  Bring 24x Robo-mechanical Guts to Shoni the Shilent. Robo-mechanical Guts drops from most mobs in Gnomeregan.
  • REWARDS: Shoni’s Dismantling Tool or Shilly Mittens.

Essential Artificials

The Gnomeregan Quest ” Essential Artificials “, requires Level 40, and IS SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Klockmort Spannerspan in Ironforge (69.0 46.8)
  • ENDS AT: Klockmort Spannerspan in Ironforge (69.0 46.8)
  • REQUIREMENTS: Bring 12x Essential Artificial to Klockmort Spannerspan. Essential Artificial (Machines) can be found in many locations inside the Gnomeregan instance.
  • REWARDS: Gold.

Which Horde Quests are in the Gnomeregan Raid and which Items do you get from them? 

We will go through all of them below and explain, what you have to do and which rewards you’ll be given for doing them.

Rig Wars

This Horde Quest is the same as the Alliance’s ” The Grand Betrayal “.

  • STARTS AT: Nogg in Orgrimmar (75.8 25.2).
  • ENDS AT: Nogg in Orgrimmar (75.8 25.2).
  • REQUIREMENTS: Obtain Rig Blueprints and Thermaplugg’s Safe Combination in Gnomeregan.
    • Thermaplugg’s Safe Combination drops from Mekgineer Thermaplugg
    • Rig Blueprints is contained in Thermaplugg’s Safe in the room of the boss.
  • REWARDS: Pristine Civinad Robes, Nimble Triprunner Dungarees, or Triple Reinforced Leggings

Which Quests are in the Gnomeregan Raid for BOTH Factions and which Items do you get from them? 

We will go through all of them below and explain, what you have to do and which rewards you’ll be given for doing them.

The Mad King

This is an “all-around” Quest for both factions, you get it by defeating the FINAL BOSS of the Gnomeregan Raid.

A Fine Mess

The Gnomeregan Quest ” A Fine Mess “, requires Level 40, and IS NOT SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Kernobee in Gnomeregan (after exiting The Clean Room).
  • ENDS AT: Scooty in Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale (27.6 77.4).
  • REQUIREMENTS: Escort Kernobee to the Clockwerk Run exit.
  • REWARDS: Fire-welded Bracers, or Fairywing Mantle.

Grime-Encrusted Ring

The Gnomeregan Quest ” Grime-Encrusted Ring “, requires Level 40, and IS NOT SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Grime-Encrusted Ring item, drops from Dark Iron Agent in Gnomeregan.
  • ENDS AT: The Sparklematic 5200 in The Clean Room in Gnomeregan.
  • REQUIREMENTS: Simply deliver the Ring.
  • REWARDS: Follow-up Quest “Return of the Ring”.

Return of the Ring

The Gnomeregan Quest ” Return of the Ring“, requires Level 40, and IS NOT SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: The Sparklematic 5200 in The Clean Room in Gnomeregan.
  • ENDS AT: Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge (36 5.2), or Nogg in Orgrimmar (75.6 25.2).
  • REQUIREMENTS: Turn in the Quest.
  • REWARDS: Follow-up Quest ” Gnome Improvement ” or ” Nogg’s Ring Redo

Gnome Improvement or Nogg’s Ring Redo

The Gnomeregan Quest ” Gnome Improvement ” or ” Nogg’s Ring Redo “, requires Level 40, and IS NOT SHARABLE!

  • STARTS AT: Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge (36 5.2) or Nogg in Orgrimmar (75.6 25.2).
  • ENDS AT: Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge (36 5.2) or Nogg in Orgrimmar (75.6 25.2).
  • REQUIREMENTS: Deliver the following items: Brilliant Gold Ring (provided), Silver Bar, and a Moss Agate.
  • REWARDS: Nogg’s Brilliant Gold Ring or Talvash’s Brilliant Gold Ring.

The Sparklematic 5200!

The Gnomeregan quest The Sparklematic 5200! requires level 40. It is sharable and repeatable (XP only for the first time).

  • STARTS AT: The Sparklematic 5200 in The Clean Room in Gnomeregan.
  • ENDS AT: The Sparklematic 5200 in The Clean Room in Gnomeregan.
  • REQUIREMENTS: Find a Grime-Encrusted Object which drops of mobs in Gnomeregan.
  • REWARDS: Insert the Grime-Encrusted Object into The Sparklematic 5200. Pay 3 silver to start the machine and see what will come out.

What Loot is Available from the Gnomeregan Raid?

It’s best to check this out on Wowhead to get all the necessary info – click here!

Are there any Mounts that drop in Gnomeregan? 

The Gnomeregan Raid has a chance to drop in the Gnomeregan Raid:


With this we finalize our Comprehensive Gnomeregan Raid Guide for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery. There are many things that are new and interesting regarding SoD Phase 2. New Runes, new Skill Books, new abilities and a Level Cap. It’s simply amazing how a little change can revitalize a 20 year old game. We hope that you found this article helpful and that it will enable you to enter Raid Groups with knowledge and preparation required to overcome all these Bosses.

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