Path of Exile: March 21st GGG Livestream, Necropolis League & PoE 2 Updates!

Path of Exile Necropolis and PoE 2 Live Developer Update March 21

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Hello everyone and welcome to the newest Path of Exile post. What a great day it was on March 21st, it’s simply amazing how much information People can get from asking the right questions and having Game Developers who actually talk, listen, and reveal things to the community in a timely fashion.

These are all characteristics that GGG has currently and this is exactly why they are one of the best game developing companies currently. On March 21st, 2024 there was a Live Developer Interview where many things were discussed and much has been revealed for the coming PoE 3.24 Necropolis League as well as Path of Exile 2, so without further ado, we’ll go right into what you can expect and we’ll cover most of what was said and what will definitely interest you, so stick around!

Before we go through what was said in the Interview, feel free to check our Path of Exile: Necropolis and Path of Exile 2 posts if you wish to know some things that were not specified in the Interview and that were known before!

March 21st GGG Livestream Key Takeaways

There’s been a lot of talk about the GGG Livestream in the past few weeks, each new QoL Update for Path of Exile Necropolis has directed us to the Livestream and that alone has shown that a lot of good things will be said and revealed, here are the Key Takeaways from the Livestream!

  1. Path of Exile 2 Updates
  2. Path of Exile: Necropolis
    • The Necropolis Challenge League
    • Endgame Changes
    • Campaign Improvements
    • Quality of Life
  3. New Supporter Packs
  4. Q&A
  5. Patch Notes

Let’s get into it with the latest showcase of the Path of Exile 2 Updates!

Path of Exile 2 Updates

The PoE 2 Team mostly focused on showcasing the Ranger Class this time around. As well as giving us an update on the PoE 2 BETA. Here’s what’s new.

Path of Exile 2: Ranger Class Official Reveal Trailer (Video)

Path of Exile 2 Ranger Class Updates

After showcasing the Mercenary Class at Exilecon 2023, a lot was shown in terms of changes that are being done as well as the gameplay that can be expected. Moving while shooting was especially something that took a lot of adjusting. Now, with the Ranger Class reveal, we got a glimpse at how the many changes are going to affect the currently playable Classes in PoE.

With the Ranger, we know that they wanted to achieve the “Legolas” style of gameplay. Where you are fast at drawing, as well as being able to draw and shoot while moving with a small movement penalty applied. Some key notes regarding the Ranger are definitely:

  • Being able to move while shooting
  • Snipe is a new ‘skill shot’ that you have to adjust and do at just the right time (Always critically strikes if done properly)
  • Lightning Rod AoE ability (shoot an arrow in the air that falls to the ground and is charged with lightning), the Rods attract any Lightning and do damage constantly, so using this AoE spell is best when your build is Lightning-based
  • Frost Escape is a backflip ability that leaves behind Frost patches and gives you distance
  • Stormcaller Arrow is a new ability that sticks an arrow into an enemy and a lightning bolt strikes that enemy after a short period of time, and it has a high chance of shocking the enemy.
    • Shocked enemies take 30% increased damage from all sources.
  • Electrocuting Rod is a new ability being added to the Ranger Class. It will make your character jump over an enemy and shoot a Rod into them. Any lightning Damage the Enemy takes will build up the electricity in the target until it inevitably suppresses the enemy and you can do whatever you want with it.
  • Frozen Nexus Support Gem will enhance any Frost ability. It creates Chilled Ground around any frozen enemy. Works well with the Frost Escape Skill.
  • Vine Arrow Skill sends an arrow into the air and grows a plant where it lands. It slows and poisons enemies, but another use for this Skill is that it transfers over any poison Damage you do to one enemy – to all others that are also entangled.
  • Poison Bloom Arrow is a Skill that creates pustules on the ground. These pustules will explode after a short while and do AoE Poison Damage. The more Poison Damage you do while the pustules are down, they will keep growing and do more damage when they explode.
  • Gas Arrow is a Skill that shoots your arrow and leaves a gas cloud at the spot which continuously Poisons anything that is around it. This Skill goes well with any Plant-based Arrow Skills (Bloom, Vine Arrow, etc.), since the constant poison from the Gas Arrow will constantly Poison anyone inside it will make your Bloom Arrow pustules grow much faster and do much more Damage.
  • The Plague Bearer Skill is a Reservation type Skill. However, instead of reserving Health or Mana, this time around you will be reserving a portion of the Poison from any enemy that you hit with any of your Poison effect Abilities. The counter for this ability can be seen in the top-left corner of your UI. The counter goes from 0 – 100%, and it can take some time before you reach 100%, but it’s worth it.
    • Once you reach 100% you can unleash the stored poison in an area around you and do A LOT of Damage.
  • Corrode Armor Support Gem is a New Gem that reduces the armor of all enemies that are Poisoned. It goes well with the Gas Arrow or any type of Poison ability. However, the further a target is exposed the more their Armor is reduced. So Gas Arrow goes perfectly to make sure that all the Armor is gone from the enemy.
  • Detonating Arrow is a new Skill that can be used in combination with the Gas Cloud from Gas Arrow. If you fire a Detonating Arrow it will explode and get multiplied by the gas cloud(consuming it in the process).

