Season of Discovery Phase 3: Release Date, Changes and Preparation

Season of Discovery Phase 3


Hello everyone, and welcome to another InstantCarry blog post. With Phase 2 hitting the community since February 8th, 2024. It’s already been some time that allowed Players to Level up, gear up, get the Runes and Skill Books as well as check everything this new phase has to offer. However, if we think back, we know that Blizzard will be aggressive with their Phase development for Season of Discovery and considering the WoW Classic Roadmap that was released some time ago, we are sure to see the SoD Phase 3 come soon.

With that in mind, we wanted to make a small recap of what you can do and what you can expect from the next Phase 3 of SoD, as well as prepare for what is to come. Phase 2 brought us a new revamped Dungeon-Raid via Gnomeregan, that is actually showcasing the true meaning of revamps. Blackfathom Deeps was an ‘intro’ Raid that didn’t prove to be much of a challenge. However with Gnomeregan we’ve seen a lot of Bosses gain some interesting mechanics that require a team effort, Bosses that require more of a mechanical perspective rather than just a DPS check, and many others things that made this Phase 2 Raid interesting.

With this in mind, we have to wonder what’s next, so without further ado, lets dive into what we can expect and how we can prepare for Phase 3 of Season of Discovery!

Newest Season 2 Updates in Season of Discovery 

Before we dive into what awaits us in Phase 3, there are some pretty interesting things to note about Phase 2 which is currently ongoing. With the coming reset on the 5th and 6th of March 2024, we will see a few changes coming to the QoL department as well as some interesting changes to abilities and spells of certain Classes which will make them more viable in SoD.

  • Experience Gain Increase

We’ve had a lot of things to help us throughout SoD when it comes to Leveling. WoW Vanilla and Classic were notorious for their Leveling duration. This time around, Blizzard decided to make this faster and to allow Players to have quicker Leveling and enjoy the endgame for each Phase as soon as possible.

  1. Firstly, we got the 50% increased experience up to Level 25. This was meant as an incentive for Players that didn’t play in Phase 1, or for those that wanted to rush through those levels on their alts in Phase 2.
  2. Secondly, we’ve had the Cozy Sleeping Bag chain which allowed us to get the Sleeping bag and increase our experience gain by up to 3% (1% for each 1 minute spent sleeping in the Sleeping Bag).
  3. On top of that we’ve gotten the Student Fodder, which basically gives 5 BARS of rested experience, as well as gives you some HP and Mana back on use. It does have a 30 minute cooldown, but considering we’re getting 8 of them during the Cozy Sleeping Bag Chain, we won’t complain.

After all that is said, from the 5th of March we are getting an increase to Discoverer’s Delight buff, which will give 100% Increased Experience up to Level 40 compared to the 50% up to Level 25 which it currently gives. This is something that will prove useful to anyone wanting to reroll or try out new Classes and alts, but it also gives a hint that Phase 2 won’t last much longer, and that it would most likely be in everybody’s interest to Level up quickly so that you can experience Phase 2 and the new Gnomeregan Raid.

  • Gnomeregan Raid Adjustments

With the many Class changes there also came a change to Gnomeregan Bosses and their Armor. Blizzard felt that some melee classes underperformed due to Gnomeregan Bosses high Armor value, and the Casters like Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest and Balance Druids, got an edge over others (excluding Melee Hunter), so they decided to nerf the Armor.

You can read more here!

  • Gold Rewards

Blizzard also decided on granting Increased Silver and Gold Rewards to Players that Level their Characters from the 5th/6th of March. The main reason for this is that the Leveling will be MUCH faster and that realistically you won’t gain enough Gold to get your Skills, so by increasing the Gold gain from Quests, it will be easier to go about purchasing Skills/Abilities as well as getting the Mount at Level 40.

  • Mount Cost Reduction

Last but not least, from the 5th/6th of March there will be a reduction for the cost of Mounts as well as the Price of the Riding Skill by roughly 50%.

Note: There is currently no plan of doing this for Epic Mounts at Level 60 in Phase 4 of Season of Discovery.

Similar changes can be expected moving forward, this includes Season of Discovery Phase 3 and when it comes out. They wish to implement these mid-Phase changes from time to time to give Players a bit of help and a little ‘push’ to finish a part of the journey.

Season of Discovery Phase 3 Release Date

After checking out the current changes that are going Live in Season of Discovery, we will turn towards the main topic and that is what we can expect from Season of Discovery Phase 3. Naturally, the first in line has to be the Release Date. Season of Discovery Phase 3 is set to release in Mid-late Spring.

If we take into account that it is officially confirmed a phase in SoD will run for at least a month but no longer than 3-4 months. Based on this, SoD Phase 3 should start in May or latest in Early June. We are currently assuming that Phase 2 will not last much longer than Phase 1. Since phase 1 ran for exactly 10 weeks, phase 3 may start around mid-April.

