Season of Discovery Phase 3: News, Everything We Know and More!

Season of Discovery Phase 3 New Raid Sunken Temple


Hello everyone and welcome to our newest InstantCarry blog post! In this post, we will talk about Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the News, Updates and Datamined information that was gathered before the release of SoD Phase 3!

We’ve already talked about the Release Date for this Phase in our Season of Discovery Phase 3 Release Date post, so you can check there as well for more info. If by chance you wish to read about Cataclysm Classic Release Date, or Dragonflight Phase 4 then check those out.

Otherwise, we all know what we’re here. World of Warcraft has been on the rise in the past few years and with the introduction of WoW Classic, Season of Discovery, Hardcore Realms, Plunderstorm, Operation Gnomeregan and Zalazane’s Fall, and much much more! It’s needless to say the Season of Discovery Phase 3 will be HUGE and it’s important to be well informed and prepared, so without further ado – let’s dive into it!

What will this post cover? 

In this post, we will focus on the main things and updates that are coming to Season of Discovery in Phase 3. Those are:

  • New Raid Information
  • New Runes 
  • PvP Updates
  • World Event Updates
  • Profession Updates
  • System Updates

and much more!

This time around there were many Datamined things. Naturally, they were purposely leaked by Blizzard to hype up everything, but aside from that, we definitely know much more than we did before about what awaits us in Season of Discovery Phase 3. It’s important to note that not all of the datamined information is going to be in SoD Phase 3, nor is it confirmed that it will be in the game at all, but if we’re to judge from previous times – almost 99% of it is in the game at some point.

Let’s go through all the key points above, and see what we know!

Season of Discovery Phase 3 New Raid: Sunken Temple

The Temple of Atal’Hakkar, also known as The Sunken Temple, is going to be the new 20-player Raid Size Dungeon. This Raid will have:

  • 8 Bosses
  • Hundreds of New Items
  • New Tier-Sets
  • New Revamped and Reworked Epic Items
  • Upleveled and rebalanced Quests and Quest Rewards

On top of all the New and sorted Quests, we also have the Level 50 Class Quests, that will have powerful and Upgraded Items for each Class. Lets cover a few of the revealed bosses in Season of Discovery Phase 3 Sunken Temple Raid.


A massive Berserker Troll will be the first Boss of the Sunken Temple Raid. He is located in the sewers and is somewhat of a ‘janitor’ of sorts who gets rid of unwanted things. Sometimes he can even eat them (hint at his Boss ability perhaps?).

If the jump down from the platforms above doesn’t kill you, this Boss definitely will!

The Festering Rot Slime

This is a Newly added Boss to the Raid and he will be wandering somewhere in the outer rings. He will be patroling much like Patchwerk in Naxxramas.

Jammal’an the Prophet and Ogom the Wretched

This is no new addition. It is well known where these Bosses are located. This time around, it was noted that the fight will change each time you encounter them. We assume that this means there are certain mechanics that can vary depending on the reset-lockout of the Raid.


Another Boss, which used to be the Final Boss of the Dungeon. We are not sure if this will be the case in the Sunken Temple Raid rework, but it’s definitely confirmed that he will be one of the Bosses.

It was hinted that he will drop A LOT of great loot.

New Runes in SoD Phase 3

Season of Discovery Phase 3 is bringing a lot of New Items and Runes to the Game. So far there has been a lot of talks about which Runes will be out, and what you can hope to find, and if you wish to see what was datamined, then check out our Class Runes post and you can find those that were datamined for each Class!

Season of Discovery Phase 3 PvP Updates

There has been a lot of talk regarding PvP and how it can be adjusted in Season of Discovery Phase 3. This problem is potentially solved. As the Level-Cap goes higher, many Rewards become available from Arathi Basin Reputation, Warsong Gulch Reputation as well as the New PvP Event in Stranglethorn. However, there are some thing that are still lacking. This was hopefully fixed for SoD Phase 3, and this is what you can expect:

  • New Level 50 PvP Sets
    • Requirements are Rank 5, 6, and 7
    • Full 6 Piece sets with appropriate PvP Stats and set bonuses
  • Starter Set from the New Emerald Wardens Faction

Each of the New Items coming from PvP are modeled, upgraded, and sorted to fit the new Season of Discovery Classic Updated version of the game. The set bonuses as well as the amount of set items are mostly similar to that of the old PvP sets. However, the stats and the bonuses from each item and the set will allow a lot of variety and mix depending on your role, Class and what you want to focus on and play.