Those are some of the Skills that were added for the Ranger Class in Path of Exile 2.

Ranger Mount

The Ranger Class is blessed with another amazing feature and definitely brings up even more of the Hunter ‘vibe’ to the Class. You will be able to ride a Rhoa, and naturally, there are a few key things to point out about this. Those are:

  • You can Mount on a Rhoa
  • While Riding you can perform any Arrow based Skill from the Rhoa’s back.
  • You get no movement penalty while shooting Arrows from the Rhoa.
  • You can use any Volt Skill to jump off the mount.
  • When the Rhoa doesn’t have a Rider it starts attacking monsters. So it’s good to have it around even if you’re not riding it.

Note: While riding you can get dismounted by getting heavily stunned. This will knock you off the mount and it takes quite a bit before you can get back up.

If you wish to check the full Gameplay of the Ranger Class, then check the next Video.

PoE 2 Ranger Class Gameplay Update (Video)

Path of Exile 2 BETA DELAYED

The PoE 2 BETA was Announced to go LIVE on the 7th of June, 2024, but this won’t be the case. It is with great sorrow that we come with this News, but due to the gameplay not being up to standard for a BETA as of yet, it has been moved until a ‘later date this year’. Nothing specific was announced. If you wish to know more about PoE 2 then check our post, we spoke about the BETA a lot there.

This concludes the PoE 2 Updates and we’ll be turning towards what is new for Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis!

Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis Updates

When it comes to PoE Necropolis there has been a lot of talk recently, seeing as the expansion launches on the 29th of March everything is already prepared and almost 100% ready for the release.

There’s been talk about the League itself, Endgame changes, Campaign, and QoL Improvements. So lets see what’s new!

Path of Exile Necropolis Official Trailer (Video)

PoE Necropolis League Storyline

In Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League you will meet the Undertaker Eramor. A man who is collecting the scattered spirits of the Eternal Empire for an unknown reason and for a mysterious purpose.

These Spirits have begun to haunt the Monsters of Wraeclest, and through them, they are unleashing their ancient fury. When you meet the Undertaker he will provide you with the Lantern of Arimor, a powerful family heirloom that can illuminate the Spirits. With the Lantern the Undertaker hopes that you will help him rid Wraeclast of the Spirits, and by doing so, you further his cause.

How is the Lantern Used?

You can use the Lantern when entering any new area. Each time you want to enter a New area you will get a pop-up window that will allow you to pick which Monsters in that area are going to be Haunted by the Spirits and you can choose which of them get additional affixes. It is wise to make a good decision here because there’s no going back once you’ve done it.