Season of Discovery Phase 3 Release Date – CONFIRMED!

As was on official Blizzard News, the Season of Discovery Phase 3 will be released on April 4th, 2024! There’s not much time left, so make sure to read up on this post and keep track of what’s coming on our official blog!

We’ve speculated above about the release being from mid-April even up to Early June, but now it’s confirmed that it’s coming in April, so prepare yourselves!

If you need help with Leveling up or getting anything done in SoD Phase 3 just contact us or check our site!

What’s New in Season of Discovery Phase 3? 

There is not much that is known for SoD Phase 3. However, the things that are definitely going to be, are:

  • Level Cap will be raised to Level 50.
  • New Runes are going to get added. Although it’s not known which they will are going to be, there are certain Runes that were Datamined and you can check all of those for each Class individually in our Runes Guide. It is also highly likely that the new Rune slots will be the Wrist (Bracer slot) & Head (Helmet slot).
  • Considering Professions can be increased to 300 Skill (Artisan) when you are Level 41. It’s safe to assume that the Profession Level Cap will be increased to Level 300 (Artisan). This was not confirmed yet, but talk to any trainer that can teach you and it states that you have to be Level 41.
  • Profession Specializations will become available as well, if we take the above to be correct. This means that you can decide whether you want to be an Armorsmith or a Weaponsmith as a Blacksmith, or Goblin & Gnomish Engineer etc.
  • There is also a New Raid coming out that will be a 20-Player Instance.

As soon as we have more info, we will post an update here!

New Raid Speculations in SoD Phase 3

When it comes to Season of Discovery Phase 3 Raid, there has been a lot of speculation.  Lets talk a bit about what we think when looking at the facts. There are a couple of potential candidates, but firstly we’d like to mention:

  • Sunken Temple New SoD Raid in Phase 3

Realistically, the Sunken Temple or the Temple of Atal’hakkar probably has the most similarities with the previous reworked Dungeons. It has many Quests as well as Class Quests for each Class for some great items. On top of that it is a complex Dungeon with nice mob variety and not a lot of mob density. Which will make it a nice Raid that everyone can enjoy while playing. The Stranglethorn Vale Blood Moon PvP Event kind of gives the inclination towards Sunken Temple even. Considering that we know Zul’Gurub will be a Level 60 Raid, Sunken Temple is the next best thing that fits the Blood Loa and Hakkar pattern.

However, considering it will be a 20 man Dungeon, it is interesting to see what they will do if they were to make it a Level 50 20-Player Raid.

  • Maraudon New SoD Raid in Phase 3

When it comes to Maraudon, it is definitely a Dungeon that can be turned into a Raid. However, with 20 Players, there’s not much room for the Dungeon to be integrated into the 20-Player format. On top of that there is a lot of running, skipping, bugging and potential issues that may arise if it were turned into a Raid, so we deem it unlikely. However, you never know.

  • Blackrock Depths New SoD Raid in Phase 3

Blackrock Depths is definitely one of the biggest if not the biggest Dungeon in WoW’s history. The effort and attention to detail that was invested into this Dungeon would definitely have high chances of bringing it up to a Raid Level. The only difference here is that it is already a Raid-like Dungeon. With many wings and Bosses as well as quite a bit of mob density and the ability to hold many Players it might as well be the next Raid.

The only issue we see here is that the Dungeon itself takes too long, it’s simply a Dungeon made for a variety of Levels with a plethora of Quests to do inside. It is simply too long to be an effective Raid and unless Blizzard wants to make it into 2-3 shorter Raid-Dungeons for 20 Players, we don’t see any change coming to this one, but who knows.

  • Recap

Outside of these Dungeons we feel that there is no other ‘real’ contender to becoming a Raid at Level 50 in Season of Discovery Phase 3. Zul’Farakk is realistically a too-low Level Dungeon, and even though it’s currently forbidden to enter it, it is most likely due to Players exploiting the Dungeon and earning gold/materials and various BoE patterns & Items, rather than to keep something ‘under a lock and key’.

Aside from Zul’Farakk, they might go for Zul’Gurub, but make it into a Level 50 Raid instead of Level 60, which would be viable, but disappointing and effortless, so we deem it highly unlikely to be the case. The only other thing that comes to mind could be to make Jintha’alor into a Raid Instance, which would actually fit even better than Sunken Temple. However, we believe that it would be too much effort to make a whole new Raid, even though there was a lot of speculation towards why it wasn’t a Raid or a Dungeon in the first place. Anyway, we will have to wait and see, and in the meantime, we’ll move on with our post!

Season of Discovery Season 3 New Raid – Sunken Temple CONFIRMED

The Sunken Temple is definitely confirmed as the New Raid in Season of Discovery! We’ve made speculations above, but now it has been officially confirmed, more information can be found here!