PvP Event Changes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

The Season of Discovery Phase 3 PvP Event will remain the same. As was speculated before, everything revolves around the Blood Loa and the theme of the Sunken Templa, Zul’Gurub and the Blood Loa Hakkar.

With this in mind, it’s only logical to keep the same PvP Event and on top of that, STV is a Zone where Players will be leveling as well, so it will spice things up in that department as well definitely.

A worthy thing to note is that there will be some changes coming to the Event and it’s Rewards. Those are:

  • New Level 50 Rewards
  • New Currency – Massacre Coins ( You will still receive the previous coin versions on the lower level )
  • Bloodstained Commendation item is being removed ( After the patch you will have 2 weeks to use these before they expire )

Note: Ranged Hunters will receive an Epic Bow, this time around they wanted to make sure they have them covered as well as many other Epics that will definitely be worth getting!

SoD Phase 3 World Event – Nightmare Incursions

With the coming of Season of Discovery Phase 3, we will be getting a brand new PvE Event – The Nightmare Incursions. As we are well aware, in the previous Vanilla WoW experience there were always these portals all around the world that nobody knew what they were for, and all that was done with them was that some of them had a world boss spawn here and there.

This time around they will be turned into a New PvE Event! You will be able to enter the Emerald Portals and fight off Dragons, Treants and many other creatures of the Nature that have been driven mad by corruption.

If you need help with getting the Reputation up with the Emerald Wardens, then check our Emerald Wardens Reputation Boost.

What will this New PvE Event include? 

With the coming of the Nightmare Incursions you can expect:

  • Crossing into the Emerald Nightmare via the Portals
  • Repeatable content for Levels 25-50 ( This means that you can even grind the Rep while Leveling )
  • New Reputation ( Emerald Wardens )
  • New Rewards ( Tons of PvE and Starter PvP Sets available at Honored)

Where are the Nightmare Portals located in Season of Discovery Phase 3? 

There are 4 Nightmare Portals in SoD Phase 3. They are located in:

  • Duskwood
  • Ashenvale
  • Hinterlands
  • Feralas

Profession Updates in Season of Discovery Phase 3

The Professions system in SoD hasn’t disappointed so far, and with Newly added Phases, much is changing. Things are the same with Season of Discovery Phase 3, and this time around we will have A LOT of changes coming to Professions.

Here are some things that you can expect:

  • New Chain Quests that are taking you into the Nightmare and Sunken Temple Raid
  • New Epic Shoulders ( Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Tailoring )
  • Engineering Bracers
  • Reusable Alchemy Flasks 

and much more!

What will be the New Profession Cap? 

Many things are important to note, but the most important ones for Professions are definitely:

  • Professions will be uncapped in Season of Discovery Phase 3
    • This means you can level all the way to 300
  • Profession Specializations become available
  • New Specialization Quests and Recipes

Much more to come for Season of Discovery Phase 4 and Level 60!

System Changes and Updates

One of the most important changes is coming with Season of Discovery Phase 3, and that is something that Players will enjoy – the Dual Talent Specialization.

How much will the Dual Talent Specialization cost in SoD Phase 3? 

The cost of Dual Talent Specialization will be 50 Gold and it can be obtained from Grendag Brightbeard <Dwarf of Many Talents>.

Miscellaneous Updates for SoD Phase 3

There are some things worthy of note here, those are:

  • World Buffs
  • XP Turn-in Quests
  • Leveling Updates
  • Raid Release Schedule

Let’s talk a bit about each of these points individually.

World Buff Changes

  1. Gnomeregan World Buff cannot be gained after level 49.
  2. The Blackfathom Deeps World Buff cannot be gained after level 39. 
  3. Temple of Atal’Hakkar (aka Sunken Temple) will provide a New World Buff.
    • Very Powerful Zanza-esque Consumables will become available.