While using the Lantern and seeing which affixes you want to give to which Monsters, you will be able to see various details regarding the monsters such as:

  • Monster Pack Size
  • Pack Density
  • Any Spells or Abilities that a monster type has

A good idea would be to give more of the worse affixes to mobs that you won’t encounter as easily. Or choose to give the weaker affixes to some of the more difficult mobs. The decision here is crucial.

Being able to distribute affixes yourself, gives an intelligent approach to the game in the Necropolis League.

Spirit Ranking in the Necropolis

As with everything there is a ranking system for the Spirits that you may encounter in any area. Here is how you can distinguish between them:

  • Servant-Haunted is the lowest-ranked form of Spirits. They give some basic improvements to Monsters in a given area, but their effect is not as impactful.
  • Noble-haunted are the highest-ranked form of Spirits. They give great improvements to Monsters in a given area, and their effect greatly impacts the Monster-type difficulty in an area.

There are other difficulties in between, but the difference between them is generally % based. For example, if the Servant is (Tier 1) and gives the lowest improvements, then gradually other tiers will give higher benefits to monsters. Choose wisely who you’ll be giving these to!

Important Note: Spirits are constantly ‘moving’ through Wraeclast, this means that if for some reason you were extremely unlucky with the choices you got, and an area is too difficult for you, you can peer into the Lantern after a few minutes and you’ll have new choices.

Devoted Spirits Necropolis League

As with everything, there are a couple of reasons why you should be defeating the most difficult  Spirits.

  1. Firstly, you want to get the best possible Rewards, and the best are given out when defeating the highest Tier of Spirits.
  2. Secondly, aside from the Regular Spirits, there are also those that are called “Devoted“.

We will focus on the latter. When you get the chance at the Devoted Spirit, this will give you various amazing Rewards. Some of them will include:

  • Increased Experience Gains
  • Other commodities 

and most importantly

  • A chance at spawning the “Nameless Seer“.
Why is the Nameless Seer Important? 

If you are lucky enough to get the Nameless Seer as your Devoted Spirit for an Area, you will be amazed at the Rewards. In order to spawn the Nameless Seer, you have to defeat All the packs of mobs that you’ve given this Spirit to before entering an area.

Once all the packs are defeated the Namess Seer will spawn and he will offer you ONE UNIQUE item.

Can I influence the Devoted Spirit to spawn? 

Yes, you will be able to influence the Devoted spawn rate by:

  • Clearing all Haunted Monsters in the previous area. The more Haunted monsters you defeat, the higher your chance of getting a Devoted Spirit at the next area entry.
  • Higher Tier Haunted Monsters increase the chance of Devoted Spirits appearing in the next area even more! This means that it’s sometimes better to put the hardest modifier on the most common monsters in an area – if you are brave enough!

This gives a lot of ‘space’ to experiment and choose the difficulty of each area, as well as the potential Rewards from it.

Unresolved Anguish Monsters

Considering the Necropolis League is ‘led’ by the Undertaker, you can already guess what is the thing he’s interested in the most – corpses. Monsters in an area have a chance at having ‘unresolved anguish’. Once defeated you will have the option of summoning the Undertaker to come and take their corpse.

Once you are ready, you can go to the Morgue and find all the Monsters you’ve collected. After doing that, you will be able to bury them in one of the many graves in Eramor’s cemetery. These can be used for crafting items as well with the help of Eramor’s Spirit knowledge.

For example: If you take a Monster and bury it, you will be able to craft certain items that will have various modifiers depending on which Monster you’ve buried.

The Necropolis League Crafting system

Burying one Monster may prove to be insufficient to help you make an item that is suitable for your Character. This is where the Necropolis League Crafting System comes into play. Each and every Monster has a unique crafting modifier on them, such as:

  1. +100 to Speed Modifier Tier Rating
  2. +1 Explicit Modifier
  3. +100 to life Modifier Tier Rating

and many more…

Why is this important? Well to put it simply, the more Monsters you bury, the more crafting modifiers you’ll have, and when you decide to CRAFT an Item, all of the crafting modifiers will be applied to it.