As we previously stated it’s only logical to have Sunken Temple as the next Raid and that’s exactly what Blizzard did. We will make a separate post about this as soon as we have more information!

How to Prepare for Season of Discovery Phase 3?

When it comes to preparation, there’s a lot of things that can be done. Especially if you are dedicated and are playing Classic for a long time, then you know what should come next. Whether you’re new, or know what to do there are always some things that you may forget or lose track of, here’s a list of potential things to sort and do before Season of Discovery Phase 3 launches:

  • Level all your Classes to 40. If you intend on having alts, or playing multiple Classes, or just leveling because you want to have all of them, we advise getting them to 40 with the 100% xp buff from the 5th/6th of March. This will provide you with the opportunity to gain a lot of Gold while Questing, cover the majority of Professions as well as choose what to play when SoD Phase 3 hits depending on the FOTM.
  • Try to get the Best-in-Slot(BiS) items for your main Class. This will help you progress a lot faster because you’ll be clearing Dungeons, Quests or any other type of content much faster than the average Player.
  • Do the Weekly Ashenvale Quest and get your Warsong Reputations up to Revered or Honored at least.
  • Try to Rank up to at least Rank 3, there are some nice Rewards and a Cloak that you can get which gives all stats basically.
  • Go and do the STV Event and gather Blood Moon Silver Coins so that you can purchase Lumber and increase your Arathi Basin Reputation, or do Arathi Basin BG’s so that you can gain Reputation, it will be quite usefull in Season of Discovery Phase 3.
  • Level Professions up to 225. If you are in luck to gain the Waylaid Supplies, always turn them in with the necessary items and gain Gold while leveling up your Professions.
  • Gold is a tricky thing in Classic, at one time it can be a lot, but when new Phases come out, it loses value. Try to stack up on as many valuable materials and Items that you can re-sell once SoD Phase 3 hits. It will be quite useful.
  • Level your First aid to 225. You will be able to complete the Triage Quest as soon as Season of Discovery Phase 3 hits. It will also help you out a lot during your Leveling phase to have a high First Aid.
  • Consider leveling up Cooking to 225 and Fishing 225 as well, those two combined are a killer combination for Gold making. Either do it on your main or on your alt.
  • If you’re playing a Melee Class, consider getting your Weapon Skill with every weapon to the maximum. In Phase 2 it is 200.
  • Get all the Flight Paths throughout Azeroth, even those that are in the Zones which are not active at the moment, can be quite useful when you start Leveling to 50 in SoD Phase 3.
  • If by chance you haven’t used up your Student Fodder, save it!

There’s a lot more things that you can do, but these are the most important ones surely!

What do we know about Season of Discovery Phase 4? 

Considering we’ve mentioned all that we know regarding Season of Discovery Phase 3, talking about Phase 4 is a stretch, but there are some details that we know!

  • The Level Cap will be raised to Level 60. 
  • New Runes will be added and new Rune Slots ( most likely Cloak and Weapon ). 
  • Molten Core will be a 20 Player Raid. 

How many Phases are there in SoD? 

There will be 4 Phases that we are currently aware of:

  • Phase 1

  1. Started on the 30th of November, 2023.
  2. The Level Cap was 25.
  3. 108 Runes were added. 
  4. PvP Event in Ashenvale.
  5. Blackfathom Deeps 10 Player Raid. 
  6. Warsong Gulch Battleground. 
  • Phase 2

  1. Started on the 8th of February, 2024.
  2. Level Cap increased to Level 40.
  3. 6 New Runes added per Class.
  4. PvP Event in Stranglethorn Vale. 
  5. Gnomeregan 10 Player Raid.
  6. Arathi Basin Battleground.
  • Phase 3

  1. Starting in Spring of 2024. (Mid-April most likely)
  2. Level Cap Increases to Level 50.
  3. New Runes.
  4. New Raid.
  5. Crafting Specializations.
  6. Alterac Valley potentially.
  • Phase 4

  1. Strating in Summer of 2024. 
  2. Level Cap raised to Level 60. 
  3. New Runes.
  4. New Raids.
  5. New End-game activities.


We hope that our Season of Discovery Phase 3 blog post has helped you get a glimpse at what is to come. We did our best to cover the majority of known and important details as well as cover those that are not yet completely certain. It’s a quick read and it will give you some insight into what is to come.

We truly think that SoD Phase 3 will bring about many changes to the gameplay itself as well as to the Classes. However, there’s some time between now and then, so make sure to keep your Characters up to date and if you need help with that, don’t hesitate to contact our Support on Livechat or Discord, we’re available 24/7!

Also, if you need help with Season of Discovery or any other games or services that we offer, feel free to check our site.  As always, we will leave you with a Video which helps you dive into Season of Discovery, gives some direction on what to do and what you can expect from it.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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