XP Turn-in Quests Updates

  • Marks of Honor, Wastewander Water Pouches, and Troll Necklaces will not net you XP so you can’t use them to quickly Level up to 50.
    • Being able to pre-Quest and prepare for the next phase is good for regular Questing, not these turn ins.

This will be the case for the next Phases as well.

Leveling Updates

  • Discoverers Delight from Levels 1-39 will still be a 100%
  • After reaching 40, Discoverers Delight will be 50% from Levels 40-49
  • The Gnomeregan Raid will give a sizeable amount of XP when cleared after Season of Discovery Phase 3 goes live

Raid Release and Lockout Schedule for Sunken Temple in SoD Phase 3

  • The Sunken Temple Raid will be on a 1-week Lockout
  • It will be available from day 1 of Phase 3
  • The loot drops will be VERY GENEROUS ( meaning a lot of loot will drop due to the Raid being 20-player and having a 1-week lockout )

With the Raid-Size going up to 20 Players, Blizzard decided that it’s better to have more loot, to cover for the change in Raid-Size as well as have more consistency and being able to form proper Raid Groups during the Weekly lockout.

Season of Discovery Phase 4 Endgame Preview

After discussing Season of Discovery Phase 3, what awaits us, and considering how fast Phases are going. We might as well talk a bit about what we can expect on Level 60 and in SoD Phase 4. There are a few things to mention.

Raid Lockouts

  • Raid Lockouts will be every week rather than every 3 days. Due to the Changes mentioned above for SoD Phase 3 and Raid-Size moving to 20-player instead, it’s a much better system.
    • This includes:
      • Zul’Gurub
      • Ruins of Ahn’Quiraj
      • Onyxia’s Lair
      • Note: This change won’t affect Upper Blackrock Spire.
    • All newly-itemized content remains relevant deep into the endgame.
    • A large menu of relevant content may become unwieldy with irregular lockout timers, this is also one of the reasons why things are moving in this direction.

Passive Weapon Skill Bonus Changes

From the start the developers wanted races such as Troll, Orc, and Human not to have an impact on which Race you’ll play. This is mostly due to the Weapon Skill Passive that they have and which influences greatly the Race you want to play competitively. This will change in the future.

  • You can discover a method to gain +5 in a choice of two skills at once
  • These passives will not stack with Racial bonuses
  • These passives will be swappable on the fly, similar to Runes

Priest Racial Spells

  • The Priest Racials change depending on your Race. There will be a method that will most likely allow you to swap between either spell or ability regardless of your Race.

Season of Discovery Phase 4 Itemization

  • There will be ‘off-spec’ tier sets at Level 60 in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Raids. These will help Players organize better in terms of what they have to get to fulfil certain roles and not have to swap out gear as much.
    • They won’t make full sets for every single playstyle and niche, but they will definitely do this for many different Classes, Specs and Roles.
  • Most items at level 60 Endgame will be revamped or retuned in some way.
  • New Best-in-Slot crafting options from Professions at Level 60.
  • Swapping Profession Specializations will be slightly easier.


We feel that the Season of Discovery Phase 3 will bring about even more changes to the game, with a higher Level Cap and more talents and Runes that are being unlocked and learned, various new specs will come to shine as well as many other things that were not possible in the previous Phases of SoD. Even more is to come for Season of Discovery Phase 4.

With this we will conclude our post and we do hope that it was helpful and that you’ve caught at least a small glimpse of what is to come, feel free to check out our previous blog post regarding Season of Discovery Phase 3 if you wish to read up on even more Information that wasn’t mentioned here, especially check the Preparations for SoD Phase 3 and we hope you’ll find it helpful.

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Thank you very much for reading and if you like our posts, bookmark our InstantCarry blog for more updates and information on our favorite games. As always, we’ll leave you with a video that will help you get caught up with everything new even if you’re unable to spend the time to read this post, or if you’d just rather listen to the News!

SoD Phase 3 Official Preview (Video)