Meta Crafting Modifiers

There are also Meta Crafting Modifiers that can be implemented in the Grave Craft. A couple of the Meta Crafting Modifiers that you can get are:

  • 5% Chance to Generate an additional Item for each Corpse used in the process
  • 50% Increased Effect of all Adjacent Undead Corpses
Crafting New Unique Items 

As you clear areas throughout Wraeclast, you might find corpses of the ancient Eternal Empire Noble families. When you bury an entire family at Eramor’s Graveyard, and when they are Exorcised, they will reward you with a Unique that is specific to their lineage.

For example: Nevalius Inheritance

As with everything else, you will be able to use other Corpses to influence the Unique Craft as well.

Corpse Trading

You can purchase a Coffer from the Undertaker and then put the Corpse inside. This way you’re able to trade and sell different Corpses with other Players.

Embers of the Allflame

These Embers drop throughout Wraeclast as itemized Packs of Monsters. You can use these Embers as replacements for Monster Packs in any given area. Considering they also increase the chance at Rewards and the chance at Devoted Spirits.

Important Note: Make sure that you check the Pack Density and Size before you replace a Monster Pack with Embers of the Allflame since those will be mirrored to the New Monster pack from the Allflame.

Are the Ancestors League Tattoos staying in the Game? 

By using the Embers of the Allflame, you will be able to get those for Karui Ancestors, this means that the Ancestor League mechanic where you got Tattoos that you can use to enhance your Passive Skills will still be available!

Which Other Allflame mods can be found? 

There are many modes from various Leagues and the Rewards that you get are tied to them. Such as:

  • Breach Itemized Packs
  • Legion Itemized Packs
  • Vaal Itemized Packs
  • Untainted Packs that grant INSANE amounts of experience

you can even get Itemized Frog Packs, which can make your life easier since the frogs won’t do anything outside of the passive auras and abilities that they get from the Monster that they replace. If you want to replace some difficult Monsters in an area, this is the best way to go about it.

Importance of Game Knowledge in the Necropolis League

If you’re wondering why Game Knowledge is important, then here’s why. Knowing every area means that you were running through it multiple times, and know which Monster types are inside that area so that you know which of the Monsters you’ll be giving which Spirits to.

Giving the hardest Spirits to the most difficult Monsters will significantly reduce your clear speeds, unlike giving those Monsters the weakest Spirits while leaving the highest tier ones for the Monsters that are less in number and won’t decrease your clear speed by much. However, this all depends on the way you wish to play the game, that’s why having the ability to choose and make the area as you see fit is available.

Endgame Changes

When it comes to Endgame Changes there is a plethora of those to go around, here are those worthy of mention:

  1. Lantern Implementation to Maps
  2. New Bosses
  3. New Map Tier
  4. Atlas Changes

and many more. Let’s see what’s New!

Lantern Implementation to Maps

If you were wondering how the Necropolis League is implemented in the Endgame Maps, then here’s how. You will be able to influence each Map by using the Lantern on the Map device UI. It will allow you to influence all Monster packs the same way you can do it in the outworld while changing areas.

Note: Once you’ve used the Lantern on a Map, you can no longer remove it and it will be bound to you, so be careful about which Maps you are using the Lantern on since they will become non-tradable.

Atlas Changes

There will be multiple additions to the Atlas for the League. This time around you will find dozens of Passives that will be giving League-specific enhancements in order to help you customize, organize, and properly set the League challenge to fit what you want. In some cases you can change it completely – so look out for these!

Prospero’s Wager Atlas Keystone

This is definitely one of the biggest additions to the Atlas tree which concerns the League challenge, and it concerns crafting. This Passive influences the Corpses with Unresolved Anguish in your maps to ALWAYS have a  “Reveals a Random Craft when Buried” mod.

Note: This is the ‘gamble’ aspect of this League and it can backfire or give tremendous benefits to you when crafting. It also means that you will have to adapt on the ‘fly’ when using the Grave Craft.

Removed Keystones
  • Wandering Path
  • Grand Design
  • Growing Hordes

These changes follow the changes to Bosses and how Bossing will work in the future.

New Keystones
  • Unwavering Vision – Your Maps cannot be modified by Fragments other than Divine Vessels. Scarabs cannot be found on Your Maps. Grants 20 Atlas Skill Points.
  • Back to Basics – Your Maps randomly have between 0-80% Modifier Effect. Extra content cannot appear in your Maps. Cannot apply influence to your Maps.
  • Thorough Exploration – If there are fewer than 50 Monsters remaining in your Maps, Final Map Bosses are Empowered by Affliction Wisps.
New Notables
  • Remarkable Relics – Scarabs found in your Maps are more likely to be less common varieties.
  • Mounting Modifiers – 2% increased effect of Modifiers on your Maps per Explicit Map Modifier.
  • Tainted Carapaces – Scarabs dropped in your Maps are 100% more likely to be Beyond Scarabs.

These are just some of the notables that were showcased. Many more will be uncovered once the League starts, but notables such as the Tainted Carapaces, will be for each Scarab to enable easier target farming.

Multiple Atlas Trees Added

More Flexibility is being added to the Game. This time around you will be able to make multiple Atlas Trees for a variety of things. This will enable you to easily swap between different Atlas layouts depending on what you want to focus on.

You can unlock a total of 3 Atlas Trees. You unlock one as soon as you finish the Campaign, while the others will get unlocked by progressing through the Endgame and completing Core content.

How do I choose which Atlas layout I can use in a Map? 

When you wish to start a map, on the left-hand side you will find 3 options, you simply choose which Atlas you want to be used for any Map. The Atlas layout can be renamed so you can easily identify them.

Boss Changes

The most important content in the game, and the point at which you basically ‘finished’ the Game, is when you are able to easily access and defeat the Pinnacle Bosses. Naturally, this is after having a long progression in terms of Character development and many hours invested into the Game in any given Season.

Pinnacle Bosses

The Pinnacle Bosses are basically the most Rewarding and most difficult Bosses in the game, in this category we have Bosses such as:

To fight these Bosses, you had to allocate certain Passive Skills on the Atlas tree. This system did offer a lot of control, but there were also many problems. The way you access the Pinnacle Bosses is the same as the way you access the Regular Bosses of this tier. So the materials used to get to them, are the same for Uber and non-Uber instances.

This caused the price to be fixed around the Uber Bosses, and it left many Players quitting before they got the chance to even do the non-Uber Bosses, and the non-Uber Bosses became useless since there was no point in wasting fragments on summoning those instead of the Uber variant.

Another issue was that the pinnacle and non-pinnacle content had too big of a ‘gap’ between them. This caused many Players to never even get to the point of being able to defeat an Uber Boss since there was no obvious content for that ‘middle’ between the non-Uber Bosses and Uber Bosses.

Are Uber Passive Keystones being removed from the Atlas?

To make the above problem ‘go away’, GGG is removing the Passives from the Atlas and instead, they are adding a new set of Fragments that give access to this content. If you are wondering where to get these fragments, then the answer will give you chills.

The answer is Tier 17 Maps!

Path of Exile Tier 17 Maps

These New Tiers of Maps in Path of Exile will be the main source of getting Fragments to fight Uber Bosses, and on top of that, we are given 5 COMPLETELY NEW MAPS with New Bosses at the end of each of them. On top of being New Maps with New Terrain and Bosses, these Maps will also get an additional modifier added to them compared to Tier 16 Maps, as well as new Uber Monsters.

We’ll cover some of the Maps that were shown in the Live Broadcast for Path of Exile Necropolis.

The Citadel Map

This map contains an ancient Kalguuran Citadel. It contains many signature Expedition Monsters throughout the Map. In the end, you will fight Uber Utred.

The Fortress Map

This map is an impregnable fortress. It is guarded by Monsters from the Heist League. In the end, you will fight the Uber version of The Unbreakable.

New Bosses

With New Maps, come New Bosses. Here are some of them that are already known.

Uber Utred

This is the version of the Boss from the Expedition League with all its abilities and mechanics Enhanced. He will also be able to summon TWO other Expedition Bosses to his aid during the fight.

Uber Unbreakable

This is the version of the Boss from the Heist League with all its abilities and mechanics Enhanced.

New Items

Each of the Uber Bosses from Tier 17 Maps will have a chance to drop a Unique Item. This will allow ‘some’ target Farming. These won’t be entirely New Unique Items, but instead, they will be old items that have received a re-balance to fit the core of the Gameplay for certain Classes.


One example that was given was the reworked version of Wraithlord (Bone Circlet). It will now have 4 Abyss Sockets and allows you to Summon a Spectre for each Ghastly Eye Jewel that you have socketed.


This Shield was rebalanced to grant a lot more damage than it initially did, alongside more impactful Mana stats.

Big Change to Pinnacle Bosses Item Drops

On top of all of the above the Pinnacle Bosses are getting even more distant from the rest of the content and truly will be at the Pinnacle. All the Uber Bosses will receive a separate pool of Unique Items that they can drop. This means that you will be able to target farm Uber Bosses for specific items that drop only from them and it will give you a reason to do both the non-Uber and Uber Bosses.

Note: Each Uber Boss has a completely New Unique added to their loot tables.

Scarab Changes

The Necropolis League is bringing with it many changes. The biggest of them all concerns how you make Maps. Many of the systems such as Sextants are being removed from the game, and are instead being implemented into the reworked Scarabs that you can use on your Maps as you please.

This is done due to the extreme difficulty in making a Map that you want in the Endgame. These changes will help Players make the Maps they want without having to waste unnecessary time in doing so.

Important Note: Scarabs are no longer World Drops and don’t have tiers. You can get them anywhere.

Note: Betray was also updated to drop specific Scarabs, so if you want to target farm them – you can do that as well!

Here are a few examples.

Scourge Scarab

Adding this to your Map will force Monsters from beyond to spawn if you kill enemies close together.

Delirium Scarab

If you add this to your Map, then it will contain a Delirium Mirror.

Divination Scarab of Curation

This Scarab is for all those who want to target farm certain Unique Items. For example Mageblood. This scarab will make you get 10% more divination cards found in area per different favored maps. Divination card drops in the area are replaced by those of your favored Maps.

So if you want to farm Mageblood, and don’t want to just farm Crimson Temple, then this is your best friend.

Divination Scarab of Completion

Divination Cards that drop in the area have a 20% chance to drop as a full stack instead.

Further Enhancing Scarabs

If you wish to have your Map completely devoted to one League mechanic for example, you can do so. Heres an example.

Ultimatum Scarab

If you add this to your Map, then it will contain an Ultimatum Encounter. Then furthermore, you can add.

Ultimatum Scarab of Bribing 

The Ultimatum Monsters grant 150% increased experience and Ultimatum encounters grant rewards as though you completed 2 additional rounds.

Ultimatum Scarab of Dueling

This one will further enhance that Ultimatum and will make the encounter always lead to a Unique Boss(Trial Master) if possible.

Ultimatum Scarab of Catalysing

This Ultimatum Encounter will offer only Catalysts as Rewards.

Ultimatum Scarab of Inscription

All encounter rewards in the area offering catalysts will offer inscribed Ultimatums instead.

This would close the ‘circle’. There are also plenty of other Scarabs that can all be connected like this.

Other 3.24 Necropolis Content Updates

To avoid Scarabs being the ‘main’ thing and the only thing that everyone goes for, there has been quite a bit of change in the department for other content. Here’s what’s new.

  • Breaches have been heavily increased on the Atlas. So you will now have a much higher chance to contain Breaches, or simply go for having more and more of some other Leagues in your Maps.
  • Legion Events are also updated on the Atlas. If you choose to go with this path, you can almost guarantee that you will have breaches in your Maps from just your Atlas Passives.
  • The same goes for Breaches, as well as any other content of this type.

Master Mission Updates for Path of Exile Necropolis League

In 3.24 of Path of Exile, the Master Missions for the Beastiery, Betrayal, Incursions, Delve, etc. can also be accessed with Scarabs. Not only this, but you can also get Jun, Einhar, Alva, and Niko to appear TOGETHER on the same Map.

Improvements to the Core Campaign in Path of Exile 3.24

In the Necropolis League, you’ll be able to see a variety of small changes that are being implemented. There are also some surprises awaiting to change the Campaign a bit and make it a new experience. Here are the most important details:

  • The fundamentals were unchanged
  • Small improvements every step of the way
  • Fun encounters and Secrets are implemented throughout Wraeclast
    • Trapped Dweller of the Deep
    • Ritual Shrines all over the Northern Forest (giving Omens?)
    • Corruption Altar (Corrupts an Item, modifying it unpredictably)

plenty more things to look into!

New Transfigured Skill Gems

In the previous expansion, the Path of Exile 3.23 new Skill Gems were added. These are called “Transfigured” Gems and they are alternate versions of the already existing Gems. They function in different ways and offer different endgame variety. At the time of their release, GGG took a bigger bite than they could swallow. So in the end, they couldn’t put out all the Skill Gems that they wanted. Now we’ll be seeing more and more come out with each new release. So in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis they are putting out another ‘set’ of Transfigured Gems. Those are:

  • Ice Shot
  • Incinerate
  • Artillery Ballista
  • Tornado
  • Elemental Hit
  • Poisonous concoction
  • Kinetic Blast
  • Summon Holy Relic

Hopefully, if you want to make your build around these, it will give you some more variety and help you experience the newly added playstyles with these gems!

Quality of Life Improvements in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis

If you are interested in all of the QoL Changes coming to Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis expansion, then you can read all about it in our separate blog post!

Patch Notes and More Changes

You can read all about the Changes and the Patch Notes for 3.24 here!


We feel that there’s a bit of a ‘disappointment’ in terms of not getting Path of Exile 2 Closed BETA starting on June 7th, 2024 as it was initially announced. However, it’s only natural to get this delay due to the plethora of things that have to be done, and the Class, Gameplay and everything revolving around it needs to be polished enough for the Game to be released from ALPHA into BETA. Let’s hope that GGG will make good on their promise and have it sorted ASAP since we’re all eagerly awaiting to check the game.

On another note, Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League will be released on the 29th of March 2024 and will bring so many changes that we might as well put aside the Path of Exile 2 BETA being moved. If you want to read about PoE 2 and what we know so far, you can check our blog.

We feel that the Necropolis expansion will be a blast and we can’t wait for it to come out. If you need any help with anything in Path of Exile, feel free to check our services. We also offer currency or you can simply Request a Service for anything you might need. Otherwise, you can contact us on Livechat and Discord for any Questions you might have, we’re up 24/7!

Lastly, if you liked our blog post, then please bookmark it and keep checking on the latest updates for our favorite games on our InstantCarry blog! As always, we will leave you with a video, and this time around it will be the actual GGG Livestream where you can hear about all of this information from the Game Director themselves.

If you wish to hear about the Q&A and additional info, you can watch the GGG Livestream VOD here!

Thank you again for reading and stay safe!

GGG Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis Game Director Livestream March 21st